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iPad tips for new users

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Chemeketa Community Ed, iPad Basics

  1. 1. IPAD tips ‘n tricks
  2. 2. EASY/QUICK MUTE Tap volume buttons repeatedly volume goes up/down Press & hold volume ~ 2 seconds for quick mute
  3. 3. ADD TWO MORE APPS IN DOCK There are 4 default apps in your dock at the bottom of iPad screen Tap & hold app icon until it starts jiggling; then move it onto the dock
  4. 4. SPOTLIGHT TO FIND THINGS •search screen accessed by pressing Home button when on first screen of apps •start typing in empty field •list appears with things on your iPad: apps, contacts, etc. •go to Settings > General > Home item in 4th section •choose Search Results •tells OS what to search for
  5. 5. TURN FAVORITE SITE INTO LINKS ON HOME Surf site Choose the + sign next to the URL field Drop-down list has an item that reads Add to Home Screen It shows up like any other icon for an app
  6. 6. Favorite web pages become like app on Home screen
  7. 7. TURN IPAD CAPS LOCK ON Double-tap Shift key on either side of the keyboard Control in Settings Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Capslock to Off
  8. 8. EXTEND IPAD BATTERY LIFE Turn off all apps and functions you don’t use Settings to turn off Live streaming/downloads get in a place where you can plug in Screen brightness Settings > Brightness & Wallpapers > drag slide to left Games are battery killer; no games Emails & social networks Unless you need them NOW, check via your computer Disable Wi-Fi & Bluetooth What!! No games, no Youtube, no email?? That why I use iPad!
  9. 9. GET BACK DELETED APP 1. If you have synced iPad with iTunes since downloading the app, it will be in the App tab on your iPad’s screen in iTunes. Just reheck the box for that app. 2.Without tethering to your computer, just find the app in the iTunes App store and download it again. You will see a prompt that you have already bought this app and an option to download again.
  10. 10. CHANGE YOUR EMAIL DEFAULT SIGNATURE Default says, “Sent from my iPad.” To become a real person, go to Settings and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Find Signature in the fourth section down. Type whatever you wish. Name and web address work great as signature
  11. 11. SHOW MOVIES ON A BIGGER SCREEN iPad can send its display to a larger screen Requires Dock-to-VGA adapter View Netflix, Keynote, Photos Expedition app to show off web page - iTunes App store Expedition - VGA, $0.99
  12. 12. THIS ENDS TIPS & TRICKS 01