Open house - A Day in the Life of a Fourth Grader


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Open house - A Day in the Life of a Fourth Grader

  1. 1. A Day in the Life of a Fourth Grader
  2. 2. Students enter the classroom at 8:30 each day. Good Morning! We are so happy to be here!!!
  3. 3. The students set out their homework and agendas on their desks as soon as they sit down.
  4. 4. Students begin their day by doing a cursive paper, daily math practice, daily language review, and reading for AR or taking AR tests.
  5. 5. At 8:45, Mrs. Shaffer takes attendance and lunch count. We stand to show which lunch choice we have chosen. Pierogies… Oh yeah!!!
  6. 6. We all line up so Mrs. Shaffer can check our cursive papers.
  7. 7. It is now time to check our daily math practice and daily language review. Mrs. Shaffer puts the correct answers on the board. We are allowed to make corrections to our mistakes. Mrs. Shaffer shows us how to complete our daily math practice paper on the Smart board.
  8. 8. Time for spelling! Spelling Rocks! Cheese!
  9. 9. We often READ for AR while we wait for others to finish their work. Hmm…Very interesting!
  10. 10. Mrs. Shaffer writes our homework on the back white board while we write it in our agendas.
  11. 11. It’s time for Rocket Math! Each partner practices for one minute and then we take our one-minute test. 8x9=72 4x6=243x8=24 Wow! She knows her facts!
  12. 12. We begin math class with a quick review. We do the questions on the board. Then, we stretch as we wait for everyone to finish. Scorpions anyone???
  13. 13. Then, math class begins. Today, we learned about estimating sums and differences.
  14. 14. We all line up for lunch at 11:03. Lunch makes me so happy!
  15. 15. We wash our hands and use the restroom before we go to lunch. Cheese! I’m ready for lunch!
  16. 16. LUNCH & RECESS 11:05-11:45 Man…I’m good at packing my lunch!
  17. 17. English class is next! Pick me…Pick me!!
  18. 18. Now, we move on to reading class. The kids are working on their Word Work. This helps to build their vocabulary. The kids are inferring as they read. They mark their inference with a post-it. The kids are working on comprehension questions to help build their comprehension and make them better readers.
  19. 19. Science or social studies is our last class of the day! This tickles my cheek! This sounds like a big bell.
  20. 20. It’s time to pack up and make sure we have all of our homework ready. Yes, Mrs. Shaffer…I have everything I need.
  21. 21. It’s 3:20! See ya later gator!
  22. 22. HOG See you tomorrow kids! Class Pet