Expat Coaching


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Expat Coaching

  1. 1. Expat Coaching Mar Recruitment & Coaching Regus Amsterdam Teleport Towers Kingsfordweg 151 1043 GR Amsterdam T: +31 (0)20 491 94 46 F: +31 (0)20 491 90 90 info@marrecruitment.nl www.marrecruitment.nl KVK: 34295466 VAT: 247196368.B.01 Bank: 1408.42.098 Iban: NL 71 RABO 0140842098 Bic: RABONL2U
  2. 2. EXPAT COACHING  Coaching as we see itThe aim of our coaching is to guide candidates in (career) change processes. The objective of acourse will be to find out what the most energizing career choice appears to be - sometimes therewill be more than one – and to work out the way beyond. Guiding the candidate towards self-management and taking responsibility (again) for his/her own life and making his/her ownchoices are the prime factors. Above all, the coaching is focused on the candidate “going intoaction” again and wanting to “have a go”. With candidates who have not yet reached this stage,or are found not yet to be ready for this, coaching or treatment by another professional will bediscussed.Central to a coaching course is that the candidate will gain more insight into his/her own choices,wishes, dreams and ideals and also into his/her own qualities, bringing forth a (new) focus on thefuture. Possible hindrances and/or convictions will be mapped out and further examined so that a(realistic) career path can be outlined. The candidate will be given exercises by his/her coach todo at home or specifically outside the home.The coaching will take place by means of individual discussions with a career coach. The coachserves as a sounding board, will reflect, stimulate, challenge, sometimes be critical and keep onasking questions. The coaches make use of various discussion techniques and methods, andvarious tests and studies may be introduced. This serves only as a means, however, never as anend. It is only intended to make the candidate step outside his/her own comfort zone and to helphim or her to think “out of the box”, and in so doing to gain new perspectives.The discussions will be held in a “safe” environment in which confidentiality and privacy areguaranteed. It is important that the candidate is willing, and able, to be “open” to his/her coach,and a “click” and confidence in the person is therefore very important. This applies to both clientand coach. This is why a getting-to-know-each-other discussion, which is free of charge, alwaystakes place before a coaching course is embarked upon.The coaches are respectful and without prejudice towards the person and his/her choices. Thecoaches do not give answers, and will not push or pull or give their own opinion: the answers liefully and solely within the candidate him/herself.
  3. 3.  Expat CoachingOur coaching services are available both in English and in Spanish. This is an excellent solutionfor expats on assignment in The Netherlands. We also offer coaching for accompanying partnersof expats.For expats life can hold extra challenges due to living and working in another country withanother culture. With a high-profile job, expectations in the working environment are likely to behigh and demand full attention. Adjusting to a foreign culture and discovering new unwrittenrules in the workplace are some of the issues that come on top of the workload, stress and dailylife struggles. With big responsibilities and frequent travels, a healthy work-life balance is alsohard to maintain.Working together with a coach can help you shift your perspective toward a positive andsolution-focused approach and to create constructive habits. A few sessions with a coach canhelp you gain clarity on important decisions and complex situations.Working with Mar Recruitment & Coaching means working with a qualified, professionallytrained coach. Coaching sessions take approx. 1 to 1 ½ hours and take place in carefully chosenlocations. In our experience, a beautiful surrounding can help you lift your spirit and be morereceptive to new insights.All our coaching services start with a preliminary intake session, where you and your coach willmeet to discuss your needs and goals. This intake session will be the basis for our quote to you.In general, our coaching packages are comprised of 3, 5 or 8 sessions. When applicable andneeded, additional sessions are an option.  CostsThe prices depend on the duration of the coaching package (3, 5 or 8 sessions) you and yourcoach agree upon. For more information you can contact Mar Recruitment & Coaching.
  4. 4.  Our Career CoachesOur Career Coaches not only have extensive work and life experience (age 35+), they also havea minimum of five years experience in career coaching, coaching and re-integration services anda Bachelors and/or Masters degree in this area.