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Teachmeet sam susan_281114


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What we learnt from our researchers: Cardiff TeachMeet 2014

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Teachmeet sam susan_281114

  1. 1. What we learnt from our researchers Research workshops at Swansea University Susan Glen & Sam Oakley
  2. 2. The concept “A one day workshop to learn about the information tools that can help you to market yourself and achieve the best visibility for your research” Targeted at the university’s research community
  3. 3. What did we cover?
  4. 4. What we did: Dec 2013 1 Day workshop 9.30-3.30pm • PC training lab • Presentation + hands-on • 30-60mins per topic • Lunch in the room
  5. 5. …and again in Apr 2014 AM: “Seminar room” • 30 mins per topic • Presentation & discussion • Lunch PM: PC lab • Hands-on activities & more discussion • 3 x 30 mins)
  6. 6. Who came? Professors PA's Lecturers Researchers 9% 4% 22% 65%
  7. 7. What did we learn?
  8. 8. There is demand
  9. 9. There is need
  10. 10. I think this course should be mandatory for all new research staff. There were so many things I've never heard about and I found out my manager was on all the networks etc. but she's never told me about any of it. I'm telling everyone I know now!
  11. 11. Food is a good draw
  12. 12. Harder to reach arts & humanities It might be worthwhile to have a training day focusing on impacts in arts and humanities. it seems that the training day focuses more on STEM subjects, I am from arts and humanities and would appreciate the day more if it is more relevant to A &H.
  13. 13. Commercial aspects need to be considered
  14. 14. The audience will be mixed • Difference between senior and junior academics • Administrative staff
  15. 15. Finding a good time is never easy! • No perfect time! • Early career researchers most likely to come to a whole day. • Perhaps need short bites for more senior people
  16. 16. Some topics the library can’t do alone "How to write high impact papers:- What should you think about in regards to experimental design?- How do you get into the high impact papers? Maybe some of the most successful Swansea Uni researchers could share their experiences, tips and tricks with new young inexperienced research staff
  17. 17. Topics of interest "Knowledge of how open access publishing works was of particular interest "The day was particularly useful for me in a two areas:1. Social Networking & Impact2. Licensing Issues Maybe a little more information about Open Access, since I had no idea. But suppose is my fault.
  18. 18. Academics like to discuss
  19. 19. Learning styles / preferences
  20. 20. Caffeine & collaboration….
  21. 21. Susan Glen:, @lbglens Sam Oakley:, @rscsam