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Change makingportfolio


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Change makingportfolio

  1. 1. + 483 Days as a Denisonian What’s my Story ?
  2. 2. Dr. Robertson Danny Persia&Michaela Grenier Outside the ClassroomWho was involved?+ In the Classroom Dr. Laurel Kennedy- Student Development Abby Chua Curtis Edmonds Dean Laurie Neff- Student Development Sarah Albrecht SaeranaParod Dr. Marci McCaulay Heather Abzug Abbi Boss Dr. Mary Tuominen Jennifer Reyes Lauren Tyger Natalie Pariano Andrew Uhlman Stetson Thacker Erik Farley Taylor Pavlik Bridget MicDevitt Bill Fox Jiacheng Liu Celeste Alsina Mark Anthony Arceño Bryan LeBlanc Sabrina Thibault Ryan Brechbill Pound Depang Emma Bosley-Smith Ashley Strausser Chevy Linear Drew Sorenson Sue Greene Jonathan Huang Jessica Elsayed Maureen Severson Xue Yang Mark Orten Never ending list…
  3. 3. + What, How, Why LearningReflecting on what I say, do, and feel is something that I do not Outcomesmake time to do as nearly as I should; however, its importancerarely escapes my notice. Everyday encounters, little things that make my day, abeautiful characteristic that I consistently see in someone, a reminder to check in with afriend going through a low point, a meaningful way to show a friend that I am gratefulfor them in my life, a mantra to “choose joy,” a realization that today is a gift, or somesmall injustice that I see on campus reflected as a global issue, things that I want to seechanged in the world, things that I want to accomplish, places I want to experience, myhopes, my dreams, my fears …I want this to not only be a space to reflect on a workshop or program, but also a spaceto test theories, play with ideas, remind myself of interesting organizations. I know that Ilearn best visually, so putting all of this together has been a learning and discoveryprocess in itself.This is how I will craft my identity as a Denisonian. This is my transformativeexperience of a liberal arts education. This is an ongoing exploration with absolutely nothesis. + First Year ExperienceThis is exciting! I’m starting with the day I arrived on campus last August as a FirstYear…To help remind me of the different activities that took place when I very first arrivedoncampus, I searched the inbox of my email. Well, that wasn’t the best idea considering I onlyreceived an average of 6 emails a day in August/September 2010, most of which includedmessages from my Mom and Laura Bracken. I looked over a couple and saw that I had emailedto ask my Mom what I should include in my “Activities Report,” since I needed to update it tosend with student employment applications. I found this very interesting for a couple reasons…1. That I had to ask my mom what I had participated in and learned from my past month and ahalf before college began, 2. that I did not technically even have a resume, and I applied for ajob in Career Services and 3. that I remember being stressed out at this time, yet I’m having adifficult time understanding why now… Regardless of how I started this process, it’s been sofun! Looking back, it’s so interested seeing how much I have grown already. Understanding how one situation, connection, or leadership opportunity connected to another has been really insightful. This project has also confirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason. No regrets! I’m still growing and learning everyday, and can’t wait to see what this looks like a year from now!
  4. 4. + 2010 June-O 2011 Don’t You Know June-O? + June-O as a First Year, I remember to be very exhausting but SO exciting! Choosing myclasses was very difficult and I ended up switching out of all of the classes that I registered forover the summer because I just so happened to be during the last time slot, and was registeredfor all humanities. (I was one of those kids). But I remember meeting someone who turned outto be one of my best friends, Michaela, and we talked about how we both applied to DSO. It wasa really fun weekend, and I’m so glad that Denison offers this unique program. If I thought June-O as a First Year was fun, oh my, June-O as an advisor is ten timesbetter! Not only did I get the opportunity to become super close with a bunch of fantasticDenisonians whom I would have never met, stay on campus during the summer when it isgorgeous to be alive in Granville, but I also had the unique opportunity to serve as an oldersister, giving advice on class loads, how residence life works, social life on campus, Denison onthe weekends, study abroad, a fresh First Year perspective, student government, leadershipopportunities, ChangeMaking course, DSO etc. I become close with a lot of parents that Iactually run into on visit days on campus which is so fun! Also, because I facilitated the parentsession, I also became more comfortable represented Denison in from of Faculty and Parents,and developed the proper skills to communicate difficult conversation surrounding drinkingculture and sexual assault on campus. I also met a lot of my residents at June-O and still runinto June-O friends all over campus. I hope to get this opportunity again!
  5. 5. + July La RepúblicaDominicana 2010 The time that I spent in the DR the summer before my freshman year at Denison was my very first exposure to international travels and such a different culture. I absolutely fell in love with the country and have not gone 24 hours without thinking about the next time I can return. I remember precise, defining moments in my first travel into the country; the overwhelming feeling that there really is no reason why I was born in the US and Juan Ernesto was born into poverty in the DR. I can remember standing on the back of a pick up truck, after an amazing day at the barrio, learning more and more from everyone I approached in cautious conversation, thinking about how lucky I was to be experiencing this. La RepúblicaDominicana 2011After having so manyexperiences at Denison, I had anentirely different experience inthe DR this last summer. I amthe luckiest person in the worldto be able to meet one of mymanageable goals of my visionfor a brighter future from theLeaderShape Institute.
  6. 6. + August DSO 2010 This experience set the tone for my first year at Denison in the best way possible. For the first time in my life I was given the opportunity to discuss real world issues with my peers without familial inhibitions. It really opened my eyes to the unsettling thriving status of homelessness in America- that you don’t need to travel to a 3rd world country to see 3rd world conditions. I remember being really moved and impressed by how thoughtful my new classmates were, especially after hearing some of the incredible visitor’s stories of their past. This experience completely opened my mind to a new way of seeing a city and the way in which its inhabitants and institutionalized conveniences perpetuate oppression. R.A. Training 2011SO FUN! This was a great opportunity tomeet some of the most engaged andpositive students on campus. It was also agreat way to learn more about thedifferent resources on campus and howto relate to my peers in emergencies andsensitive situations. The ResEd Staff isabsolutely fantastic; the upperclass RAsand HRs are true student role models.
  7. 7. + September Technology & Community Dinner at Dr. Knobel’sI can’t think of a more meaningful way to spend one of your first dinners on campus! Thiswas a very thoughtful event- the Academic Events committee invited a group of First Yearswho submitted a “Community &Techonology” themed art project to have dinner with theSenior Staff at Dr. Knobel’s house.While at the dinner table, I remember being very nervous. I sat with Dr. Toni King, two otherprofessors, and three other First Years. I was worried that I would say the wrong thing.However, I still remember the fantastic dialogue we shared to that day, and I learnedthatsometimes you just need to let go of your reservations about speaking with administrators.They are such fantastic researches and genuinely care about the student body.2010 D.U. Lead 2011 As a participant in the convention, As a Fellow, I Dave Locke and II had my first experience with the Social were supposed to serve as On-SiteChange model of Leadership assistants to the On-SiteDevelopment. I had my very first Coordinators, Michaela Grenier andexposure to any type of leadership Dolly Cho. However, I was asked toprogram as well. Obviously, I fell in love fill in as a Club Facilitator and am sowith… YEAH YEA! thankful that I had that opportunity!
  8. 8. + What it means to be… A female in Student Government An aspiring Educator in Higher Education A Denisonian bin/getProd.asp?xml=/publicaciones/sinsigla/xml/3/28923/P28923.xml&xsl=/dds/tpl/p1 0f.xsl&base=/dds/tpl/top-bottom.xsl