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Governance & Adoption: making the marriage work


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In this presentation at the Digital Workplace Conference Sydney in August 2019, Megan and Loryan talk through the importance of both governance and adoption to all things Microsoft 365 - from migrations through to small feature changes and releases.

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Governance & Adoption: making the marriage work

  1. 1. GOVERNANCE & ADOPTION: MAKING THE MARRIAGE WORK WELCOME  Megan & Loryan Strant | Strant Consulting
  2. 2. Who are we? @LoryanStrant @MeganStrant
  3. 3. What are Governance and Adoption?
  4. 4. Governance • The action or manner of governing a state, organisation, etc. • Rule, control
  5. 5. Adoption • The action or fact of choosing to take up, follow, or use something.
  6. 6. Phases to align governance & adoption INITIATION IMPLEMENTATION OPERATION
  7. 7. The Courting Period Initiation & Implementation
  8. 8. Initiation The dating phase
  9. 9. The dating phase • Deep discovery • Analysis • Establishing rapport • Business Leaders • Department Leads • Key stakeholders • Exploring and understanding
  10. 10. Initiation Governance Elements • Why are we doing this? • What are the outcomes? • Which tools will we use? • How are we going about it? • Where will we apply controls? • Who is responsible? • When are we doing this?
  11. 11. Initiation Adoption Elements • Bidirectional discovery and education • Personas • User Groups • Use cases • Designing ways of working • Success measures • High level strategy
  12. 12. Initiation Output
  13. 13. Implementation Stuff’s getting serious
  14. 14. Taking the next step • Prior to any go live activity • Detailed planning and preparation • Alignment is key • Awareness of each others needs • Gaps in detail can be disaster • Strong relationship and trust critical • Building something major together
  16. 16. No feature left behind! Mail rules Allow/block lists Data Loss Prevention Information Protection Office 365 Groups provisioning, expiration, naming, classification Microsoft Teams messaging, meetings, live events, Giphy ratings Information barriers Guest access OneDrive external sharing SharePoint external sharing Sharing link types Random words you don’t notice Guest link expiry Phishing policy Device enrolment Conditional access Password policy Archive policy Sway external sharing Forms external sharing License provisioning Calendar sharing Multi Factor Authentication Bookings StaffHub Yammer or Teams Monthly or 6- monthly Office updates Third-party storage Cortana Integrated Apps Microsoft Search Microsoft communications to end users Modern authentication MyAnalytics User owned apps and services Whiteboard preview Partner relationships Anonymise data in Power BI Targeted release Junk Email or Quarantine Yammer external access Email signatures Site collection sizes Tweet to @LoryanStrant if you notice this Retention policies Labels Supervision policies OneDrive sync PC restriction OneDrive storage amount Geofencing Conferencing Teams app policies Audit log retention Message Center notifications
  17. 17. The Adoption Factors • Build of artefacts • Planning launch • Test accounts and sandpit • Designing training • Enabling Early Adopters • Grooming Champions • Awareness/ education elements • Readiness assessment
  18. 18. Establishing the User Journey • Awareness phase • Initial snippets of learning and understanding • Formal Training • Sustaining the new ways of working
  19. 19. Detailed Strategy
  20. 20. Making the Marriage Work Operation
  21. 21. Operation
  22. 22. Governance & Adoption Ongoing • It’s not set and forget • There will always be new ways of working • Bring users on the journey • Remain agile • Absorb changes
  23. 23. Governance for end-users • Build a site • Share information • Provide guidance • Outline roles & responsibilities • List what you can and can’t do
  24. 24. How do you manage governance ongoing? • Review the service • Maintain the listing of products in use • Keep a register of all decisions related to Office 365 settings
  25. 25. What do these look like? MESSAGE CENTER MICROSOFT 365 ROADMAP AUDIT LOG SEARCH
  26. 26. Ongoing Adoption • Be aware of new features and updates • Involve key stakeholders • Assess organisation impact • Decisions for learning and communication • Prepare your people • Absorb the changes • Adapt ways of working
  27. 27. Real World Examples Private Channels Changing Sharing Links
  28. 28. Lack of alignment can impact a marriage • Things can unravel • Users find workarounds • Ongoing communication and detail key • Adoption shouldn’t be an afterthought post-build
  29. 29. You can still make it work • Align on mutual objectives • Build a plan to go forward • Commit to each other
  30. 30. Questions? @LoryanStrant @MeganStrant