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Linwood North School Prospectus 2012


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Contains details about our school vision, curriculum, programmes, enrolment scheme and other important information.

Published in: Education
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Linwood North School Prospectus 2012

  1. 1. Linwood NorthPrimary School P R O S P E C T U S | 03 389 8112
  2. 2. OUR VISION ʻLearning to take us places...ʼTogether we travel the F.L.A.X pathway:Focused Learners who Achieve eXcellenceWe support our Linwood Learners to be:• Planners• Inquirers• Creative• Reflective achievers
  3. 3. AN INVITATION ‘Developing confident, lifelong learners and achievers’Our children are the most precious resource of our community and we need to nurture them byproviding them with the very best education possible. At Linwood North School, education is a livingpartnership in which our parents and the school work closely together to ensure that our young childrenare able to become confident, caring and capable citizens of the 21st Century.At Linwood North School we offer a vibrant, innovative, yet rigorous education based in Literacy ,Numeracy and eLearning. Our shared mission of ʻFocused Learning Achieving Excellenceʼ is weavedinto our Teaching as Inquiryʼ Learning Model. The vision of the Linwood North School community,ʻLearning to take us Places…ʼ is based on our core values of ʻRespect and Responsibilityʼ thatpermeate through all our curriculum programmes. Our students develop a love of learning that ensuresthey have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to cope with a rapidly changing and sometimeschallenging world.We encourage every student to develop and enhance their individual talents and we support them in avery special, friendly and caring environment.The relationship between school and home is critical and nurtured by our school. Parents are alwayswelcome at Linwood North. Their thoughts and ideas are valued and this partnership is essential foreach one of our students to reach their full potential. We encourage all families to become fully involvedwith our school community and the daily life of the school.We are very proud of the achievements of our past and present students. Linwood North School isunique - it has a proud tradition of over 100 years of outstanding leadership and dedicated loyal staffcommitted to providing an excellent education to the children of the North Linwood community. We canlook past to the past with appreciation where the spirit of the school was embodied in the ʻenterpriseʼand Linwood North was a school ʻproviding quality education where children come firstʼ. We canlook forward to the future where our school is recognized nationally as ʻa school of enterprise,innovation and a leader in eLearningʼ. We offer not only an outstanding academic programme but anexciting curriculum, both in and beyond the classroom, with various Music, Drama Dance, Arts, Culturaland Sporting opportunities that ensure the successful education of the whole child. Our aim is to develop confident lifelong learners and achievers of the future.I would welcome the opportunity to meet with me to show you aroundour fabulous new school and answer any questions you may have thatare not covered in our prospectus. Linwood North School proudlyoffers a truly excellent, exciting and challenging education thatwe would love to share with you.Ms Sandra Smith. T.T.C. (Dist), Higher DipTchgPRINCIPAL principals message
  4. 4. LEARNINGLinwood North, is a state co-educational Linwood North has developed a curriculum thatcontributing school from Years 0-6, located places students at the centre of the learningat 221 Woodham Road in the east of process. We want our students to be life-longChristchurch with approximately 150 learners who aspire to dream bigger... ʻlearningstudents. to take us places...ʻThe school has a happy, secure, safe We deliberately make our learning programmesenvironment with the grounds soon to be meaningful. There is a strong emphasis onfully landscaped to match our brand new literacy and numeracy, with our students beingadministration and learning blocks. motivated and engaged in their learning. We put technology in the hands of our students,The school is very well resourced with assisting them with their e-learning skills andmodern, vibrant and purpose built supporting them with online learningclassrooms that support 21st century environments.learning. Class sizes are small with lowteacher to student ratios, ensuring children Linwood North wants our students to achieve toreceive valuable one on one support. their highest standard and we design learning programmes and offer experiences to helpThe school grounds are large, with a sizable foster individual talents whether that be cultural,playing field with a fitness trail and two large academic or sporting.adventure playgrounds. There is amultipurpose basketball/tennis court and an For more information on our curriculum go toadditional netball court is soon to built. The our website wherestudents have ʻEdible Gardensʼ that provide you can download the document or make ana focus for healthy eating as we are a appointment to speak to the Principal to discussʻHealth Promoting School.ʼ our teaching and learning.
  5. 5. VALUESOur students and staff actively embrace our Our Golden Rule is that, ʻWe treat others asCore Values at Linwood North. The values we want to be treated.ʼare part of the everyday curriculum and areencouraged, modeled and explored as we Staff truly care about our students andaim to make Linwood North a fun, safe and families. We explicitly teach our values andinclusive environment to learn in. ʻwalk the talkʼ as we strive to make our environment a secure and positive place ofOur values are ʻRespectʼ and learning.ʻResponsibilityʼ for: During weekly celebrations of learning,• Ourselves individuals from each class are selected by• Others the teacher for modeling our values. The• Our Environment students receive acknowledgement during our assemblies.We do this by negotiating,sharing ideas, working asa team, appreciatingdifferent points of view,interacting with give andtake and knowing when tocompete and when to co-operate. relationships
  6. 6. OPPORTUNITIESThere are a wide range of extra learning opportunities and experiences for students atLinwood North.CULTURE SPORTWe have strong Kapahaka and Pasifika We have many summer and winter sportsculture groups with students receiving teams. These teams participate in a varietyspecialist tuition and performing at the annual of local sporting competitions. Some of theCultural Festival. We invite all of our students sports on offer include; netball, unihock,to become a part of this group. football, rippa rugby and tee-ball.THE ARTS ACADEMIC PLUSThe Choir is comprised of Years 4, 5 and 6 Enrichment programmes operate to supportstudents. They have the opportunity to sing a usual class instruction, for Digital Literacyvariety of traditional and contemporary songs and our ESOL students.and participate in the Christchurch SchoolsʼMusic Festival held at the CBS Arena. TECHNOLOGY We are a school that embraces the use of e-Some of our education programmes are learning. All students in the school havesupported by specialists who teach our access to engaging virtual classrooms andstudents for Sports, P.E, Music, Dance and learn about cybersafety in a secureDrama. These opportunities may change environment monitored closely by teachers.dependent on what programmes are on offer. Ipads, ipods and many other technical resources are utilised to help create meaningful learning experiences.
  7. 7. ENROLMENTS We warmly welcome all visitors and prospective parents.GENERAL ENROLMENTS PRE ENTRY PROGRAMME We believe in making the new entrantʼsFor all general enrolments, we ask parents/ transition from home to school ascarers to contact the School Office and smooth as possible.make an appointment to meet with thePrincipal to discuss options and arrange to We have a pre-entry programme that isbe shown around the school. designed to encourage a happy, confident start to school for both the student and their parents/carers.For further information on our enrolment Additional information for our pre-entryprocedure please visit our school website. programme is available from the School Office. welcomeDocumentation and information that theschool will require to enrol your childavailable through our school office andon our school website.We encourage you to read through thisbefore contacting the School Office soyou can be prepared.