cell membrane photosynthesis chloroplast receptors natural selection theory of evolution pancreas cell wall effectors neuron exocytosis endocytosis active transport diffusion metabolism nucleic acids proteins lipids carbohydrates matter cycle ecosystem food relationship biocenosis population characteristics ecology population organism relationship biotop biotic abiotic life factors ecology homo human evolution australopithecuc massive death koevolution theory of speciation rising of species isolation mechanism genetic drift migration mutation mechanism of evolution darvin lamarck chemical and biological evolution life evolution calorimeter termoregulation endocrine regulation sex glands suprarenal glands thimus hypophysis epiphysis endocrine glands endocrine system nephron excretory system. kidney liver duodenum stomach gaster digestive system respiratore system. lung volume lymph blood vessels heart function blood groups. aids immune system nose ear eye chaemoreceptors nociceptors photoreceptors thermoreceptors mechanoreceptors acetyl-choline muscular plate neuromuscular junction aklimatization adaptation introduction in phisiology action potential nerve impuls cl chanels k na membrane potential dream waves electroencephalography dream mechanism memory learn talk brain cortex front brain big brain cerebrum red nucleus supstantia nigra intermittent small brain reticular formation middle brain brain pons medulla oblongata medulla spinalis parasympaticus sympaticus autonomus nervous system spinal cord nervous system vertebrata diffusion nervous system evolution nervous system convergence divergence functional carakteristics neuros system neuropeptids gaba acetilholin noradrenalin neurotransmiters central synapse recombination gamets crossing over meiosis citokinesis telophase anaphase metaphase prophase interphase mitosis amitosis cell division capsula bacteria proteiglican extracellular matrix histone dna chromosome chromatine nucleus cell vacuole citoskeleton lisosom mitochondiria golgy aparatus endoplasmic reticulum citoplasm na-k pump osmosis passive transport organels euceryotic cell procaryotic cell aminoacids organic matter in cell anorganic matter mineral soil water in cell teodor schwan robert hook lewenhook cell citology pacemaker cells heart muscle smooth muscle myosin aktin skeletal muscle simple reflex arc glia cells nervous system facilitated diffusion vitamine enzyme atp anabolism catabolism organic matter in the cell soil water inorganic matter in the cell cell organels dynamic cell organization organization life biological control mechanism homeotherm poikilotherm regulator and conformist seizmonastic thermonastic photonastic geotropism phototropism nasty tropism plant movies aging plants seed development photoperiodism vernalisation reproductive phase in plants formative effects light korrelative phenomena in plants seed growth divisio and differentiation plant cell abscisic acid ethylene cytokinin giberrellin auxin plant chomones phosphorus and other elements in plants sulfur plants macronutrients micronutrients food chain heterotrophy autrtrophy vegetative phase reproductive phase monokarp polikarp ontogenesis life cycle of plants function nitrogen in plant nitrogen salt nitrogen atp synthase factors of respiration electron transport chain respiration glyoxilate cycle glukoneogenesis beta oxidation of fatty acid krebs cycle glycolysis cell respiration organic matter phloem transport photosynthesis affecting factors light reaction photosyntetic pigment food oxigen photosynthesis for life water in plants senses
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