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Design Portfolio


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Published in: Design
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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. lindsey rae slough Portfolio
  2. 2. .01.02 Harmony House Project 03. Seattle Coffee Shop 07. 11. ASID Re Purpose Project 15. IDEC Student Services Building 19. Pencil Foundation Headquarters
  3. 3. WEST WIND DRIFT CAFE PERSPECTIVE ENERGY USE MONITOR CUSTOM ENERGY MONITOR SYSTEM A significant component to the world’s oceans is deep sea currents. These currents are sixteen times as strong as all of the world’s rivers combined. Their job is to CAFE LIGHTING AND FLOOR PLAN transfer carbon dioxide and other important nutrients into nutrient depleted waters. The Harmony House serves the same purpose, to bring inspiration and positive change into the lives of young people. These young people have different stories, personalities and goals; this is the driving force behind the success of the Harmony House. When all are working together, there is a strong movement of change not only in the lives of those staying in the house, but will spread out into the community through sustainable lifestyles, volunteer work, and positive transformations. The design of the space reflects the process of deep sea currents through fluidity and connectivity. The floor plan is continuous, allowing the young people to freely move throughout Thjrd Year Studio the space with many opportunities for interactions and SECOND FLOOR PLAN ASID Student Competition + Harmony House development. There is also a contrast of density in private Recognition: Published in Commercial Interiors: Applying Sustainable Concepts and Practices and public spaces..03
  4. 4. .03
  5. 5. COFFEE SHOP SERVICE PLANK WALL DIAGRAM The Duwamish and Squamish tribes are the foundation of the Seattle, Washington region. This coffee shop is to illustrate the significance of the Duwamish while also serving as a bridge to the non natives. Due to the incessant hostility towards these tribes, it is important to show the traditions and techniques of these Indians through modern materials and functions. By exploring the plank house that is characteristic to the Seattle tribes, one will find many applications for the planks. This wall series allows for an in- teresting wall design while also providing efficient seating and tables. The orientation of the Duwamish tribes was also a very important feature to consider. The longhouses Second Year Studio had a sloped roof facing the water, their source of life. The SEATTLE, WASHINGTON COFFEE SHOP coffee shop will also incorporate a sloped roof, putting an emphasis on nature, sunlight, and nature..06 PLANK HOUSE SKETCHING STUDY PLANK WALL + SEATING SYSTEM EXECUTED
  6. 6. .03
  7. 7. SUMMER SOLSTICE SUN STUDY WINTER SOLSTICE SUN STUDY THE TRADITIONAL PROBLEM THE MODERN SOLUTION With a population growth rate of 75-80 million people annually, the world is constantly adjusting to the developing demands. The problem of food scarcity lies in the social organization of food production and distribution. By using a shipping container the community will not only provide for these impoverished communities, but will also reduce on the number of wasted containers around the world. Having a permanent location with on-site vegetation, resources and learning opportunities is key. This system constructs a new form of social organization that is capable of meeting the needs of the masses. It will reduce the reliance on national and international goods while creating a transition to focus third year studio on local resources. This will also encourage individuals ASID RePurpose Project + Sustenance Shipping Container to volunteer at these facilities to earn their sustenanceRecognition: Published in Commercial Interiors: Applying Sustainable Concepts and Practices when they are unable to afford the local goods..11 SUN PATTERNS DIAGRAM SEASONAL SUN ANGLE DIAGRAM HYDROPONICS DAGRAM
  8. 8. .03
  9. 9. After an abundance of research my team realized that many students are being forced into learning environmentsthat do not fit their learning style.The traditional learning space consists of four corners and stationary workspace. Through research from William H. Whyte who conducted a study in a city plaza, we came to the conclusion that people want to be in control of their space through movement and accessibility. This research along with studies of our own on how students learn and where they study allowed us to create a foundation for our project, the amoeba which is Greek for “to change”. By combining the attributes of an amoeba with seamless technology to create an innovative environment to third year studio IDEC Group Project + Student Services Building promotes learning, stimulate engagement, and adaptRecognition: Published in Commercial Interiors: Applying Sustainable Concepts and Practices to the user we were able to design a space that would + In House Studio Winner not only allow the end-user to feel comfortable but would also allow them to thrive in their learning environment..15
  10. 10. BIKE RACK PERSPECTIVE The PENCIL Foundation is a non-profit organization that combines community volunteers, materials, and resources with Metro Nashville Public Schools. PENCIL creates a CUSTOM DESK VIEWS AND DIMENSIONS BIKE RACK DIAGRAM vital links between the private sector and public education while also increasing an understanding and appreciation for the public school system. The PENCIL headquarters office will reflect the progressive growth of students through the application of the golden section. The golden section illustrates how opposites can be united in harmonious proportion. While each portion of the overall PENCIL Foundation serves a different purpose, each have the same proportions and importance in progressing towards the success of the company. This office will reflect how third year studio smaller parts are designed in the same proportion resulting Haworth Studio Competition + PENCIL Foundation Office in a related whole. Students, teachers, communityRecognition: Published in Commercial Interiors: Applying Sustainable Concepts and Practices partners and PENCIL employees are each imperative to the success of the PENCIL Foundation as a whole..19 OFFICE FLOOR PLAN