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Medical checkup report interpretation with action


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Understanding results & taking appropriate action on medical checkup reports is of utmost importance.

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Medical checkup report interpretation with action

  1. 1. Interpretation Of Reports & Actions to be Taken DIABETES UNIT KEM Hospital Pune
  2. 2. Know where you stand! Employees With- Low Risk High Risk DiagnosedLearn How to Learn How to Learn How to Maintain? Prevent? Manage?
  3. 3. ASAP Awareness Screening Action Prevention
  4. 4. BMI & Body Weight• Body Mass Index = Weight(kg)/Height(m)2• Normal Range for BMI = <23• Ideal Body Weight: = 23 * Height(m)2 * Height(m)2
  5. 5. Waist Circumference• Indicates Fat Deposition Around Abdomen (Abdominal Obesity)• Normal Range: Females < 80 cm For Males < 90 cm• Predicts: Diabetes & Heart Disease Risk
  6. 6. Body Fat Percentage Normal Range Normal Range For Male For WomenBody Fat % < 20 % < 30 %Visceral Fat % 1-9% 1-9% Indians are thin but FAT!!!
  7. 7. Blood Pressure• Normal Range: 120/80 – 130/85• Avoid eating excess salt.• Recommendation: 1-1.5tsp/person/day• Avoid bakery, processed, ready to eat and package foods, papad, pickle, sauce, instant soups
  8. 8. Blood Sugar Levels How to maintain blood sugar levels?• Limit intake of sugary and high fat foods• Have small & frequent meals• Include Lots of fibers• Exercise Regularly
  9. 9. Cholesterol• Fat produced by liver and transported in blood streams.• Normal Range: <200• High Levels Lead to: – Narrowing of arteries – Chest Pain – Heart Attack• Avoid egg yolk, mutton, pork, buffalo milk
  10. 10. Good and Bad Cholesterol Cholesterol Normal Range LDL (Bad Cholesterol) <130 HDL (Good Cholesterol) Males: >40 Females: >50 How to Improve Cholesterol Levels?• Eat Lots of fresh fruits and veggies• Include Heart Friendly Foods like, Garlic, Onion,Almonds, Walnuts, Rice bran oil•Exercise is the KEY!
  11. 11. Triglycerides• A Form of blood fats• Excess calories & carbohydrates are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells• Normal Range: <150mg/dl How to maintain normal levels??• Avoid Maida, Bakery products, Sago, Potato, Sugar, polished rice, pulpy fruits
  12. 12. Hemoglobin Hemoglobin Females Males 12-15.5g/dl 13.5-17g/dl How to Improve Hemoglobin Levels??• Include Ragi, Rice flakes, Dates, Raisins, Bajra, Leafy Veggies• Sprinkle lime juice on vegetables• Use iron vessels for cooking• Avoid tea, coffee immediately after meals
  13. 13. Diabetes Risk Score• Age• Family History of Diabetes (Parents)• Abdominal Obesity (Waist circumference)• Physical Inactivity
  14. 14. Heart Disease Risk Score• Age• Gender (Male)• High Cholesterol• High Blood Pressure• Low HDL (Good Cholesterol)• Smoking
  15. 15. Metabolic SyndromeAbdominal Obesity + Any 2 - – High Triglyceride Levels – High Blood Pressure – High Blood Sugar Level – Low HDL (Good Cholesterol)
  16. 16. Rate your Plate Fruit Milk / YoghurtProtein (pulses/ sprouts/ fish/ chicken) Vegetables & salads Starch or Cereal 16
  17. 17. Fibers• Raw vegetables & salads• Green leafy vegetables• Fruits (esp. with skin)• Sprouts• Wheat Bran• Oats22/06/2012 Diabetes Unit, KEMHRC, Pune 17
  18. 18. Which Oil is The Best? None!• Combination of oils (Do not mix) o Groundnut, Soyabean, Sunflower, Rice bran• Include omega 3 fats o Walnuts, Flaxseeds, Fish• Be a trans fat detective!• Low fat cooking – Roast, boil, grill, microwave, steam instead of frying• Use non stick pans or cooking sprays• Use 500ml oil / person / month (3-4 teaspoonful per day) 18
  19. 19. Eat lessWalk more
  20. 20. Exercise• Aerobic – At least 150 minutes / week• Muscle Strengthening – Alternate days• Yoga, Suryanamaskar – Everyday 20 min• Pranayama, Meditation, Breathing Exercises
  21. 21. TAKE HOME MESSAGE…1.Avoid fasting or feasting.2.Have small & Frequent meals.3.Limit your caffeine intake4.Keep a watch on sodium, simple sugars, fats5.Stay well hydrated6.No TV while eating!7.Plan ahead8.Least processed is the best food!9. No Emotional eating…10. Daily exercise is a must! 21
  22. 22. Remember…
  23. 23. THANK YOU!A Stitch In Time….