SoLoMo for Public Affairs


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What is SoLoMo and how to implement it in Your Work for Public Affairs

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  • Local –
  • Sharing is Caring
  • Before you go in the social media -> Listen & Learn!
  • e.g. make the homepage of the Fb campaign an entrance to the 3 communities depending on the users’ preference by the 1 st Log-in…E.g. I’m a …
  • For examples see TCS Digital World showreel
  • This section would be linked also to the Map and Libary
  • For examples see TCS Digital World showreel
  • SoLoMo for Public Affairs

    1. 1. TitleSoLoMoSubtitleForPublic AffairsBy Lucy Setian
    2. 2. What is SoLoMo?
    3. 3. SOCIALNetworks, Platforms, Actions, Behaviors
    4. 4. What is SoLoMo?
    5. 5. LOCALWhere am I, What am I Searching
    6. 6. What is SoLoMo?
    7. 7. MOBILEApps, Responsive Design Sites, GPS, SMS, Media
    8. 8. What is SoLoMo?Social Media Social Apps driveNetworks give smartphoneviral capability to penetrationLocal promotions MobileLocation increasesfeatures timecore available forto much activities andmobile usage presence on Social Media Networks Mobile makes Local more useful
    9. 9. What is SoLoMo?Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing at scale Dramatically more (accurate) users’ info onlineLocal Revolution in multiple promotion media categories Targeted – both for you and for your usersMobile Personal, always-on, location and context-aware Can reach users at the exact moment and point of their action and participation in event, trigger interest, engage
    10. 10. Shall I go to the social media orthe social media will come to me? EVERY GOOD CONVERSATION STARTS WITH GOOD LISTENING
    11. 11. Before: Listen to the Social Media- Observe what the trends related to your Issues of Interest are- Define influencers in social networks and new media channels- Measure the emotions of the key influences- Observe what changes the opinions and emotions of the stakeholdersHow can we help you? Strategy to connect your PA com goals with the multilingual digital monitoring possibilities Digital media monitoring dashboards Social media channels monitoring dashboards
    12. 12. Engage in the Social MediaUse key findings from your Listening to create a long-termstrategy and action plan- Don’t stop measuring- Facilitate the active dialogue: Be responsive and ready to apologize- From lack of trust to word of mouse: find advocates of your issueHow can we help you? Design and Develop Facebook pages and applications - related to a campaign: on your key issues, - related to your organization: reputation, crisis
    13. 13. No matter if you want aSocial Media App, Game,an Interactive Video ora Local Mini Campaign on a SocialMedia Platform or elseyou have tofocus onseveral key elements
    14. 14. The Context of your AudiencePersonalize by Targeting – different type of user, different content
    15. 15. Personalized ContentAllow different types of users visiting your SOLOMO platform, to get different content relevant to their interests√ Personalized newsletters by location; topic of interest…√ Personalized agenda calendar + e-mail alert: you will be able to chose from all events by location; topic of interest…√ Personalized invitations (e.g. with 3D printing) to events√ Personalized animations/videos to involve in your issue√ Opinion pools with incentives/rewards
    16. 16. Demonstrate What and How you Do Timeline of Your Organization regarding its Past, Present and Future…√ History√ Achievements & Goals in the respective policy area√ Big events to come√ Create value for your members, by demonstrating their crucial role and place in the timeline
    17. 17. Relevant Content by Location, Time and Topic
    18. 18. Relevant Content by Location, Time and Topic
    19. 19. Complex Policy-IssuesMake complex issues or issues with negative reputation- easy to understand- engaging for the user to learn even more- attractive for the user to promote to his/her peers… by the usage of….√ Infographics√ Stop-Motion Animation√ Interactive Video√ Interactive User help desk
    20. 20. InfoGraphics
    21. 21. InfoGraphics
    22. 22. Campaign - example (1)
    23. 23. Campaign - example (1)
    24. 24. Association - example (2)
    25. 25. Association - example (2)
    26. 26. Campaign - example (3)
    27. 27. Campaign - example (3)
    28. 28. Association - example (4)
    29. 29. Association - example (4)
    30. 30. Campaign - example (5)
    31. 31. Campaign - example (5)
    32. 32. Campaign - example (5)
    33. 33. For more details:Lucy SetianBusiness Development ManagerM +32.485.00.32.08 - T + 120 - 1090 Brussels@lucysetian -