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The most well kept secret of the checkout process


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Presentation held on Sofia, 6 April 2017 at, Sofia Event Center. 20+ Tips & Tricks about usability on shopping cart and checkout process, conversion rate optimization on the final stage of the order process on an e-commerce site. Examples from Bulgarian online shops, print screens from their checkout flow.

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The most well kept secret of the checkout process

  1. 1. THE MOST WELL KEPT SECRET OF THE CHECKOUT PROCESS IS… what is the main function of the cart and the checkout process ? eCommCongress 2017, 6 april, SEC
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  7. 7. 20 best practices on Cart/Checkout • Data input fields 1. Same address for billing and delivery 2. Ask for the same info only once (email for ex) 3. Keep the number of fields to a minimum 4. Show an example of how to fill the field 5. Explain why you need that specific info (email, cnp) 6. Use the “inline error validation” technique 7. Specify which fields are mandatory, do not over * 7
  8. 8. 20 best practices on Cart/Checkout • Layout/design 8. Use only 1 action button on a page / step 9. Hide the main navigation menu during the enclosed checkout 10. Show the clear path / “breadcrumbs” on the checkout steps (debate – 1.step, N.step) 11. Make the guest checkout the most obvious option in the layout 12. 1 column in the form usability 13. Use trust marks especially near very sensible data (cnp, address, email etc) 8
  9. 9. 20 best practices on Cart/Checkout • Always use a LINEAR process/flow 14. Do not break the linear flow for account registration 15. Do not distract clients with secondary action buttons such as “update quantity” (action/reaction) 16. Do not put an empty VOUCHER field in cart/checkout • Be as TRANSPARENT as you can 17. Show the product price as soon as possible – product page, cart, checkout 18. Show the TOTAL price (including taxes, delivery) as soon as possible, not at the final step of the checkout process 9
  10. 10. 20 best practices on Cart/Checkout • Text/descriptions 19. Be coherent in the use of your native language, be consistent 20. Use your native language in the right way (spelling, grammar) 10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Conversion Rate Optimization 12
  13. 13. Best Practice on Checkout Process • (-) Fears, Uncertainty & Doubts = FUD’s • Trust seals, Secure shopping • Free returns, Transparency (delivery costs) • Reduce the number of errors in forms, minimum number of fields • (-) Attention distractors • Take out the navigation bar, enclosed checkout • Reduce the complexity of the checkout process • Linear flow always • (+) Clarity in Value Proposition • ONE BIG ACTION BUTTON • (+) Relevance in Value Proposition • Free delivery • Incentives 13
  14. 14. Best Practices on Thank You Page 1. Start with a big THANK YOU on this page 2. Put a link to the orders history, and to AWB / postal/ courier tracking 3. Publish here, again, to reduce the anxiety of the fresh client, your contact data, your job schedule, showroom address etc + trust seals 14
  15. 15. Best Practices on Thank You Page 4. Be creative with your LOGO/BRAND 5. Ask for feedback, now is the right time to ask them subscribe to a Newsletter, or to lke your FB page, to join a FB group, to share placed order 6. In this step it’s the right moment to create an account on your shop (only if they want to do it - tell them the main benefits) 15
  16. 16. Best Practices on Thank You Page 7. TYP is the starting point where you should publish tips & tricks about using the products, show them what to do in case of return or problems, links to forums, or helpdesk 8. Put links to your best content on the corporate blog (blog: guides, tutorials, infographics etc), which will emphasize your authority (video guides) 9. Publish again some testimonials, showing how well other clients felt after they ordered the same products (text, video) 16
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  18. 18. What is the main function of the cart / checkout process? 18
  19. 19. 1000+ FUD’s one wrong signal out of the 5 social signals and.. statute, certainty, autonomy, relationship and fairness 19 !!! Calming down the CLIENT!!!
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  27. 27. 27 uncertainty
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  29. 29. One of the biggest mistakes – non linear flow of checkout
  30. 30. 30 Autonomy => Lack of control
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  39. 39. What is the main function of the cart / checkout process? 39
  40. 40. 1000+ FUD’s one wrong signal out of the 5 social signals and.. statute, certainty, autonomy, relationship and fairness 40 !!! Calming down the CLIENT!!!
  41. 41. благодаря! Please send an email if you wish these slides 0745 289 583
  42. 42. Liviu TALOI Senior Consultant in e-commerce, usability, analytics, conversion rate optimization and online marketing @ECOMpedia Liviu is Co-Founder of the project and Community Manager for GPeC (Gala Premiilor e-Commerce - Romanian e-Commerce Award Gala). He has over 15 years of experience in online marketing and 10 years in e- commerce. He was, among other past jobs, PR Manager at eMAG. In 2005, he founded a web consulting company specialized in e-commerce and sites evaluation, Web Audit. He is also speaker at conferences and seminars, especially dedicated to electronic commerce, he write articles and market analysis. Skills: e- commerce, site audit, UX, CRO, Analytics, Online Marketing. Taloi has been selected by Cardinal Path to be a regional trainer of Google Partner Academy Programme in Google Analytics. Taloi has also GAIQ - Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification. Liviu TALOI has worked with online shops as eMAG, MarketOnline, SigmaNET, F64, FashionUP, TAMOS, Kurtmann, ZorileStore,, MetaphoraBijoux,, eMenAtWork, e-commerce platforms & full digital agencies as Content Speed, Shopmania BIZ,, online tourism sites as EXIMTUR, Veltravel, he did usability & conversion rate optmization projects as for BCR - sIT Solutions AT Spardat Gmbh, Bitdefender (USA site), SKIN media, he delivered Google Analytics closed&open trainings as for BrainArt, Siniat, ING NN Asigurari de Viata, Google Partner Academy. In recent years, Liviu Taloi provided expert advice to more than 100 Romanian online stores in e-commerce, usability, analytics, conversion rate optimization and online marketing. Many of these online companies are now market leaders in their niche.