Presenting world map at a glance


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Presentation contains up dated world map from continent wise to country wise at a glance (for beginners).along with Pakistan provincial and cities map.
Data taken from world atlas.

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Presenting world map at a glance

  1. 1. Presentation on world map
  2. 2. These are continent wise total 194 countries recognized by united nations AFRICA (54) EUROPE (47) Total countries in world  ASIA (44)  N. AMERICA (23)  OCEANIA (14) [Several terms are in use to describe the region comprising Australia and the nations of the Pacific Ocean. The term Oceania is usually preferred, and this is the term in use by the United Nations.] S. AMERICA (12)
  3. 3. Eurasia The world map depicts Eurasia, a single landmass and largest continent on the planet, covering about 52 million km². The continent 'sits' on the Eurasian tectonic plate. Eurasia is subdivided by convention into Asia and Europe, separated from each other by the Caspian Sea, the Ural River, and the Urals. The Ural mountain range runs from the coast of the Arctic Ocean southwards through western Russia. land bridge between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
  4. 4. Africa Second largest landmass is the continent of Africa with an area of 30.2 million km². Africa as we know it, is actually the visible part of the African tectonic plate, the rest of the plate is under water of various oceans and seas around its landmass. The continent is subdivided by convention into North(ern) Africa, West(ern) Africa, East(ern) Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa. The continent is shared by 54 countries.
  5. 5. The Americas consisting of North and South America and the islands of the Caribbean. North and South America are geologically separate continental masses. Americas North America is Earth's third largest landmass with an area of 24.2 million km², separated geographically from mainland Asia by the 85 km wide Bering Strait, but plate tectonically parts of eastern Russia (eastern Siberia) belong to the North American plate. Mainland North America is home to four countries: Canada, The United states ,Mexico and also Greenland belongs geographically to North America. North America is connected to South America by the Isthmus of panama,
  6. 6. South America Americas (continued) is located almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere, it is bordered in west by the Humboldt (Peru) Current of the Pacific Ocean and in east by the Brazil Current of the South Atlantic Ocean. With an area of 17.8 million km² it is number four in the short list of the largest continents. The continent is situated on the South American Plate, which in north meets the Caribbean Plate in the Caribbean Sea, in west the Nazca plate in the South Pacific Ocean, and in east it adjoins the African plate.
  7. 7. Australia Australia is both, a country and a continent, it is the smallest in our hit list of the largest continents, Australia's landmass measures 7.6 million km², therefore it is still smaller than the area of Europe with about 10.2 million km². Australia travels together with the island of New Guinea on the Australia tectonic plate.
  8. 8. , Antarctica Antarctica has a land area of 14 million km², making it the world's fifth-largest continent in area. Somewhere in the middle of this vast, cold and hostile continent is the South Pole, the southernmost point on the surface of the Earth and the hub, one of the two endpoints of Earth's rotation axis. Antarctica has its own tectonic plate, named the Antarctic plate
  9. 9.  Here are the world's largest economies as of 2012 using GDP (PPP) Gross Domestic Product at Purchasing Power Parity. This method however uses the U.S. dollar to measure each country's equivalent goods and services. Top 5 largest economies (2012) countries GDP 1. United States $15.29 trillion 2. China $11.4 trillion, 3. India $4.5 trillion, 4. Japan $4.49 trillion 5. Germany $3.13 trillion
  10. 10. Province wise map of Pakistan
  11. 11. City wise Pakistan map