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Alex webb wiki presentation - may 2013


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Published in: Technology
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Alex webb wiki presentation - may 2013

  1. 1. Making instead of TakingAdvantages and challenges in guiding students to create Wikipedia pagesAlex Webb, Geology and Geophysics: May 22, 2013 CxC Summer Institute
  2. 2. Most term papers are terrible.
  3. 3. Most term papers are terrible.•
  4. 4. Technological communication skills• CxC hosts an Introduction-to-Wikipedia class.• Wikipedia Education Program: Ambassadors.• Feedback Posts and Workshops.
  5. 5. Advice• C-I as a teaching rubric• Wiki-specific:– Sources and Citations (or, How to turn Wikipedia from “the enemy” to an ally)– Design the schedule carefully, and keep to it!•