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This presentation focuses on what services AmsterdamGold specializes in, such as buying and selling precious metals, as well as storing, transporting, insuring, and securing orders. AmsterdamGold is the leading full-service precious metals broker.

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  1. 1. Who We Are - The leading full-service precious metals broker in Europe - Private company based out of the Netherlands and Amsterdam Airport - Benelux, union between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, is our number 1 player - Chief Executive Officer: Luc van Hecke
  2. 2. Services We Provide Precious Metals: Trading Storage Worldwide logistics Security Insurance
  3. 3. Precious Metals Trading - Buying and selling investment of gold, silver, & platinum in bars and coins - Investment in quality, our precious metals are of the highest grade, which is 99.99% purity - Our bars all minted London Bullion Market Association, and our coins are the most prestigious mints available ● Top brands include: UBS, Credit Swiss, Heraeus, Canadian Mint, US Mint, Perth Mint, Umicore - All sizes are possible, from 1 gram to 12.5 kilo/400 troy - Minimum investment 500 EUR, with no maximum
  4. 4. Storage Precious Metals - We offer storage of precious metals into private, freezone vaults, located at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - All risks insured - Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) - Logistics via boat, airplane, train, armoured vehicle - Secured by private security firms and guarded by Dutch Special Forces - Audits performed by Ernst & Young Accountants
  5. 5. Storage Precious Metals - Gold checked by the specialists at London Bullion Market (LBMA) - 24/7 trading available when stored at vault - Fast access to vaults, making pick ups easy - What makes us unique is the excellent insurance against confiscation of precious metals by the Dutch government and even by any other legally established governments (EU, EEC, Council of Europe, President of the Eurogroup, the European Commissioner of Finance, or any other authorities such as US)
  6. 6. Worldwide Logistics - We ship worldwide to every country - no exceptions and pick up from any country is possible - Vault to vault shipment options, as well as deliveries to private clients, banks, and trusts - Every shipment is tailor-made for each specific client - Shipments are fully tracked and guarded by AmsterdamGold
  7. 7. Securing Precious Metals - We are specialized in (armored) security of Precious Metals and VIP escorts for investors - Any kind of secured special shipments and freights are possible - Every shipment is our number one priority
  8. 8. Insuring Precious Metals - We do business with the top insurance companies in the world. Our partners are: Achmea Schadeverzekeringen NV (Avéro) Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekeringen NV HDI-Gerling Verzekeringen NV REAAL Schadeverzekeringen NV Allianz Nederland Corporate Schadeverzekeringen NV NIPPONKOA Nederland NV
  9. 9. What Makes Us Unique? - Our board has decades of experience with international trade of financial products and commodities. Under the leadership of the board, AmsterdamGold has grown to become a market leader for trade in physical gold and silver. - We are a full service broker that offers the lowest premiums for buying and selling precious metals with tailor made solutions - Our experience with HNWI, Family Offices, Asset Managers and International Wealth Management Firms - Located in a politically stable environment
  10. 10. Additional info - Fixed spreads, tailor made deals - Buying and selling with or without storage - Shipping available worldwide - Payment in Euro, USD, Bitcoin, GBP, CHF - Payment methods: Local bank transfer, International Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Cash (no limits), Ideal, credit card - Door-to-door delivery - Offshore Vault storage possible (Hong Kong & Zurich)
  11. 11. Career Milestones for CEO Luc van Hecke - Took on reorganization of AmsterdamGold and is in the process of building a new team - Specializes in branding new products - Introduced new full-service concept: education, seminars, marketing material, mail marketing, movies, social media, online presets, advertising, SEO and SEA. - Committed to taking service to next level and was nominated 9.2 (1-10) - Started new IAG platform - Introduced new payment standard: USD, Bitcoin, GBP, CHF - Introduced new Payment methods: Bitcoin, Creditcard and various online foreign payment systems - Initiated expansion for storage facilities - Implementing new online strategy, reaching #1 in Google results - In house matching and in house trading platform - Specialist in marketing concepts and business practices
  12. 12. Contact Information: