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A special animated Purim Slideshow of the children in the Boulder Jewish Community.
For more information or
303 494 1638.

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Schiner co

  1. 1. Chabad of Boulder Community Purim Slideshow Special Version on the Boulder Jewish News
  2. 4. It’s a Mitzvah to hear the reading of the Megillah on Purim
  3. 5. During the Megillah reading there will be times to be quiet
  4. 6. And times to make noise
  5. 7. Let's not confuse the two
  6. 8. The Purim story includes the following personalities
  7. 9. King Achashverosh
  8. 10. Queen Esther
  9. 11. The Righteous Mordechai After #16 = after previous After 1 second
  10. 12. v Wicked Haman (not befitting for a Jewish child to portray)
  11. 13. Evil Queen Vashti (very cruel to Jewish girls)
  12. 14. The Purim story occurred in the country of Persia
  13. 15. King Achashverosh hosted a great feast
  14. 16. People from all nations attended the feast including Jewish people
  15. 17. King Achashverosh called for his wife Vashti After #27 = after previous After 0 second
  16. 18. Queen Vashti refused to join the feast
  17. 19. King Achashverosh became very angry at Queen Vashti After #27 = with previous 0 second, IT SETS AT 1
  18. 20. King Achashverosh is advised by Haman to do away with his Queen Vashti After #14 = with previous 0 second
  19. 21. The King began a search for a new queen
  20. 22. King Achashverosh crowns Esther as his new queen
  21. 23. Queen Esther hides her Jewish identity
  22. 24. Mordechai knew 70 languages
  23. 25. Mordechai overhears plot to kill the King
  24. 26. Mordechai shares the plot info with Queen Esther
  25. 27. Esther told the King about plot in the name of Mordechai
  26. 28. King’s life being saved was written in his personal diary
  27. 29. v King Achashverosh promoted Haman King pictures goes first
  28. 30. Servants would kneel & prostrate themselves before Haman
  29. 31. v Mordechai would neither kneel nor prostrate himself
  30. 32. Haman became extremely angry
  31. 33. Haman made a raffle as to what day to be rid of the Jewish nation
  32. 34. King Achashverosh took the ring off his finger and gave it to Haman After #29= with previous 0 second, IT SETS AT 1
  33. 35. King Achashverosh sanctioned destroying the Jewish nation
  34. 36. Mordechai rent his clothes and put on sackcloth and ashes
  35. 37. Mordechai assembled all the Jews in Shushan
  36. 38. The King extended golden scepter & Esther approached
  37. 39. The King & Haman came to the banquet that Esther prepared Queen goes after #6 King goes after #8
  38. 40. Every time Haman saw Mordechai it angered him
  39. 41. Haman made gallows for he wished to hang his enemy
  40. 42. The King couldn't sleep one night
  41. 43. The King’s personal diary was brought in for him to review
  42. 44. Haman advises the King how to show honor to a high official in his kingdom
  43. 45. The King said to Haman, “Take the royal garb & horse as you advised & do so to Mordechai the Jew”
  44. 46. Mordechai learned Torah with the children
  45. 47. Esther met with the King to beg him to save her people Queen goes after #12b King goes after that
  46. 48. Queen goes after #26 King goes after #11 The King said, “hang Haman on the gallows that he built for Mordechai”
  47. 49. The King hands over his ring to nullify the evil decree against the Jews king goes after #9 Mordechai goes after that
  48. 50. Mordechai left the King's presence with royal raiment & a crown
  49. 51. The Jews rejoiced when it was announced the decree was over
  50. 52. The Jewish villagers made the 14th of Adar a festive day
  51. 54. Purim Mitzvah #1) Sending portions one to another
  52. 55. Purim Mitzvah #2) Give gifts to the poor
  53. 56. Purim Mitzvah #3) Hear the reading of the Megillah
  54. 57. Purim Mitzvah #4) Eat a festive meal
  55. 58. I t was Mordechai that requested the writing of the Megillah Face goes after #9 With previous 1 second
  56. 59. Hamantashen reminds us that Haman wore a hat with 3 corners
  57. 60. Reason for getting dressed up, is to remember how Queen Esther disguised her identity
  58. 61. That’s why we gather here, to celebrate the Purim miracle
  59. 62. Purim is a time to be merry
  60. 63. Interesting note: the Megillah doesn’t mention Hashem’s name
  61. 64. May we know of no more exile with the coming of Moshiach
  62. 65. This is the picture which only the bingo winner has on their board
  63. 66. Remember to be quiet until the end of the Megillah reading, Thank you
  64. 67. We would like to invite you to join us at this year’s Purim Party, Purim in Africa.
  65. 68. Register now for Purim in Africa Sunday, March 20, 4pm