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Why Use Twitter?


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Very basic Twitter presentation for Workshop Week.

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Why Use Twitter?

  1. 1. Grow Your Power & Channel Your Students’ Powers
  2. 2. Twitter is NOT about what people are having for breakfast… Image credit:
  3. 3. …unless you want it to be
  4. 4. You cultivate who you follow
  5. 5. So follow people who will expand your power 44 Higher Education Experts to Follow on Twitter Top Professors on Twitter for Leadership, Innovation, & Strategy 50 Most Social-Media Savvy Professors on Twitter Search Google: • best social work faculty twitter • best business professors twitter
  6. 6. Or take part in chats to find people to follow Inside Higher Ed has a huge Hashtags! list of higher ed chats on Twitter.
  7. 7. Also use hashtags to capture your classroom backchannel Backchannel? Image credits: &
  8. 8. Also use hashtags to capture your classroom backchannel like #scumakers
  9. 9. New to Twitter? Try some of these sites to get started with Twitter: Mom, This is How Twitter Works Twitter Demystified: How to RT, MT, #FF, and Fave Like a Pro How to Use Twitter from wikiHow