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W13 libr250 why_keywords


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W13 libr250 why_keywords

  1. 1. Why Keywords?Learning outcomes:• Clearly articulate a focused research question• Choose key concepts or terms appropriate to the retrieval system selected• Practice Boolean searching• Identify types of materials (journals, government publications, books, web presentations) that may be used to complete the research. LIBR 250, Section1 Winter 2013 / Terrones
  2. 2. Vocabulary Richness• Keywords help you narrow your results• Find connections between concepts• Saves you time• Find results that you can use (relevant)• Research is NOT a one-shot process• The better your keywords, the better your results will be!
  3. 3. Keyword Tips• Keep a list as you conduct your research• Use different spellings of a word education, educational, educators, educating• Use synonyms (words that mean the same thing)• Use related terms (word that have something to do with your concept, e.g. education ~ teachers)
  4. 4. Practice What are the pros and cons of social media use by college students?Key Concept college students Key Concept social mediaSynonyms & undergraduate Synonyms &Related Terms Facebook Related Terms university instant messaging students blogs education networking
  5. 5. Boolean Connectors AND is a Boolean connector word used to combine two concepts. college social students mediaAND narrows down your search because your results will contain articles that have both concepts together, not just one.
  6. 6. Boolean connectors: ANDUse AND to combine different concepts.
  7. 7. Boolean Connectors OR is a Boolean connector word that is used when you have synonyms. college undergraduates studentsOR broadens your search because your results will contain articles that have all the terms.
  8. 8. Boolean connectors: ORUse OR for synonyms
  9. 9. PracticeWhat role do journalists play in reporting on the Mexican drug war? Mexican role journalists drug war
  10. 10. Synonym Finders• VisuWorld online graphic dictionary•• Rogets II : the new thesaurus Reference Desk PE1591 .R715 2003
  11. 11. TaskEach group will select one research questions.Compile a list of keywords & related terms.Conduct Boolean searches in Google.Using a PPT slide, present a list of types ofinformation you may need to answer thequestion.Types of info: articles(academic, newspaper), statistics, books, blogs, site:edu, etc.
  12. 12. Google – skip writing “AND” to combine terms
  13. 13. Use site: [site:edu; site:nytimes ; site:gov]
  14. 14. Use ~ for synonyms [~cartels; ~violence]
  15. 15. “Quotation marks” keep phrases together.Truncation * finds different word endings[journal* = journalism, journalists, journaling