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All About Google


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Another PPT for the MILI class, this one giving Google tips and tricks

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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All About Google

  1. 1. MILI 2011-2012 LeAnn
  2. 2. Students wantone-stop shopDon’t often thinkof additionalkeywords orsearch strategies
  3. 3. Worksheets youcan use withstudentsIdentifyingKeywords, Synonyms, &Key Phrases
  4. 4. Creating AnEffectiveSearchStatementWorksheet
  5. 5.  Googlebot “crawls” billions of web pages and indexes them The indexed pages are searchable Results are relevancy ranked  Over 200 factors determine relevancy, including popularity
  6. 6. Do not need “and” between termsIgnore most punctuation, all capsOrder matters, most prominent first
  7. 7. Use quotes for exact phrases- to include and exclude words
  8. 8. Either OR (must type in caps)Use parentheses to enclose concepts
  9. 9. Limit to website with site:Limit to domain with site: • com, edu, org, gov
  10. 10. Don’t forget the minus symbol toexclude some domains
  11. 11. Limit to type of file
  12. 12. Googlecan beyourdictionarywithdefine:
  13. 13. Google can be your calculator
  14. 14. Many otherways tosearch:intitleintextallinurlrelated pagesauthorsource
  15. 15. Other useful Googlesearches: News Scholar Books
  16. 16.  Some articles will be pay per view Older materials not all inclusive; only some information available News in ELM databases a bit different. If the database has coverage of the paper, you will get full tex.
  17. 17.  Many items are not full text, it is a discovery tool  But they do have links to libraries Quality of the scanned items is good, but you may find some that are hard to read
  18. 18.  Not all items are full text – many are citations or lead you to places you can purchase full text Don’t assume you have to purchase the item, bring the citation to the library or look in the ELM databases for it