Choosing Dinosaur Bedding and Matching Accessories for a Nursery

A dinosaur theme nursery is a great option for parents w...
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Choosing Dinosaur Bedding and Matching Accessories for a Nursery


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Dinosaur Boys Bedding

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Choosing Dinosaur Bedding and Matching Accessories for a Nursery

  1. 1. Choosing Dinosaur Bedding and Matching Accessories for a Nursery A dinosaur theme nursery is a great option for parents who are expecting a baby boy. Not only is it affordable and convenient to design a dinosaur theme nursery, it will also teach children to love learning new things such as pre-history, paleontology, and animals in general. When decorating a dinosaur theme nursery, it’s best if you start with the crib bedding and take off from there. We at offer you a lot of bedding choices. A great idea is to buy a standard four-piece set, including the dinosaur fitted sheet, crib skit, bumper guards, and a comforter. These materials match each other and they also come cheaper than one-piece sets. Choose dinosaur bedding materials that are made from cotton, a very durable and comfortable material. Cotton bedding will help you stop worrying about your baby boy’s rashes or other skin irritations. It also ensures that your son’s dinosaur bedding will last him through to his toddler years. You can base the design of the nursery on the kind of dinosaur bedding you have chosen. There are plenty of wallpaper designs that you can buy online or from your local home improvement stores. Many parents, though, opt for painting the room instead since this is more affordable. You can choose a light shade of green to give the room the color of the forest. You can also paint the walls a light brown if you think your baby boy will prefer desert dinosaurs. A great way to liven up the walls would be to add murals of dinosaurs or jungles. If you are not the artistic type, or if you simply cannot find enough time to do this, peel-and- stick wall decals of dinosaurs can also make the room interesting. One cartoon character that every baby will surely love when he becomes a little boy is Barney the Friendly Purple Dinosaur. Barney posters and wall hanging can be found just about everywhere. Look for these in your local toy store and hang them on the wall or behind the door. The bright purple of Barney’s skin will surely brighten up the room. Make sure that your baby boy’s bedroom accessories will match his dinosaur bedding. Look for dinosaur-themed changing tables, rugs, and closets. An easy way to make the cabinets match with the overall dinosaur theme is to decoupage it with cartoon dinosaur pictures. You can find a lot of these in children’s storybooks that have a dinosaur theme. Cut them out one by one and stick them to the door of the cabinet. When you’re done covering the door with dinosaur pictures, brush it over with a coat of decoupage medium for a clean and glossy finish. Don’t forget to fill your boy’s nursery with lots of dinosaur stuffed toys. Put plush T- rexes, triceratopses, and brachiosauruses (the largest known dinosaur) in strategic places such as on top of shelves, on the floor, and beside him on the crib. You can also hang little pterodactyls on the ceiling.
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