Psych 504 complete course (personality theories)


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Psych 504 complete course (personality theories)

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Psych 504 complete course (personality theories)

  1. 1. PSYCH 504 COMPLETE COURSE(Personality Theories)DOWNLOAD HERE 504 Week 1 Individual Assignment Personality Characteristics PaperPrepare a minimum 1,200-word paper in which you discuss at least three of yourpersonality characteristics. Using your life experiences, explain how thesecharacteristics were developed. Such life experiences may include the followingitems:Early developmentFamily and social relationshipsEducational backgroundAssess how these characteristics have influenced your social and occupationalchoices. Be prepared to discuss this paper in class.PSYCH 504 Week 3 Individual Assignment Personality Assessment InstrumentPaperSelect one personality assessment instrument from each of the columns below:Column A Column B Column CMyers-Briggs Rorschach Self-help booksMillon Inventories (MCMI & MACI) Apperception tests Popular magazinesCalifornia Personality Inventory (CPI) Projective drawingsSixteen Personality Factor QuestionnairePrepare a minimum 1,800-word paper in which you compare and contrast thestrengths and weaknesses of your selected personality assessment instruments.
  2. 2. Examine the following items for each instrument:ValidityComprehensivenessApplicabilityCultural utilityCite at least two references in your paper to support your assessment.Format your paper to APA standards.PSYCH 504 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Personality Disorder PresentationConduct a search via the Internet for the diagnostic criteria of three personalitydisorders.Select one historical figure who typifies one of the personality disorders. Usebiographical material to justify your diagnosis and to assess his or her attachmentstyle. Support your assessment by providing biographical scenarios from yourselected historical figure’s childhood.Demonstrate how this person’s attachment style or personality disorder hasaffected society by providing real-life examples.Prepare an minimum 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with presenternotes illustrating your diagnosis and assessment.PSYCH 504 Week 6 Individual Assignment Personality Theory PaperSelect one theory that has most influenced your beliefs and assumptions aboutpeople from the theories presented in this class.Prepare a minimum 1,500-word paper in which you explain how your selectedtheory influences your understanding of the personalities and behaviors of people insociety and in the workplace.Explain how your selected theory influences your role in society and in theworkplace, along with your interactions with others.Include at least three references to tie key components of the theory to yourindividual beliefs and assumptions.Format your paper to APA standards.PSYCH 504 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Chart of TheoriesResources: Chart of Theories located on the student Web siteComplete the information in the chart for the social learning and trait theories.Submit the completed Chart of Theories to the Assignment Section.
  3. 3. PSYCH 504 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Theories of PersonalityPresentationSelect a fictional character from television or film. From your character selection,present demographic and background information to describe this character.Analyze his or her personality using three to four theorists or theories from thefollowing list:JungHorneySullivanAllportCattellKellyEllisMaslowAdlerFive-Factor ModelObject RelationsUsing the parameters established in your Chart of Theories, include an evaluation ofhow each of the personality theories explains the personality of your selectedcharacter.Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with presenter notesillustrating your analysis and evaluation.Discussions:Which has more influence on personality development, genetics or environment?Explain why.Can personality change? Explain why or why not.Can someone’s personality be described by a personality test? Explain why or whynot.Can personality disorders be treated? Explain why or why not.Does personality develop in stages? Explain why or why not.Given that people are living longer now than when the different personality theorieswere developed, how would you adapt existing theories to older age groups?
  4. 4. Do media images affect children’s personality development? Explain why or whynot.Is Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning a personality theory? Explain why or whynot.Identify your present Eriksonian psychosocial stage of development. Note: Yourselected stage of development may not correlate with your current age.Is there a successful personality? Explain why or why not.Is temperament personality? Explain why or why not. Does temperament affectpersonality? Explain why or why not.We covered a lot of subtopics within personality theories such as personalitydisorders, theories, etc. What was your favorite topic? Least favorite? Please feelfree to share any other feedback regarding the course content.