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Storybird presentation for MLA


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Short presentation for the MLA conference on the tool Storybird. The presentation has to be less than 10 minutes, so this is just a quick highlight of the tool.

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Storybird presentation for MLA

  1. 1. STORYBIRD<br />Matching stories to pictures<br />LeAnn Suchy, Metronet<br /><br />2010 MLAConference<br />
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  6. 6. UsingStorybirdwith kids<br />Have kids create a Storybird for a writingassignment<br />Pictures help strugglingwriters<br />Createassignments in Storybird for students<br />Have kids work on projectstogether in Storybird<br />This couldbe a fun tool to introduceyoungkids to online collaboration.<br />Couldbe a great workshop in public libraries to show kids how to createStorybirds for birthdays, holidays, etc.<br />