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Building our curriculum - Task Notes


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Task notes for delegates at the ‘Turning the New Experiences and Outcomes into Action’ Conference.

Aberdeen, April 2009.

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Building our curriculum - Task Notes

  1. 1. Turning the new experiences and outcomes into action Task 1 Extract from “building the curriculum 3” 2 min (Individual task) Take time to read the extracts from building the curriculum 3, describing some of the key features of a broad general education for 3-18 year olds Task 2 What are the challenges/implications of providing a broad general education for all pupils to 10 min Placemat exercise experience as far as this is consistent with their learning needs and prior achievements? (Groups of 3)  Use the placemat to note your individual thoughts (on one of the sections of the placemat)  Together as a group, agree the 4 BIG challenges/implications in the centre box of the placemat Task 3 Share the BIG challenges/implications with the rest of your table. 10 min Sharing the challenges/ implications (Table discussion) Task 4 Task 4 sheet looks at two aspects (there are others) which contribute towards a broad general 30 min Moving to fuller education. implementation of  Take a few minutes to note down what you think would need to change from your current curriculum for practice, to ensure that a broad general education becomes more of a reality. You may wish excellence. to take account of some of the challenges/implications raised in tasks 2/3. Planning for  Share your thoughts with the rest of the table. improvement 9individual then You can respond to this task at different levels. What needs to happen at: table discussion).  Classroom level (Individual teacher level)  Department/school level  Authority level (Acknowledging the fact that there will be overlap between these). You should be able to use the points identified in this task for the discussion in the EA groupings – preparation for next steps