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Hansel and gretel the real story


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Hansel and gretel the real story

  1. 1. Hansel and Gretel The Real Story By: Lydia Hello little girls and boys. I’m here to talk to you today about the story Hansel and Gretel. IT’S NOT TRUE I HAVE THE REAL STORY! I mean the police changed it up. It all begins with two little children walking in the forest destroying the woods; kicking trees, ripping out plants it was horrible! Then they found my house. They started eating my house! They even broke my amazing milk chocolate door. They licked the icing roof, ate the gumdrop walls, and even ate the caramel apple tree. So I cameoutside and told them to nicely come in and not; destroy my house. At least I was being polite! Right? Anyways they came inside. After; I offered them one cookie and guess what happened… They ate ALL the cookies! All OF THEM! Then I started to get mad.“They are the most greediest twits I have ever seen!” I mean “They were really mean.” I thought I tried to act like a sweet old lady so I just went along with it.They asked me for some more cookies, and then some more, andthen 3 more plates! I could see them getting FATER and FATER.It was like my family’s last potluck! After they finished theircookies they said “Give us some more cookies you old hag!” I was shocked I was so mad that I couldn’t control myself so Iboiled water in a pot and put Hansel in a cage. I kept feeding himtill he didn’t want anymore. He was SO fat so I let him out, then hestarted running around until he fell into the boiling hot water in theblack shimmering pot. Then Gretel tried to pull him out but she fellin also. I couldn’t just have them rot in there so I did what I had todo I ate them. I was crying while I did because I hate eatinghumans. After words the police came by and asked me if I seenthem. I told them the whole story and they said It wasn’t goodenough in the paper so they changed it up. Now I’m the bad guy.Well that’s my story and it’s 100% true. P.S. NOW YOU