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4.5 visual vocabulary cards


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5th grade vocabulary

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4.5 visual vocabulary cards

  1. 1. Vocabulary 4.5
  2. 2. Vocabulary Assignment:•Complete an Own the Word page foreach vocabulary word.•Make sure and do your BEST work.•Make sure and fill out each box on yourOwn the Word page for each word.•Don’t forget your two sentences! 
  3. 3. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● guaranteed
  4. 4. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● guaranteed Guaranteed means “promised.” When something has been guaranteed, you know it will happen. You don’t have to worry or think about it.
  5. 5. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● supervise
  6. 6. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● superviseTo supervise means “to be in charge of others and to watch their work.”When a person supervises you, he or she checks your work. Thesupervisor makes sure that you do a good job, and helps you if youneed it. You have to know a lot to supervise others.
  7. 7. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● frustrated
  8. 8. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● frustrated When you are frustrated you are unhappy because you can’t do or finish something. You might feel helpless, angry, or discouraged if you are frustrated about something. I get frustrated when I have to drive in traffic.
  9. 9. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● coordination
  10. 10. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● coordinationCoordination is the ability to balance and move different partsof your body at the same time. When you have goodcoordination, you can move without tripping. Good coordinationhelps dancers, athletes, and jugglers perform.
  11. 11. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● ease
  12. 12. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● easeWhen you do something with ease you do it with little effort.You look comfortable, not stiff. You feel very relaxed. SinceI’ve been riding a bike since I was five, I can do it with ease,without any trouble.
  13. 13. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● scenery
  14. 14. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● sceneryWhen you are looking at a beautiful view of nature, you call it scenery.You might drive to the mountains to look at the trees and flowers. Youmight drive to the beach to look at the sand and the ocean. Looking atpretty scenery makes you feel happy.
  15. 15. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● bundle
  16. 16. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● bundle A bundle is a stack of things all tied or wrapped up together.When you put things in a bundle, it’s easier to keep track ofthem and to prevent them from falling all over the place. Youusually tie a bundle with string or put a rubber band around it.
  17. 17. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● fused
  18. 18. Key Words Unit 4 Week 5 ● fusedThings that are fused are very strongly attached to each other. Thingsmight be fused with glue or cement. In nature, trees or plants might fusewhen they grow very close together. When things are fused it’s very hardor even impossible to pull them apart.