E-Assessment through the SOLAR Project


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This session will provide a hands-on experience of the e-assessments created by teachers and lecturers through the SOLAR project. In addition to allowing the opportunity to try out some of the assessments, delegates will also be offered a demonstration of the process being used by SQA to create them.


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E-Assessment through the SOLAR Project

  1. 1. Solar Project A model for sustainable development of e-assessment e-assessment Scottish Learning Festival Wednesday 19 September 2007
  2. 2. Background – Originally funded by SFC and SQA – Additional support from ESF and Scottish Executive – Building on existing FE sector initiatives – Using subject specialists from across Scotland
  3. 3. Solar Project • Solar Project – www.solarproject.org • Online system for authoring, peer review and Verification • Objective-type questions incl. MCQ, MRQ, Numerical, gapfill, re-ordering, text-highlight, drop-down, drag-n-drop, free-text • All Colleges currently have unlimited access
  4. 4. Solar Project Already developed – 450+ versions of Computing assessments – 150+ Health & Social Care – Up to 300 Language assessments – Some Engineering assesments • e-Assessments for Internet Safety qualification
  5. 5. Solar Project available January 08 – Sports – Information Technology and Interactive Media – 10 units in Dental Technology – 6 main topics in Early Years Care – Horticulture – Music Business – Water management and Fashion and Textiles question banks – NQ – TAPS assessments
  6. 6. New Development • An assessment ‘Version’ model replaced with an Itembank model of development • Supported by new delivery, packaging, reporting and feedback features
  7. 7. New Development Model SQA Verifier Authors/PR Verifier Type of Assessment Contracted for fixed Attempts assessment number of questions in the delivery system a Number of questions in covering specified specified number of an assessment outcomes/KSVs times Rules on how All questions peer Modifies rules as reqd. assessment to be reviewed and approved created including by peer reviewer Edits made by authors balance as required
  8. 8. Authoring • Using CP3 – online item authoring software • Flash-based • Flexible question construction
  9. 9. Creating Rules-based assessment construction
  10. 10. Delivering Online administration, delivery and marking
  11. 11. A Sustainable development Model Provide sustainable access for lecturers and learners to a bank of items to enable the creation, delivery and reporting of customised formative and summative e-assessments
  12. 12. Lecturer Lecturer Item Bank Summative Learner Learner Learner Learner SQA
  13. 13. A Sustainable development Model • Making full use of sector resources • Contributing to a national process of quality improvement • Central development with the benefit of the input of local skills • Realising local benefits
  14. 14. QUESTIONS
  15. 15. Contact Graeme Clark Solar Project Manager SQA 0845 213 5405 Graeme.Clark@sqa.org.uk www.solarproject.org