Learn about picking Keywords SEO stratgey tips


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Picking keywords is the first step in Determining what you are doing online. No matter what you plan online you need to have a good set of keywords. The base for your online business are the keywords you will be using. Spend the time to create a proper keyword list before you begin.

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Learn about picking Keywords SEO stratgey tips

  1. 1. Keywords LessonHow to Pick Keywords with Google Instant
  2. 2. Picking keywords is the first step in Determining what you are doing online. This lesson will show you how to use Google instant to pick them.
  3. 3. Keywords are what you can base you entire site build on. How do you find ones that are good?
  4. 4. Google started a new service in search called ‘Google Instant’ It’s the auto complete tool when you begin to type your search
  5. 5. Go to Google and start typing something and you will see thebox begin to fill and a drop down with more options
  6. 6. As you type more letters itchanges the display results
  7. 7. These are all terms that are most searched and suggested The more they are searched the better because that potentially means more traffic if you get near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages SERPs.
  8. 8. Think as you would someone coming in to type for a typicalproduct. What would you type. Questions are good as well as people come to search with a question it is alogical part of what people type in to the search.
  9. 9. Yes how to and what and other words are part of long tail keyword phrases. If you are searching How To… You willnotice the auto suggest shows ‘tie a tie’ this is apparently a popular term.
  10. 10. Start with How to then pick a letter any letter.You will see all the suggestions as you go along.
  11. 11. Pick some terms this way a move along to the following lesson about how to analyze your keywords TIP - This is a good start to picking products for affiliate marketing you can see what gets picked.
  12. 12. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to comment favorite Subscribe Visit www BlogAboutWeb.com For Game gameysite.com Mobile Games Site Play Free