Research project tips


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Research project tips

  1. 1. Research Project Tips
  2. 2. Organizing Your Project Make a new folder to hold items for your project. As you research, collect pictures, important facts, website addresses on a word document in your project folder. Be sure to save the website addresses for your facts! You must state your sources on the last slide of your presentation. Don’t use unreliable websites such as, etc. Anyone can post answers on these sites!
  3. 3. PowerPoint Tips Do all your research first before starting your PowerPoint presentation! Plan out your slides in advance. Don’t put too much information on a slide. (only two or three facts per slide) Don’t CUT AND PASTE the information! Use your own words! Read your research and restate what you want to say in your own words! Don’t add too many sounds, transitions, or too much clutter on your slides that take away from your presentation. Ask yourself, “does this help to explain my topic?” If the answer is “no” then leave it out of the presentation.