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Arpiem Company Profile


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Arpiem Company Profile

  1. 1. Company ProfileARPIEM Aviation Services For Your Safe Flights! 1 April 13
  2. 2. About us – how we were founded • ARPIEM Aviation Services was founded in 2004 in Bucharest, by three associates, passionate of aviation, who had worked long time in civil aviation in key maintenance management positions. By then, the company was intended to be an approved aviation products distributor. • From the beginning the founders understood the major role playing in this business by a well established quality management system and constantly strived in achieving this important milestone. • Starting with November 2010, ARPIEM diversified its offered services by adding the approved continuing airworthiness management (CAM) of aircraft (general and commercial aviation). • In July 2010, ARPIEM moved to its new facilities insight the International Airport “Henri Coandă” which offered generous spaces for offices and warehouses. • ARPIEM offers services to the aviation industry across Romania, Europe and United States. 2 April 13
  4. 4. Milestones • Milestone 1: April 24, 2007: ARPIEM was approved as distributor of civil aeronautical products • Milestone 2: August 4, 2008: ARPIEM implemented and get recognition of its quality management system • Milestone 3: July, 2010: ARPIEM moved to the new location, in the very vicinity of International Airport “Henri Coandă” • Milestone 4: November 24, 2010: ARPIEM was approved as Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) – Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 • Milestone 5: January 28, 2011: ARPIEM and Communication Software (Airline Systems) Ltd. (“Commsoft”) signed off a strategic agreement laying the foundation of a long-term partnership. This enabled ARPIEM to use the Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System software ("OASES") for its CAMO activities. 4 April 13
  5. 5. Our mission• To make ARPIEM your preferred company We are committed to this mission by: • taking personal responsibility for the safety of each customer and employee • ensuring high quality services to our customers • delivering a sustainable profit to support the growth of our company • setting realistic, accessible goals pursued with perseverance • keeping up with the industry’s standards and challenges• To make ARPIEM’s customers contented We assist customers in optimizing flight safety and continuity by providing a comprehensive package of solutions, through well-trained, motivated and highly experienced personnel. 5 April 13
  6. 6. Our vision For Your Safe Flights! Over years, our main goal is to provide high quality services at competitive prices. We definitely want to satisfy and enchant our partners and customers with our professionalism, flexibility, readiness and integrity. 6 April 13
  7. 7. Product and services • Component and consumables • Airworthiness management (CAMO)-EASA Part M • Charter and cargo airfreight • Operational support 7 April 13
  8. 8. Component and consumablesUnderstanding airlines/owners requirement for a safeand continuous operation as well as MROs needs for aseamless and reliable supply, ARPIEM offers flexible,efficient and best prices support encompassing deliveryof aviation spare parts – components and consumablesfor small and large aircraft, component repairs atapproved organisations, components leasing andexchanges, component on-site inventories, power-by-the-hour component support.Combined with its EASA CAMO approval and itspersonnel expertise, ARPIEM is your trust worthy partnerfor aircraft assessment and purchase, deliveries and re-deliveries.ARPIEM currently holds the Romanian CAA Approval#C1-29/2007. 8 April 13
  9. 9. Airworthiness management (CAMO) -EASA Part M Offering the continuing airworthiness management of aircraft and large aircraft, ARPIEM is your right choice to supporting owners and airlines on safe and efficient operation of their aircraft/fleets. We address our professional support to general as well as to commercial aviation and we can cover all required by EASA Part M, Subpart G and I functions (Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 – “aircraft management”). The using of Commsoft’s ( flagship Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (“OASES”) software and ARPIEM’s experienced and skilled personnel are supplementary pledges that you made the right choice for your partnership with us. ARPIEM currently holds the Romanian CAA Certificate Approval #RO.MG.041 as Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation. 9 April 13
  10. 10. Airworthiness management (CAMO) -EASA Part M • Maintenance Programme (MP) issuing and amendments • Reliability monitoring and MP effectivity analysis • Maintenance planning and work packages issuance • Airworthiness Directive (“AD”) monitoring and incorporation • Service Bulletins (“SB”)/modifications incorporation • Service life limit control and component control/removal forecast • Engine health monitoring • Defect control • Air worthiness Review Certificate (ARC) issuing • Communication with the National CAAs 10 April 13
  11. 11. OASES Capabilities • Tech Log & Defect Control System • Reliability Reporting System • Advanced Inventory Control • Fleet and Component Tracking • Maintenance Forecasting & Planning • Work-Pack Production • Airworthiness Directives / Service Bulletins • Approved Maintenance Plan Revision 11 April 13
  12. 12. Charter and cargo airfreight • ARPIEM assist you in finding the most suitable charter solution through our partners worldwide. You can be confident that whether you need an aircraft or helicopter flight, VIP air charter or complex multi-route jet charter, multi-aircraft package, we will meet your requirements. • ARPIEM provide also cargo airfreight services to and from any part of the world, from the smallest to the largest package, from minimum to full loads. 12 April 13
  13. 13. Operational support • AOC start-up support • Consultancy before purchase of new or used aircraft • Aircraft registration • Aircraft lease • Warehouses services • AOG support - our services are backed up by 24-hour global support • Any required assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of an aircraft maintenance agreement with subcontractors • Acting as the Customers representative in relation to the performance of aircraft maintenance services by the subcontractor • Technical advice to the Customer and monitoring on behalf of the Customer the performance of aircraft maintenance services by the subcontractor • Purchasing of spare parts and components on behalf of Customer, using our subscriptions to several parts locator worldwide companies (online access to company portal) • Qualified personnel providing ( personnel leasing services) 13 April 13
  14. 14. Operational supportOffices and Warehouse for rent: • Situated in the very vicinity of the International Airport “Henri Coanda” passenger and cargo terminals • Equivalent to Class A standards • Telephone/fax/internet connection • Meeting room • Free parking place 14 April 13
  15. 15. Operational supportOffices and Warehouse for rent:• Specialized software for inventory stock• Approved by Romanian CAA• Accomplish EASA (Part 145) standards 15 April 13
  16. 16. Quality certificates •Approval Certificate No. C1 - 29/2007 Distributor of Civil Aeronautical Products •Certificate No. RO 8772 / 2011 Quality Management System •Approval Certificate No. RO.MG.041 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization 16 April 13
  17. 17. Quality certificates 17 April 13
  18. 18. ARPIEM Partners ARPIEM has numerous agreements with aircraft owners and aviation companies and MROs for providing Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) services, spares parts, as well as qualified personnel (see next page). The most important partners: • ATOM Airways, sister company of ATOM Airways USA , CAM services and spares supply; • Medallion Air, CAM services and spares supply; • Carpatair, spares supply; • Blue Air, spares supply; • Lufthansa Technik, Budapest, qualified personnel providing. 18 April 13
  19. 19. ARPIEM Partners 19 April 13
  20. 20. Contact ARPIEM Aviation Services Arpiem Bldg ▪ Henri Coanda Int’l Airport 224E Calea Bucureştilor, 075100, Otopeni, Ilfov, Romania Phone: +40 21 351 5075 Fax: +40 31 827 0290 20 April 13
  21. 21. 21 April 13