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Introduction to Lity


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Lity - Next Generation Smart Contract System.

Published in: Engineering
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Introduction to Lity

  1. 1. Naïve Smart Contract Byte code has no DATA section and BSS section Favor fancy GC rather then useful ARC Use type-less language instead of strong-type in serious financial area Lack of diagnostic system Impossible to extend features Ignore finance industry’s real demand Wrong ABI design and language selection
  2. 2. Smart Contract, be Mature safe automatically check ERCs 20, 223, 721, 884, 867, and so on flexible to add on new features with no changes of compiler and virtual machine ENI v1.1 trustable base on Solidity at the beginning for killer applications provides Business Rule Management System (BRMS)
  3. 3. 3 Lityrelease in open source
  4. 4. C/C++ Java Python JavaScript C# Objective C/C++ SWIFT Who can provide strong-typed, compiler- defined ABI, common API, BRMS and ARC? - the next big in Lity