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Lesley Symmonds Roles & Responsibilties


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Current Roles & Responsibilities for Lesley Symmonds

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Lesley Symmonds Roles & Responsibilties

  1. 1. Lesley Symmonds, PM II<br />Roles and Responsibilities<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Liaise between Customer IT and Corporate IT teams
  3. 3. Meet periodically (every other week currently) with Customer IT leadership to review projects and project statuses; facilitate meeting and provide project status matrix
  4. 4. Provide feedback and information regarding Customer IT projects, strategies, direction and needs to Corporate IT departments to keep them informed
  5. 5. Respond to service tickets (and emails) submitted by Customer IT for Corporate IT support
  6. 6. Projects
  7. 7. Estimates
  8. 8. Questions
  9. 9. Coordinate meetings with Corporate IT departments and Customer IT when necessary
  10. 10. Facilitate resolution of issues, when necessary, between Corporate IT and Customer IT resources and management and/or elevate them to the appropriate management for resolution
  11. 11. Provide expertise and suggestions on IT projects</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Act as Project Manager on identified projects
  12. 12. Identify team members
  13. 13. Work with SMEs to identify work packages, create WBS, schedule and budget
  14. 14. Create Scope, Charter, Communications Plans, and Change Management Plan documents
  15. 15. Scheduling teams meetings
  16. 16. Facilitating team meetings
  17. 17. Creating and distributing project documents such as project plans, status reports, meeting notes
  18. 18. Report status to team and Steering Committee, Sponsors on a regular basis
  19. 19. Schedule periodic meetings between Customer IT and Corporate IT to help Customer IT understand new products and services Corporate IT may be considering or implementing (for any part of the Enterprise)
  20. 20. Schedule periodic meeting between Customer IT and Corporate IT in order for Customer IT to better understand areas in Corporate IT providing support to Customer IT (and for Corporate IT to better understand Customer IT and the support needed, business strategy)
  21. 21. Keep Customer IT informed and aware of new products and services in the IT marketplace
  22. 22. Actively participate as a team member in identified projects</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Participate where needed with vendors, CMS, business partners and other business entities to meet Customer business objectives and goals
  23. 23. Work with ISSR on any audit-related projects or work activities
  24. 24. Identify and revise any breakdown in existing processes or identify gaps in support or processes that need addressing within IT and Customer
  25. 25. Champion both IT and Customer positions across both organizations and ensure both IT and Customer business and IT strategies are balanced, understood, and complied with
  26. 26. Ensure Customer complies with Corporate policy as it relates to the management and support of IT infrastructure
  27. 27. Inform and educate Customer IT staff on project management methodologies and best practices as it relates to the design, provisioning and support of IT infrastructure
  28. 28. Challenge/question Customer’s assessment of CPU/memory/DASD requirements where I feel they are unreasonable.</li>