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How Bill Platt uses rubrics


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Published in: Education
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How Bill Platt uses rubrics

  1. 1. How Bill Platt Uses Rubrics<br />Ability to guide students<br />Objectives of exercise<br />Points to address<br />Ability to generate grades<br />Objectivity in assigning points<br />Rapid assessment<br />Ability to provide feedback<br />Learning from rubrics as course progresses<br />Personal contact and discussion<br />
  2. 2. Conservation Biology (Visual, Written)<br />Summary of Grade Points <br /><ul><li>Exams 250 Rubric
  3. 3. Exam 1 100 Take-home Essay
  4. 4. Exam 2 100 Take-home Essay
  5. 5. Letter 50 Written Letter
  6. 6. Presentations & Discussions 250
  7. 7. Quizzes 30
  8. 8. E.O. Wilson 40 Chapter Presentation
  9. 9. R. Primack 40 Chapter Presentation
  10. 10. J. Hansen 40 Chapter Presentation
  11. 11. Hot Topic 100 Presentation/Synopsis</li></li></ul><li>Dam Removal on the Snake River<br />Kelsey Clinton<br />Hot Topics present a challenge:<br />Individual student learning & teaching others in class<br />Assigning a grade that evaluates science & communication objectively<br />
  12. 12. Developing Rubrics: 10-Year Evolution Involving Professors, TAs, & Students<br />
  13. 13. Take-home Essay Question Rubric: Building on Prior Work to Emphasize Concepts<br />
  14. 14. Student Involvement in Rubrics:Students Contribute to Assessment<br />
  15. 15. Executive Summary: Rubrics Run Conservation Biology<br />Students are appreciative of guidance<br />Questions revolve around contents of exercise<br />Understanding of points to address in exercise<br />Ability to generate grades<br />Students comprehend how points are assigned<br />Grading can be completed quickly (unless students don’t follow rubric)<br />Ability to provide feedback<br />Students improve as they learn from successive rubrics<br />Students initiate personal contact and discussion<br />