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Project planning form


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Project planning form

  1. 1. PROJECT OVERVIEWName of Project: BODY MASS INDEX(BMI) Duration: 3 weeksSubject/Course: Health 7 Teacher(s): Tilem Grade Level:7Other subject areas tobe included, if any:Project IdeaSummary of the issue, Obesity and awareness of BMIchallenge, investigation,scenario, or problem:Driving Question How can the students, staff, families and communities be made more aware of BMI and obesity? How can we provide students with the tools to be more effective in their food and exercise choices?Content and Skills 1.12.N Examine the role of lifelong fitness activities in maintaining personal fitness, blood pressure, weight, andStandards to be percentage of body fat.addressed: 1.13.N Explain how to use a Body Mass Index (BMI) score as a tool for measuring general health. 1.14.N Identify ways to increase daily physical activity. T+A E T+A E21st Century Skills Collaboration E Other: math skills Tto be explicitly taught andassessed (T+A) or thatwill be encouraged (E) by Presentation T+ Computer skills T Eproject work, but not Ataught or assessed: Critical Thinking: E Presentation Audience: Group: Building a healthy food plan Develop a 30 minute workout plan to Class: xCulminating present to their peersProducts and School:Performances Community: x © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 1
  2. 2. What is BMI, how do you calculate it and what does it mean? Experts: Individual: Web: x Other: PROJECT OVERVIEWEntry event tolaunch inquiry,engage students:Assessments Quizzes/Tests x Practice Presentations x Formative Assessments Journal/Learning Log Notes (During Project) Preliminary Plans/Outlines/Prototypes Checklists x Rough Drafts Concept Maps Online Tests/Exams Other: Written Product(s), with rubric: Other Product(s) or Performance(s), with rubric: Summative __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Assessments (End of Project) Oral Presentation, with rubric x Peer Evaluation Multiple Choice/Short Answer Test Self-Evaluation Essay Test Other: .Resources On-site people, facilities: libraryNeeded Equipment: Computers, internet, mice, projector Materials: Paper, posters, printer, calculators Community resources: Health in the community, healthy food government programs, food programs, school lunch program, nutrition network © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 2
  3. 3. Reflection Journal/Learning Log Focus GroupMethods (Individual, Group, and/or Whole-Class Discussion x Fishbowl Discussion Whole Class) Survey Other: © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 3
  4. 4. PROJECT TEACHING AND LEARNING GUIDEProject:BMI Course/Semester:Spring Knowledge and Skills Needed by Students Scaffolding / Materials / Lessons to be Provided to successfully complete culminating products and by the project teacher, other teachers, experts, performances, and do well on summative assessments mentors, community membersWhat is health? What is lifetime fitness?(successful Define and discuss, small project and discussion, usearea)  collageWhat is body mass index? What is the food pyramid? Expert, community members, dieticianHow can the food pyramid effect food choices?(trouble spot,)How do you use technology?(successful last year ) Computer lab experience, previewing behavior and how  to use with basicsHow do you calculate BMI?(Effective teaching but Practice with mathematics, review, pre-teachingneeded to added an extra day) How to make a shopping list(needed and not Practice in class, required homework, parent investmentimplemented last year)  and effective use of their lists in the storeCollaboration Provide structure and skills training before the activity,  social constructs, provide help on assigning tasks during project,  © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 4
  5. 5. © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 5
  6. 6. P R O J E C T C A L E N D A RProject: BMI Start Date: M O N D A Y T U E S D A Y W E D N E S D A Y T H U R S D A Y F R I D A Y PROJECT WEEK ONELP: How do you LP:What changes LP: How can you tell RAFTmove it move it? when you move it… if you are working How is overweight PROJECT1 move it?- blood hard enough? defined? pressure Visitor P R O J E C T W E E K T W OLP:How can you LP: How can you LP: How can you BM I w ebsite BM I w ebsitemeasure body measure body measure body project – Step 1 project – Step 2mass? mass? mass? How doPreview eating habits effect health? Mathematics Community support behind BMI, day, dr. will come in calculate your own to talk about the BMI importance of BMI and health P R O J E C T W E E K T H R E ELP: Food pyramid LP: Calories in food BM I w ebsite LP: Exercise and BM I w ebsiteunderstanding project step 3 its effects to project Final What are their relation health activity © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 6
  7. 7. Project week 4LP: Implementation of LP: Implementation of LP: Implementation of LP: pull together all LP: presentation oftheir their their items and tasks, develop plan, results, personalplans, evaluation for plans, evaluation for plans, evaluation forhomework and bring back project for opinions, ways to homework and bring homework and bringand comparing with their back and comparing back and comparing presentations. Must improve the school,peers with their peers with their peers include: shopping list, poster presentations/How to evaluate shopping How to evaluate Bring survey to 10 weekly food and imovie presentation/trip, list and eating develop a Survey for different on campus exercise plan, ppt/ ecthealthy parents and staff about staff members and evaluations for the their opinions of BMI then collect and look at knowledge, food the data week, survey results and pyramid and overall a future plans. health © 2008 Buck Institute for Education 7