In Th...
Boulder JCC Community Profile:
Metamorphosis from Caterpillar to Chava
The Goldstein-Lincoln family relocated to Boulder s...
January 2007
   Wednesday, Jan. 10 - Older Adults: “Hustling Sheets - The Jewish Newsboys of Colorado”
January 2007
Jan. 5                                                     Jan. 9

Jan. 10                                                 Jan. 17

              “Hustling Sheets:                         ...
18           7

         Non-medical volunteers are also needed to perform
    the height and weight screenings, assist...
Jan. 18                                                    Jan. 20
Jan. 24                                                   Jan. 25
February 2007
Jan. 8                                                   Feb. 3

Israel Sideways™: Israeli Wine
Tasting a...
Space Limited to 25.

The Boulder JCC gratefully acknowledges
       the following organizations for their
     generous support of our many pro...
Menorah Talking Pictures Series
Feb. 11

                HaSifria and Older Adults:
                Not Just For Seniors!         Malcolm’s novel is set i...


Menorah Talking Pictures Series
Feb. 18                                       “The Gefilte Fish
Boulder Premiere       “King of Beggars”
                                      “The Forgotten         (2006)
Feb. 0                                                                     Starting from scratch in
Feb. 1                                                           Feb. 

HaSifria February
Book Club
Feb. 24                                                   Feb. 8
From Susie Valdez, Boulder JCC Preschool
Boulder JCC Preschool
                                       Registration Form 2007-08

Child’s Name______________________...
Boulder JCC Preschool Tuition Agreement

Student name: ____________________________________________________________

             At the Boulder JCC
                     If you are In 1st through 4th grade ...
             At the Boulder JCC
                                    Casting now
Your generous membership opens the doors of    Boulder JCC Members Only
learning and community, making the Boulder JCC    ...
Now available through HaSifria. Buy
THANk you to the many volunteers                                        individual CDs...
Congregation Nevei Kodesh
            Jewish Renewal Community
                    of Boulder

Meaningful Prayer � Uplifti...
             Sunday                             Monday                            Tuesday                    ...
February 2007
             Sunday                             Monday                            Tuesday                   ...

                              H        ebrew High
In the past few years, we have doubled the number of            It’s hard to believe that it is already time to be
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007
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Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007


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Dec/Jan 2007 Boulder Jewish Community Center "Community Pages" bi-monthly publication - managing editor and designer - Lisa Trank

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Boulder JCC Community Page Dec 2007

  1. 1. Directory In This Issue Boulder Jewish Maimonides Wellness Center Community Center Kathryn Bernheimer, Director Boulder JCC Happenings 6 3800 Kalmia Ave (303) 998-1021 School News 3 Boulder, CO 80301 Calendar 3 Office: (303) 998-1900 MWC Advisory Board Of Common Interest (OCI) 36 Fax: (303) 998-1965 Evie Cohen Shalom Baby 43 Linda Loewenstein, Dr. Larry Eckstein Community 44 Executive Director Stephanie Greenberg Rabbi Nadya Gross Allied Jewish Federation 45 Miriam Kessler Jewish Family Service 46 Jerry Pinsker, Sharon Kocina Facilities Manager Quick Reference Contacts 47 Roberta Reinfeld Dr. William Shiovitz Kathryn Bernheimer, Boulder JCC Preschool Program Director Susie Valdez, Director Mission Statement Lisa Trank, Office: (303) 448-9939 Fax: (303) 448-9938 The Boulder JCC’s mission is to Marketing Director provide programs and services based (303) 998-5626 B’Yahad: The Israel Center at in Jewish values and traditions in a the Boulder JCC Shari Blake Schnee, Kathryn Bernheimer, Director place where people of all ages and Boulder JCC Program Assistant (720) 982-7234 (303) 998-1021 backgrounds gather to exchange ideas, learn and grow together. B’Yahad Board of Directors HaSifria Library Froma Fallik, Bruce Shaffer, President Director of Library Services Michele Cohen (303) 998-1900, ext. 5 Linda Feiman Rachel Fraenkel Marc Ginsburg Community Page Newsletter Carla Chamblee, HaSifria Advisory Board Tina Harrop BJCC Office Manager Sheldon Sands Tina Harrop, Co-chair (303) 447-3313 Carol Secor Lisa Trank, Pam Rosenblum, Co-chair Fax: (303) 447-5936 Julie Shaffer Editor Graphic Designer Shoshi Bilavsky (303) 998-5626 Leah Boonin MENORAH Laurel Levihn, Morah Yehudis Fishman Kathryn Bernheimer, Director Kelli Epstein, BJCC Office Assistant Alice Gansfield (303) 998-1900, ext. 9 Advertising Coordinator (303) 998-1029 Molly Goldsmith (303) 307-6941 Zilla Goodman MENORAH Advisory Committee P.O. Box 18983 Deb Nichols Boulder, CO 80308 Golda-Rachel Rosencrantz Golda-Rachel Rosencrantz, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi President Julie Shaffer Stephanie Greenberg, Boulder Jewish Community Center Francine Weaver Fundraising Chair Board of Directors Jerry Pinsker, Andreas Chizzali, President Allen Hittelman Boulder Jewish Family Service Vice-President Erik Bernstein, Past-President David Levin Betsy Friess, Secretary Mark Wong, Vice-President Chaya Major Margie Freedman Gale Boonstra, Jon Brandon, Treasurer Michael Osterman Treasurer Carolyn Grant, Secretary Alice Rosenblatt Roberta Reinfeld Sid Fox Steve Ellis Ed Victor David Greenberg Jack Gindi Butch Weaver (303) 415-1025 Allen Hittelman Ted Harris Fax: (303) 998-1965 Howard Leibowitz Shalom Baby Beth Litz, Program Coordinator (720) 364-1812
  2. 2. Boulder JCC Community Profile: Metamorphosis from Caterpillar to Chava The Goldstein-Lincoln family relocated to Boulder soon after the birth of their daughter, Isabella, first known as Izzy, but now known as Chava. At two and a half years old, she became a Caterpillar at the Boulder JCC Preschool, where although timid at first, Izzy came alive! She delighted in the rituals of Shabbat and the holiday celebrations. Together the family learned the Shabbat songs and prayers and incorporated those rituals at home. While at the Boulder JCC Preschool, Izzy met another little girl named Chava and was taken with her energy and confidence. Izzy’s parents, Brian and Robin, explained that her own Hebrew name was Chava. BJCC Preschool Caterpillar Graduate Chava Goldstein-Lincoln A year later, Izzy transferred to the Friends’ School. While she enjoyed the new children and activities, she missed the Boulder JCC Preschool environment. She also missed being with other Jewish kids. As Izzy approached her fifth birthday, she awoke one morning and declared that her name was now Chava. Her parents thought it was a good nickname, but she assertively replied, “Chava is not a nickname. It is my real name.” She informed her teachers and her friends of her new name. The following week she changed her name on her cubby. When asked why she decided to change her name, she responded that she wanted to be called by her Jewish name. Despite or questions from children and adults about this change, she has remained steadfast. Chava is now turning six, and, at her request, the family are members of a local synagogue and attend a family-oriented Sunday School. They honor Shabbat and the Jewish holidays with prayer, challah and song, and joyfully refer to their daughter as Chava — life! Menorah’s Film Screening 3
  3. 3. 4
  4. 4. January 2007 Wednesday, Jan. 10 - Older Adults: “Hustling Sheets - The Jewish Newsboys of Colorado” Wednesday, Jan. 17 - HaSifira Book Club: The History of Love Thursday, Jan. 18 - B’Yahad/Israel Eye: Downtown Salon “Tzedek Hevrati” with Rikma Rabbi David Lazar Saturday, Jan. 20 - Menorah Talking Pictures Series: Marching with Martin Luther King “Abraham Joshua Heschel Remembered” Wed., Jan. 24 - AJW Service Study to Peru: Making your tzedakah a “personal” experience with Francine Lavin Weaver Thursday, Jan. 25 - Reel Israel: “James’ Journey to Jerusalem” at Har HaShem Sunday, Jan. 28 - B’Yahad: Israel Sideways/Israeli Wine Tasting at Q’s February 2007 – Black History Month Saturday, Feb. 3 - Joshua Nelson in concert at Boulder Theater Sunday, Feb. 11 - March 4: Book-a-thon Sunday, Feb. 11 - “Jewish Places, Jewish Spaces, Jewish Faces” BJCC 2nd Annual Photo Contest Meet the Artists Wine and Cheese Reception Sunday, Feb. 11 - Menorah Talking Pictures Series: “The Burial Society” Wednesday, Feb. 14 - HaSifria and Older Adults: “The Jews of Shanghai” with M. L. Malcolm Sunday, Feb. 18 - Highlights from the Mellon Financial Denver Jewish Film Festival at Boulder JCC Tuesday, Feb. 20 - Chai Tech: “Cooking on all Burners” with Spice of Life’s David Rubin Wednesday, Feb. 21 - HaSifria Book Club: Lovesong Thursday, Feb. 22 - B’Yahad/Israel Eye: “A Walk Through Tel Aviv” with Professor Maoz Azaryahu Saturday,Feb. 24: Reel Israel: “Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi” at Boulder JCC Wednesday, Feb. 28 - Boulder JCC’s Private Members Dinner with Deborah Lipstadt at CU March 2007 Sunday, March 4 - Boulder JCC Community Purim Carnival Sunday, March 11 - Menorah Film Series: “When Do We Eat?” Wednesday, March 14: Older Adults Sunday, March 18 - Menorah: “Understanding Christian Zionism” Thursday, March 22: Reel Israel April 2007 Wednesday, April 11 - Older Adults Wednesday, April 18 - 9News Health Fair Thursday, April 19 - Chidush Awards Sunday, April 29 - Menorah Talking Pictures Series: “From Swastika to Jim Crow” May 2007 Sunday, May 6: Menorah Film Series: “Tijuana Jews” Wednesday, May 9: Older Adults June 2007 Sunday, June 10 - Boulder Jewish Festival 5
  5. 5. January 2007 Jan. 5 Jan. 9 48 Ways to Wisdom Give us your best shot! Calling all With Yehudis photographers! Fishman Deadline for Photo Tuesdays, 10-11:30 Submissions is a.m. January 5! Please Jan. 9, 16, 23, submit your favorite Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27 pictures for “Jewish and March 6 Spaces, Jewish $100 for Boulder JCC Places, Jewish Faces” members; $120/ non-members Submissions may be made digitally to Drop-in cost: $18 or with 8X10 prints. Limit: 10 pictures Morah Yehudis Fishman brings a palpable passion for Torah and Judaism to her work as a teacher and Winners must provide framed 8X10 or larger photographs mentor. A renowned educator, Morah Yehudis Fishman by February 2 for display in the photo exhibit beginning has been sharing the wisdom of Torah with students with the artists wine and cheese reception Sunday, for more than 25 years. Her unique ability to convey February 11, 5:30 - 7 p.m. (See page 15) Jewish principles and unravel the mysteries of Jewish mysticism in a personally meaningful and non- judgmental manner has earned the affection of her devoted students. “In these challenging times, both individually and collectively, the greatest sages of our times have emphasized that the most valuable personal work that we can do is to work on character refinement in a Torah context. This class, combining deep teaching and honest dialogue and soul-searching, can help you achieve this goal.” – Yehudis Fishman 6
  6. 6. Jan. 10 Jan. 17 “Hustling Sheets: HaSifria Book Club The Jewish Newsboys of The History of Love Colorado” by Nicole Krauss Slide show and Wed., Jan. 17 interactive talk Noon-1:30 p.m. With Ron Sladek At the Boulder JCC Wednesday, Jan. 10 Noon At the Boulder JCC Leo Gursky is an old man defined by his loneliness, Cost: $5 lunch and talk but before the war, he fell in love and wrote a book. RSVP:, (303) 998-1021 Although he doesn’t know it, that book also survived, crossed an ocean, and changed lives. Fourteen-year- Ron Sladek grew up listening to stories told by his old Alma Singer was named after a character in the grandfather and great-uncles, all from immigrant book. She has her hands full trying to care for her Jewish families, about their adventures selling depressed mother and her little brother who believes newspapers on the streets of downtown Denver in the he may be the Messiah. As the connection between early 1900s. Now an educator, historian, writer and Gursky and Singer is revealed, so is the potential professional historic preservation consultant, Sladek for salvation - or despair. Krauss’s poetic prose and has compiled a slide show of rare photos detailing finely drawn characters make this a memorable book. the life of the Jewish newsboys to accompany his A Publishers Weekly starred review. You bring a dairy anecdotes about this colorful aspect of the immigrant or pareve lunch and we’ll provide drinks and dessert. experience in both Colorado and America. Contact:, (303) 998-1900, ext. 5. 7
  7. 7. 18 7 Non-medical volunteers are also needed to perform the height and weight screenings, assist at other screenings, register and direct health fair participants and fill in where needed. To volunteer (non-medical), please email Shari at 8
  8. 8. Jan. 18 Jan. 20 Marching with King: “Abraham Joshua Heschel Remembered” Saturday, Jan. 0 7 p.m. Downtown Salon At the Boulder JCC Tzedek Hevrati: Israeli Rabbis Join us for a short film as Social Justice Advocates followed by personal Thursday, January 18, 7:30 p.m. reflections by speakers Foolish Craig’s Café Rabbi Victor Gross and Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder 1611 Pearl Street RSVP to, (303) 998-1021 A refugee from Germany who became professor of Jewish ethics and mysticism Join us downtown for an engaging café evening of at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the late Rabbi learning about this exciting new dimension of Judaism Abraham Joshua Heschel combined deep scholarship in Israel today. Rabbi David Lazar from Tel Aviv and with a strong moral passion which led him to march with other visiting Rikma Rabbis will share their experiences Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and to oppose the Vietnam as change agents in Israeli society. War. The 60-minute documentary “Abraham Joshua Heschel Remembered” begins with a discussion by scholars Ismar Schorsch and Cornel West, who focus on Boulder Jewish Festival News! Heschel’s efforts regarding Black-Jewish relations. In an Save the Date for the 13th Annual interview filmed shortly before his death in 1972, Heschel Boulder Jewish Festival — Sunday, June 10! defined humanity’s deepest passion as “a craving for the The all-volunteer committee has started meaning of existence.” planning for this year’s event. The Rabbi Victor Gross was a student of Professor Heschel committee meets once a month through in the late 60s and had a personal relationship with him June and new volunteers are welcome! If and his family and paid a partial debt to his influence by you would like to get involved in the biggest writing his Ph.D. about him. Rabbi Gavriel Goldfeder Jewish event in Boulder, please contact: was also deeply influenced by Heschel’s teachings. Applications for community booths, artists RSVP to, (303) 998-1021 and food booths will be mailed/emailed in February. For more information: 9
  9. 9. Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Reel Israel: An Israeli Film Series American Co-sponsored by B’Yahad: Jewish World The Israel Center at the Boulder JCC, Service Study Congregation Har HaShem and Menorah Tour to Peru: Making your Tzedakah a “personal” experience With Francine Lavin Weaver Wednesday, Jan. 24, noon At the Boulder JCC Free lunch and talk RSVP to by January 22 “James’ Journey to Jerusalem” (2003) Directed by: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz Francine Lavin Weaver is a freelance writer, Judaic Thursday, Jan. 25, 7 p.m. Family Educator and philanthropist in Boulder. Francine recently returned from a journey to Peru to At Congregation Har HaShem meet with project partners of American Jewish World 3950 Baseline Road Service in that country. She will share her insights, Suggested donation: $5 inspiration, and memories at an informal lunch This wise, clever Israeli film reintroduces the once- gathering. popular concept of film as allegory, as it follows a Christian pilgrim on his bumpy road to salvation. James travels from his small African village to Israel, where he hopes to lay eyes on Jerusalem. But his pilgrimage is cut short at Tel Aviv immigration, where his tale of spiritual hunger is written off as a veiled attempt to make money. Directed and co-written by Israeli documentarian Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, the movie shows how our best intentions - be they religious or secular - can rapidly go awry when money, responsibility and even organized religion come into play. “Funny, knowing and immensely enjoyable.” - New York Post RSVP to, (303) 998-1021 10
  10. 10. February 2007 Jan. 8 Feb. 3 Israel Sideways™: Israeli Wine Tasting at Q’s With sommelier David Miller Sunday, Jan. 28, 5 p.m. At Q’s Restaurant in the Hotel JOSHUA NELSON in Concert Boulderado Saturday, Feb. 3, 8 p.m. $25 per person, includes wine and At The Boulder Theater appetizers Tickets: $18/$25/$36 Space limited to 25: RSVP by Jan. 24 Join us for a special concert with Joshua Nelson, “The to, (303) 998-1021 Prince of Kosher Gospel,” to benefit the Boulder Wine has been central to Judaism since its inception JCC. Joshua Nelson is one of the most exciting new and the ancient history of wine can be traced to performers on the scene and was recently featured the Middle East. Join us on the enclosed porch of on “Oprah” as a performer to watch out for. Come Q’s Restaurant in the historic Hotel Boulderado to hear Nelson as he presents classic Jewish music sample Israeli wine and cheese, two exports rapidly with a whole lot of SOUL! gaining international acclaim. Q’s sommelier David “The next big thing in music...He literally brings the Miller will de-mystify the art of appreciating fine house down.” -- Oprah Winfrey wine and discuss the history of wine in Israel, which traces back thousands of years, and discuss the role Tickets available at of wine in Israeli society today. Allen M. Hittelman Owner/Broker 5390 Centennial Trail Boulder, CO 80303 Phone: 303-444-0139 Cell: 303-884-1120 Fax: 303-444-0189 11
  11. 11. Space Limited to 25. 1
  12. 12.                                                        13
  13. 13. The Boulder JCC gratefully acknowledges the following organizations for their generous support of our many programs: 14
  14. 14. Menorah Talking Pictures Series Feb. 11 “The Burial Society” (2002) Jewish Spaces, Written and directed by Jewish Places, Nicholas Racz Jewish Faces Starring Rob LaBelle, Jan Rubes, David Paymer Meet the Artists A nebbishy loan manager at Sunday, Feb. 11, 7 p.m. Wine and Cheese At the Boulder JCC the Hebrew National Bank, Reception Suggested donation: Sheldon Kasner is an unlikely Sunday, Feb. 11 $6/BJCC members; criminal – Woody Allen miscast 5:30-7 p.m. $8/non-members. in “Goodfellas.” A comic and At the Boulder JCC thoroughly Jewish thriller, “Burial Society” finds Sheldon on the lam from mobsters. Relying on brains to outwit the brawny Join us for the opening of the Boulder JCC’s thugs on his trail, Sheldon infiltrates the mysterious world of the second annual community photo contest. Come Chevrah Kaddisha (the Jewish society that prepares bodies for see the work of local amateur photographers burial according to ancient ritual) in order to steal a body and fake and view their images of Jewish life at home his own death. But having sought and found refuge within this and around the world. ancient religious society, Sheldon finds himself captivated by this Join Menorah for a screening of “The Burial unusual and powerful world and the three old men who run it. Society” at 7 p.m., immediately following the “A nifty little thriller... like a Coen Brothers-style neo-noir with an reception. extra serving of matzoh.” - The Eye Weekly (Toronto) RSVP:, (303) 998-1021 Joel Rosenblum Joel Rosenblum Insurance for Asset Protection Insurance for Asset Protection Long Term Care, Health Life Long Term Care, Health Life 15 (720) 298-3516 (720) 298-3516 (720) 29 joelrosen
  15. 15. Feb.14 HaSifria and Older Adults: Not Just For Seniors! Malcolm’s novel is set in post World War I Europe and “The Jews of in Shanghai between the wars and during World War Shanghai: One II. Shanghai was occupied by the Japanese in 1937, Hundred Years of and was the only port in the world that did not require Power and Betrayal” either a visa or a passport in order to enter. Crowded with refugees from Russia, Austria, Lithuania and With M. L. Malcolm Germany, this safe haven presented refugees with Author of Silent Lies: A Novel challenges such as a language barrier, overcrowding, Wednesday, February 14, noon disease, and lack of food but eventually became a At the Boulder JCC North Wing functioning community with schools, newspapers, Cost: $5 for lunch and talk. and cultural events. Come hear Malcolm share her Contact:, research into the period with a focus on the Shanghai (303) 998-1900, ext. 5. Ghetto and life in China during the war. RSVP to, (303) 998-1021 Upcoming HaSifria Book Club Titles… Book-a-thon is here!! Mar. 21, Dara Horn, The World to Come: A Nove February 11 - Apr. 25, Ron Rosenbaum (ed), Those Who March 4 Forget the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism (Parts 1-6) Read books with Jewish May 16 Ron Rosenbaum (ed), Those Who Forget content, raise money for the the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism (Parts 7- 11) library, and win fabulous prizes! Homebound? We have a wonderful volunteer who will pick up and/or deliver books directly to you. Contact:, This service will only be available every two weeks. (303) 998-1900, ext. 5 and for more Call Froma to schedule at (303) 998-1900, ext. 5. information. 16
  16. 16. S AV E T H E D AT E S ! 11 th N FINANCIA L 2007 MELLO SH DE NVER JEWI FEBRUARY 8–15 L FIL M FESTIVA FOR ARTS AND CULTURE at the MIZEL CENTER • (303) 316-63 60 • www.mizel . • Denver CO 350 S. Dahlia St FUNNY • MOVING • EDGY 17
  17. 17. Menorah Talking Pictures Series Feb. 18 “The Gefilte Fish Chronicles”(2006) Director: David Burnett Highlights from The Mellon Financial USA/56 minutes Denver Jewish Film Festival Boulder Premiere Sunday, Feb. 18 Sunday, Feb. 18 At the Boulder JCC 4 p.m. The descendants of Russian immigrants, Abe and Minnie Join us for three Boulder premieres Dubroff still celebrate Passover together, a century later, from the festival’s schedule of exciting in Newburgh, N.Y. Tap your toes to an irresistible klezmer new Jewish films. soundtrack as “Pesach Machers” Sophie, Peppy and Rosie Cost: $6 per film/$15 all three films lead a six-week preparation process culminating in a seder Discussion following each film that’s a lot like seders worldwide — only much bigger. “I’ve heard it said many times, and it’s the truth: The family that sits around the table together, stays together. And we have many tables,” Peppy says.      Feast                                                    18
  18. 18. Boulder Premiere “King of Beggars” “The Forgotten (2006) Refugees” (2005) Director: Uri Paster Israel/98 minutes Hebrew with English Director: Michael Grynszpan subtitles USA/Israel/49 minutes Sunday, Feb. 18 Sunday, Feb. 18, 6:30 p.m. 8 p.m. Boulder premiere! In the 1920s, Baghdad was nearly 40 percent Jewish, Part samurai, part savior, Fishke is a bathhouse “the New York City of the Middle East.” Egypt’s attendant in a late 16th-Century Russian shtetl constitution was drafted by a Jew. In 1945 there who becomes the leader of a fighting brigade of were up to one million Jews living in the Middle Jewish outcasts. Based on the character of Fishke East and North Africa outside the Palestine Mandate der Krumer (Fishke the Lame) created by the - many living in communities dating back more than great Hebrew and Yiddish writer Mendele Mocher three millennia. Today, there are several thousand. Sforim, the hero struggles against both a divided Who are these Jews? What precipitated their mass Jewish community and his Russian military exodus in the 20th century? Where did they go? And masters, setting up a metaphor for the Jewish why don’t we know their stories? Director Michael people’s relationship with each other and the rest Grynszpan documents a civilization that took 16 of the world, then and now. “King of Beggars” centuries to grow to a million souls, and just a few asks whether a new Jewish identity — one of a decades to whither to nearly none. free people who believe in peace and coexistence — is attainable     10% of our commission is  given back to the community organization of your choice.        19
  19. 19. Feb. 0 Starting from scratch in 1987, David Rubin began A Spice of Life with two “Cooking on All Burners” employees. Today he has a With David Rubin staff of 130, two event facilities and caters 5,000 events Tuesday, Feb. 20, 6 p.m. a year. Named Best of Boulder since the late 1990s, A Spice of Life A Spice of Life is the largest catering company north 5706 Arapahoe Ave of I-70 and is among the top ten in Colorado. Rubin Cost: $40 per person frequently shares his recipe for success as a teacher at the Small Business Development Center and is RSVP by Feb. 16 to, active in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Come hear (303) 998-1021 Rubin’s personal story and his thoughts on leadership, management, human resources and the importance of bringing standards to your business. Chidush Awards Are you a creative thinker? An inspiring teacher? We’re looking for you … Join us to celebrate Jewish Education at the Chidush Awards Event Thursday, April 19, 7pm at the Chautauqua Community House with special guest Peter Asher Pitzele. Peter Asher Pitzele is the founder of Bibliodrama and Biblio-therapy. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard, has taught as an adjunct faculty member for the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York , and is Dean of Faculty for Storahtelling. Situated somewhere between school and theater, between the pulpit and the stage, Bibliodrama is a form of role-playing that invites participants to find their voices in the text and the text’s voice in themselves. Boulder’s Jewish educators will be invited to a teacher training event and dinner before the event. Watch for more detailed information in the next Community Page. More information about Chidush can be found at 0
  20. 20. Feb. 1 Feb. HaSifria February Book Club “A Walk Through Julius Lester Tel Aviv” Lovesong With Professor Wednesday, Feb. 1 Maoz Azaryahu noon-1:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. At the Boulder JCC North Wing 7 p.m. RSVP:, At the Boulder JCC (303) 998-1900, ext. 5 Cost: $5/Boulder JCC members; $6/non-members “Well-known author, academic, and former civil rights RSVP:, (303) 998-1021 activist Lester takes the reader on an extraordinary spiritual odyssey that starts in the Forties with his childhood in When you come to Tel Aviv, Maoz Azaryahu will be segregated Nashville; continues through his years of happy to take you on a walking tour of the city he avowed atheism and civil rights work, with accusations lives in and has studied intently for many years. In the of anti-Semitism by whites and betrayal by blacks; and meantime, join us for simulated walk — replete with concludes with his conversion to Judaism. His search for slides — through the Tel Aviv tourists never see. Your meaning and faith lead him to Thomas Merton, Wounded expert guide will answer questions such as, “What is Knee, and Protestant sources; his early discovery Tel Aviv all about and how did it grow from a provincial that his grandfather was Jewish eventually sparks his town to the center of the universe? What is the myth of search for a Jewish identity. The path to conversion is Tel Aviv and what is the reality? How is Tel Aviv the difficult, but the resulting “lovesong” to God is powerful ultimate Zionist success story?” and beautifully written.” - Library Journal Professor Maoz Azaryahu is on sabbatical from You bring a dairy or pareve lunch and we’ll provide Haifa University, where he teaches cultural drinks and dessert. geography. Professor Azaryahu is the author of Tel Aviv: Mythography of a City, which has just became available in English translation. Co-sponsored by HaSifria. 1
  21. 21. Feb. 24 Feb. 8 Boulder JCC Members’ Dinner Reel Israel: An Israeli Film Series With Deborah Lipstadt “Holocaust Denial: A Clear and Present Danger?” Open to all Boulder JCC members Wednesday, Feb. 8 5 p.m. “Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi” (2003) In the Aspen Room Written/directed by Shemi Zarhin in the UMC/CU campus Starring Oshri Cohen Cost: $30 per person Saturday, Feb. 24, 7 p.m. Space limited to 40. At the Boulder JCC RSVP:, Suggested donation: $5 (303) 998-1021 by Feb. 23. An Israeli “Good Will Hunting,” this feel-good movie Join us for a private dinner and talk by Deborah details the plight of an unassuming teen (the bright- Lipstadt, followed by her keynote address for Holocaust eyed Oshri Cohen) and the machinations necessary to Awareness Week in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at 7 p.m. reveal his hidden genius. Shemi Zarhin, one of Israel’s (See page 41) few female writer-directors, explores Sephardic family life in her tender and insightful portrait of An acclaimed historian, author and scholar, Deborah an adolescent having trouble seeing his true worth. Lipstadt made front page news with her ground- Feeling unloved by his mother and alone at school, breaking legal battle with Holocaust denier David Irving, Shlomi overcompensates with his service of others documented in her new book, History on Trial : My Day and has nothing left when it comes to developing his in Court with David Irving. A brilliant and engaging own unique talents. The comic drama conveys the speaker, Lipstadt is the Dorot Professor of Modern challenges that overtake this quiet and sensitive youth Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University. She as he begins to bloom and open up to the positive has appeared on the BBC, CNN, CBS’s “Sixty Minutes,” forces that are liberating him. NBC’s “Today Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “This is the simplest and sweetest of films, punctuated National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air,” PBS’s “Charlie by several exceptional performances (especially lead Rose Show,” and is a frequent contributor to a variety of actor Oshri Cohen) and just the right mixture of humor newspapers, from Newsweek to the Chicago Tribune. and pathos.” - Tim Cogshell, To become a Boulder JCC member, call Linda at (303) 449-3996
  22. 22. From Susie Valdez, Boulder JCC Preschool Director: Many thanks to the following people and businesses: January in the preschool Heather Schwartz Shannon Sunderland, Hot Mama means registration for the next Tara Krams Designs school year. Our registration Nanci Alpert Sheryl Luttringer, Southern Living at begins the week of January Stacy Stoutenberg Home 15th for in-house families and Stacey Abbott Joan Muffly, Handmade knit the week of January 22nd for Leah Csapo goods open registration. In order to Jen Goldman Breadworks register, you must turn in a Ellen Moeller Madelyn Clair, Music with registration form and a tuition Euvaldo Valdez Madelyn agreement, both signed and David and Amy Rubin, Tara Krams, Sticky Mango filled out completely. These forms must be accompanied by a Spice of Life Catering Designs $150 non-refundable registration fee and one month’s tuition Traditions Catering Jennifer Goldman, Paper Gals deposit. If you are considering attending the preschool, please Susan and Martin Hammer, Room to Grow children’s make an appointment to speak with the director and to tour 4580 Restaurant/Uptown Wine furnishings the classrooms. In addition, information about the school can Tom Helen Valdez, Niwot Boulder Indoor Soccer be found on our website, along with the Liquor Store Wild Oats registration materials. Tricia Callahan, NY Accents Renee Padgett, Here’s Renee! jewelry Lakeshore Spa We had a very successful fundraiser in November thanks Kelli Davis, Crocuspocus jewelry Sarah Pew, Sarah’s Parties to the terrific group of parents who organized it; the many Karli Atwell, baby blankets and Infant Aquatics vendors who participated; all of the businesses who donated burp clothes Shalom Baby food, wine, and silent auction items; and the wonderful people Dale Schlauch, Jesse Walker Knit Paula Kehore, Custom Portrait who attended. We raised more than $3,000! The money will Goods Paintings go towards building security, technological support for the Amber Tschabrun, Arbonne Infant Massage Donation, Barbi classrooms, outdoor equipment, and classroom supplies. International Products Appel The preschool would be at a terrible loss if it weren’t for our Rachel and Kerry, Milagro Jennifer Cohen, for Software amazing parents. Jewlery Training Auction Claire Cherington, Discovery Toys Congregation Har Hashem Julie Horowitz, Jewelry Mapleton Therapy Pool Boulder JCC Preschool Creations of Julie! David Schlatter Photography Laurie Travers, Origami Registration and Tuition Originals Agreement forms can be found Stcey Hartman, Knit scarves on pages 24 25 Heather Bush, Children’s Arts and Craft Kits of the Community Page Ricki Booker, Children’s books and postcards Audra Gallogy, Silpada Jewelry 3
  23. 23. Boulder JCC Preschool Registration Form 2007-08 Child’s Name________________________ Date of Birth______________________________ Parent’s Name______________________ Parent’s Name_____________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________ Home Phone_________________________ Parent’s Work Phone_______________________ Cell Phone___________________________ Parent’s Work Phone________________________ Email address_________________________________________________________________ Please circle your choice: Caterpillar-Children need to be 2 ½ years old to start T/TH M/W/F M-F Butterfly-for children who will be 3 years old by September 30 T/TH M/W/F M-F Pre-K-for children who will be 4 years old by September 30 M/W/F MTWF MWTHF M-F Registration must be accompanied by a non-refundable $150 fee as well as a deposit of one month’s tuition which will be applied to your final tuition payment. This deposit will not be refunded after August 1st in the event of a withdrawal from the program. One month’s notice is required from families for withdrawal at any time during the year. All JCC Preschool families are required to be members of the Boulder JCC therefore please include the mem- bership form with a minimum $54 fee with your registration materials. When we receive these forms, along with the appropriate fees, we will process your application and send the forms needed to complete the registration process. Please keep a copy of this form and your tuition agreement on file for future reference. Welcome to the Boulder JCC Preschool! Parent’s Signature________________________________________________ Office: Date_______ Received by_______ Payment received_______ Computer_______ 24
  24. 24. Boulder JCC Preschool Tuition Agreement Student name: ____________________________________________________________ Parent(s)/Guardian Name: __________________________________________________ Please circle your payment choice and return to office along with your registration and membership forms. _______I will be making one payment for the 2007-2008 school year tuition by August 3rd by check/credit card (circle one). The 5% discount is already figured into the total. _______I will be making two equal payments, due August 3rd and December 3rd, by check/credit card (circle one). The 5% discount is already figured into the total. _______I will be making nine monthly payments no later than the 3rd of each month by check/credit card (circle one). _______I have included a yearly $20 fieldtrip/special projects fee. #Days / Week___ Per Month Semester Year___ 2nd child 2 $295 $1261 $2522 $266 3 $425 $1817 $3634 $383 4 $530 $2266 $4532 $477 5 $635 $2715 $5429 $572 • The Boulder JCC accepts Visa and Master Card • Please see Laurel in the office with any billing questions Name on credit card or bank account:_________________________________________ Credit card or account #:___________________________________________________ Expiration date:__________________________________________________________ Signature:_______________________________________________________________ Our preschool community continues to flourish thanks to the love and commitment from all of our families. We welcome all of you to the Boulder JCC Preschool! Sincerely, Susie Valdez, Director Boulder JCC Preschool Office: Date_______ Received_______ Discounts applied_______ Monthly/Semester/Yearly/2nd child 25
  25. 25. SHOWSTOPPERS SUMMER THEATER CAMP At the Boulder JCC If you are In 1st through 4th grade - showstoppers Is Just for you! 9am-1pm Monday - Friday Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 20 Final performance Friday, July 20 (Two-week session coincides w/ BJCC preschool session Three) Tuition: $345 Send payment with registration form to Boulder JCC, 3800 Kalmia Ave., Boulder, CO 80301 What is Showstoppers Summer Theater Camp? Showstoppers is non-stop summer fun with dance, theatre and music! Learn to write and create YOUR own show with all the other actor-campers, including costume and set design! Then get ready to WOW your friends and family with an original final choreographed musical show! Every day will also involve outdoor activities, lunch and of course, lots of play time with your friends! Showstoppers and Connections Performing Arts Instructors: Tracy Ayers, The Boulder JCC Theater director, is also the M. Troy Burrell is a Denver native with a dance degree from summer camp director. She is a graduate of the University the University of Northern Colorado. Troy is the founder of Colorado with a BFA degree in theater and a teaching and artistic director of 7th Son Productions. A master in the certificate in theater. Previously, she co-owned Lake Forest elements of Hip Hop, he also brings an extensive background Children’s Theatre in Chicago. in modern, jazz, partner dance, stepping and ballet. Celia Parson received her BFA in theater from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her MA in Elementary Education What else do I need to know? from the University of Colorado at Denver. She is a local Fill out the registration below and reserve your actor and has taught children’s theater and voice at The space now! Once the form and payment are Studio, the Boulder JCC, and the Boulder Conservatory received, an information packet will be mailed to Theatre. She is a sixth grade teacher in Arvada and cannot your home, including a waiver and a detailed camp wait to begin teaching children’s theater again! schedule. Questions? Contact Tracy at 303-618-7014 PARTICIPANT’S NAME _________________________________________________________ AGE __________ ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME(S)____________________________________________________________________ HOME PHONE ________________ WORK PHONE ________________ CELL PHONE ________________ 26
  26. 26. CONNECTIONS SUMMER THEATER CAMP At the Boulder JCC Casting now for all 5th - 8th Graders! 9am-1pm Monday - Friday Monday, July 23 - Friday, August 3 Final performance Friday, August 3 (Two week session coincides w/ BJCC preschool session Four) Tuition: $345 Send payment with registration form to Boulder JCC, 3800 Kalmia Ave., Boulder, CO 80301 Write and Perform Your Own Work! Bring your imagination and explore feelings about connections and disconnections in society, school and your community. Written work will include poems, monologues, scenes and songs which will be set to with hip hop choreography and music. Learn about the art of improvisation, where hip-hop really comes from, how to choreograph and other theater musts! Tracy Ayers, Camp Director M. Troy Burrell C’mon Mom Dad...Sign Me Up Today! 27
  27. 27. Your generous membership opens the doors of Boulder JCC Members Only learning and community, making the Boulder JCC Dinner and Talk with Deborah Lipstadt a gathering place where Jewish life continues to flourish. Wed., Feb. 28 at uMC/Cu Become a Member Today! 8
  28. 28. 29
  29. 29. Now available through HaSifria. Buy THANk you to the many volunteers individual CDs or purchase the entire who helped with book fair! We could collection- for yourself or as a donation to never have done it without you! HaSifria. The Milken Archive of American Jewish Music Deluxe 50-CD Box Set Nicole Benjamin, Leah Boonin, Rachel Fallik, $349 (a savings of over $100) Alice Gansfield, Molly Goldsmith, Shari, Kark, Yonat Lev, Deb Nichols, Shari Schnee, Julie Individual CDs available for $8.99 apiece. Shaffer, Barry and Jetta Siegel, and Howard Enjoy such classics as: Steinmetz.Speical thanks to Pam Rosenblum Great Songs of the Yiddish Stage, Volume 3: Joseph and Tina Harrop who organized and shlepped Rumshinsky and Other Songwriters of His Circle and were there whenever needed.Extra Sacred Services from Israel special thanks to Judy Megibow, master flutist Jewish Music of the Dance and her accompaniest on piano, Brett Tancer, In Celebration of Israel who provided the lovely music at the library Jewish String Quartets opening. Judith Lang Zaimont: A Tale of Abram and Isaac Leonard Bernstein: Kaddish Symphony No. 3 Dave Brubeck: The Gates of Justice (GRAMMY Winner) and MORE! “It illuminates the Jewish experience.”— The Forward Boulder JCC Members’ Dinner with Deborah Lipstadt “Holocaust Denial: A Clear and Present Danger?” Open to all Boulder JCC members Wednesday, Feb. 28, 5 p.m. Aspen Room - UMC/CU campus Cost: $30 per person Join us for a private dinner and talk by Deborah Lipstadt, followed by her keynote address for Holocaust Awareness Week in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at 7 p.m. To become a member of the Boulder JCC, visit and click on “membership,” or call (303) 998-1900, ext. 2 Space limited to 40. RSVP:, (303) 998-1021 by Feb. 23. 30
  30. 30. Congregation Nevei Kodesh Jewish Renewal Community of Boulder Meaningful Prayer � Uplifting Music Welcoming, Joyous and Spiritual Innovative children’s religious school Rabbi Tirzah Firestone We invite those seeking a warm and inclusive Judaism Experience the Transformative Power of Community (303) 271-3540 31
  31. 31. JANUARY 2007 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 3 7:30am ● NK Wkly Learners 3 BJCC Photo Contest 9am ● AK Family Service 1 Minyan begins 2 4 5 6 submissions deadline 3:45 6pm ● CBS Shabbaton with 6pm ● HH Jr Congregation Rabbi Kagan Service 5pm ● NK Weekly Torah Study 6:15pm ● CBS Family Shabbat begins Dinner 6pm ● HH Evening Honoring 9pm ● CBS Shabbaton with Rabbi Gina Hyatt Kagen 8pm ● PL Chant with Rabbi Gold at Boulderado 8:30am ● HH Hebrew 10am ● Menorah “48 Ways 9:30am ● BJDS Open House Noon ● HH Chai Lecture 6pm ● HH Cmty 2nd Shabbat TBA ● ARI Shabbat on Skis: 7 8 9 10 11 Service/Dinner 12 Copper Mtn. 13 Marathon to Wisdom” wkly class begins Noon ● BJCC Older Adults 1pm ● CAJE Jewish Early 1pm ● LUB Lunch Learn “Jewish Newsboys” with Ron Childhood Education Summit 7pm ● Israeli Dancing Sladek 10am ● Beth Ami 14 15 16 TBA ● HIL/CU Bowling 17 11am ● HIL/CU Lunch 6pm ● HIL/CU Shabbat 19 9:30am ● CBS Services 20 18 Spring Semester begins Pizza @ Half Fast Subs Services/Dinner with Rabbi Lazar RIKMA 2pm ● PL New Prospective 10am ● SB Bagels Blocks 7:30pm ● B’YD Tzedek Hevrati 6pm ● HH Tot Shabbat 10am ● PL Family Shabbat Member Tea Noon ● HaSifria Book Club: at Foolish Craig’s 6:15pm ● CBS RIKMA Adult Services 7pm ● Israeli Dancing The History of Love Dinner 7pm ● Menorah Panel/Film: Noon ● MWC Chronic or 7:30pm ● Lngmnt Shabbat Grp Marching with King: “Abraham Catastrophic Illness Grp Joshua Heschel Remembered” 7am ● HIL/CU Ski Club TBA ● HIL/CU mnthly movie 6pm ● HIL/CU wkly 8:15am ● BJDS Jr.-K 7pm ● CBS Beit Midrash 10:30am ● HH Shabbat 21 22 BBQ’s begin 23 24 25 26 27 1:30pm ● LUB Kids in Action 7pm ● CO Jewish GOP Preview Mnthly House of Learning Mishpacha Service Activities 7pm ● Israeli Dancing 9:45am ● LUB “Kabbalah of 7pm ● Reel Israel: “James’ Character” Journey to Jerusalem” at HH Noon ● BJCC “Making Tzedakah a ‘personal’ experience with Francine Lavin Weaver 10am ● Beth Ami - CCJU 28 29 30 31 5pm ● B’YD: Israel Sideways Wine Tasting at Q’s 7pm ● Israeli Dancing
  32. 32. February 2007 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 6:15pm ● CBS Family Shabbat 2 9am ● AK Family Service 3 Dinner 8pm ● BJCC Joshua Nelson Concert at Boulder Theater 1:30pm ● LUB Youth Zone 4 5 6 9:30am ● BJDS Open House 7 Noon ● HH Chai Lecture 8 6pm ● HH Cmty 2nd Shabbat 9 10:30am ● HH Shabbat 10 7pm ● Israeli Dancing Service/Dinner Mishpacha Service Activities TBA ● ARI Shabbat on Skis: Copper Mtn HaSifria Book-A-Thon Begins 11 7pm ● SB Jewish Parenting 12 13 TBA ● YF “Heart Has Its 14 15 6pm ● HH Tot Shabbat 16 17 10am ● Beth Ami - CCJU Wrkshp Reasons” wkly class starts 7:30pm ● Lngmnt Shabbat Grp 5:30pm ● BJCC Photo Contest Noon ● BJCC Older Adults/ Wine Cheese Reception HaSifria Author Talk Signing 7pm ● Menorah Film: “The Burial with M.L. Malcolm Society” 7pm ● Israeli Dancing 7:30pm ● AK “Bar Mitzvah as a Rite of Passage” 1:30pm ● LUB Kids in Action 18 19 6pm ● Chai Tech with David 20 10am ● SB Bagels Blocks 21 7pm ● CBS Beit Midrash 22 23 6:30pm ● PL “Esther’s Feast” 24 Menorah Talking Pictures Rubin: “Cooking on All Burners” Noon ● HaSifria Book Club: Mnthly House of Learning Pre-Purim Gala Series/Denver Jewish Film Lovesong 7pm ● B’Yahad/HaSifria: “A Walk 7pm ● Reel Israel: “Bonjour Festival at BJCC: Noon ● MWC Chronic or Through Tel Aviv” with Prof. Maoz Monsieur Shlomi” at BJCC 4pm ● “The Gefilte Fish Catastrophic Illness Grp Azaryahu Chronicles” 6:30pm ● “The Forgotten Refugees” 8pm ● “King of Beggars” 7pm ● Israeli Dancing 10am ● Beth Ami CCJU 25 7pm ● CO Jewish GOP 26 27 1:30pm ● SB Purim Story 28 Noon ● Beth Ami Purim Craft Celebration 5pm ● BJCC Members Dinner with 5:30pm ● AK Benefit Dinner Deborah Lipstadt at CU/UMC honoring Steve Philips 7pm ● YF Purim with Reb Zalman Rebbetzin Eve Ilsen 33 7pm ● Israeli Dancing 7:30pm ● AK Lecture with Rabbi Twersky, Robert Bly Bruce Tift at CU
  33. 33. SCHOOL NEWS H ebrew High Don’t miss Hebrew High spring semester! B oulder Hebrew High resu:mes on January 24 – with new and exciting program options. Don’t miss the chance to: • Compare vacation stories • Catch up on how everyone’s finals went • And, help repair the world by making PBJs for the homeless shelter. H ere’s a taste of some of the cool classes being offered this spring: Music Jam Poland and the Holocaust Biblical Stories for Mature Audiences: Everything You Didn’t Learn in Hebrew School B Bring a friend! If you missed the fall semester, don’t be shy! We’re here for you in the spring. ’nai Tzedek Have you heard of B’nai Tzedek yet? It’s the most meaningful new program in our community. Learn how to be a philanthropist and make donations to agencies that are committed to solving problems you care about. If you are passionate about making a difference in the world and want to be connected to other teens who feel the same, download an application at or call Zane Altman at 303-449-5081. Save the Date: March 14 – Mitzvah Mall at Boulder High!! It’s not too late to sign up for Israel Study Tour 2007! Join nearly 80 other Colorado Jewish teens participating in this life-changing experience. Spend one week in Poland and five weeks in Israel exploring your history, enjoying the adventure, and making lasting friendships. For information on any of these programs, call Jackie Wong 303-818-2725 or Roni Ogin 303-321-3191 ext. 216, or email For more information on Boulder BBYO contact: David Adelstein, (303) 316-6385, Regional Director Jake Koplen, (720) 939-4344, AZA President Julia Sallo, (720) 352-5002, BBG President 34
  34. 34. In the past few years, we have doubled the number of It’s hard to believe that it is already time to be students in the Boulder Jewish Day School. While this is thinking about your family’s plans for learning next impressive, it is not enough. Our goal is to have between year! Boulder Stepping Stones is an innovative, fun 10 – 15 students in each grade, reaching a total of 60 – 80 and inclusive family education program that is free! students in the elementary school in the coming years. We All you need to do is be ready to learn for a year with are proud to report that we have already reached that goal your family and explore Judaism and what it means for next year’s in-coming first grade class, but that is only if you choose to raise your children Jewish. Stepping the beginning. In order to reach our overall goals, we hope Stones provides all of you with an opportunity to to recruit new students for the continuing grades, as well as explore the Jewish culture, holidays and religion focus on incoming classes. with dynamic and experienced teachers. Too good While we are committed to strengthening the school from to be true? We are committed to providing this the bottom up, we are also convinced that expanding to educational experience for all interfaith and Jewish offer a middle school would be a gift to our community. We unaffiliated families throughout Boulder County. believe that we can address the specific needs of this age, There are a number of events and classes this Winter while offering high quality, integrated secular and Jewish and Spring for all to come and check us out! Please studies. As we already do with the lower levels, BJDS will contact Deb Dusansky Kornfeld, Boulder director, provide qualified and committed teachers, innovative and at or call (720) 628- 6648. engaging lessons, and intimate classroom settings with an achievement–oriented culture. The benefits of our small school and community approach allows for on-going and substantial parental involvement. In the coming school year, we plan to add a 6th grade class. During the next year, we will take the necessary steps to add a middle school, ultimately offering 7th and 8th grades. There are many reasons why this is an important step, both for our school and our community. We look forward to Rabbi Nadya Gross sharing these considerations with you and hearing your Spiritual Direction is an intimate practice feedback. that seeks to help you expand your recognition of the Holy and develop your own inner life. In this way, we cultivate an ever-deepening understanding and responsiveness to others and our world, and open to the healing and cla that keeps us moving forward clarity along life’s journey. For appointment, call: 303-434-5583 or email: 35