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Online shop catwalk - Fashionable by Google 2015


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O scurta prezentare despre usability si marketing online - Fashionable by Google, 24 martie 2015

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Online shop catwalk - Fashionable by Google 2015

  1. 1. Online Shop Catwalk cateva idei desprinse din jurizare (usability) Fashionable by Google 24 martie 2015
  2. 2. De ce un set de bune practici / criterii? •95% din obiceiurile de vizitare/cumparare se formeaza pe alte site-uri •Feedback-ul de la clienti construieste un business •Inovatie in e-commerce? Da!
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  4. 4. Follow the scent Eu de ce am venit in camera asta?
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  8. 8. Voucher? Da/Nu Ierarhia vizuala
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  12. 12. Thank You Page! pagina de multumire
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  16. 16. Mesaje de eroare claritate, relevanta
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  20. 20. Bannerul Comercial relevanta
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  25. 25. a GPeC Gala Premiilor eCommerce 120+ criterii in continua schimbare
  26. 26. Avantaje GPeC • ar-trebui-sa-rateze-competitia-gpec-2015 Este foarte adevarat ca in urma celor 8 luni de competitie, doar o parte din magazinele inscrise vor urca pe podiumul castigatorilor la Festivitatea de Premiere GPeC din luna noiembrie, DAR indiferent daca sunt desemnate castigatoare sau nu, la GPeC toate magazinele online participante in competitie primesc rapoartele de evaluare, beneficiind de un adevarat audit al propriei afaceri. Un astfel de audit, facut de unii dintre cei mai buni specialisti in e-commerce – membrii in juriul GPeC – te-ar costa minimum 2.500 EUR daca nu te-ai inscrie in Competitia GPeC 2015!
  27. 27. Beneficii GPeC – Fashionable by Google • Pentru primele 3 magazine castigatoare • acces gratuit la GPeC Summit (11-12-13 Mai 2015), in limita a 2 locuri de magazin • Pentru toti cei care s-au inscris in “Fashionable by Google” • 20% discount din taxa de inscriere in Competitia GPeC 2015 • 20 EUR discount din taxa de 120 EUR/an de obtinere a marcii
  28. 28. Multumesc! Daca doriti prezentarea astept un email. • •; • I am active on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc.
  29. 29. About Liviu TALOI • Liviu Taloi was part of the team who worked for the most powerful Romanian online store – during the first years of existence, where he was a PR Manager for 3 years. • Since 2005-2006, Taloi founded the company WebAudit specialized in providing consultancy in electronic-commerce for Romanian online shops. As a consultant, Taloi was practically a Project Manager for each client, his main activities regarding: analyzing and solving usability and functionality problems, growing and optimizing conversion rate, testing consumers behavior with website optimizer tools, administrating all the departments of an online shop and creating online advertising/marketing campaigns, measuring the return of investment and other KPI’s. • Together with Andrei Radu, Liviu Taloi developed the methodology and organized the usability tests for Romanian eCommerce Awards Festival (GPeC) since 2007 until now (first ones held in Romania). Based on international standards, the purpose of usability tests was to identify main problems faced by regular users when they are trying to buy something online. • In the last years, Liviu Taloi offered consultancy to more than 100 Romanian online shops. Most of them are now leaders on their market niche. • Except consultancy and running usability tests, Taloi is also a speaker at conferences and e-commerce workshops, being very appreciated by audience. He also writes articles and market analysis for different online and printed publications. In 2008, Liviu Taloi was lecturer at the first Romanian E- Commerce workshop called “iSell” and also he was lecturer at the first Online workshops called “WebSell” – a series of 7 webinars regarding major problems of an online shop. • Taloi was part of the team who developed the E-Commerce Study requested by ANCOM (government agency) in October 2008 and the Romanian E-Commerce Study in 2006 at the request of MCTI (ministry of IT&C). He repeated the study with private funding in 2010.