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Poster analysis


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Poster analysis

  1. 1. Poster Analysis<br />This is England presents a group of British youth who are united by their British culture. From this poster we can see not only from the title but also from the colours that this film is very much oriented around British youth and their way of life. The man at the top is a representation of Jesus and I know this from the way he is standing. This suggests that he is the leader of the group and this backed up in the film as he comes in half way through as if he has risen from the dead (gotten out of prison) alike Jesus. The rest of the group is lined up along the bottom standing shoulder to should which suggest that they are a tight unit. They are also linked through their clothing; tight skinny jeans, shirts, jackets and boots. This is not only a representation of the group but also a representation of the time era of the 1980’s.<br />Quadrophenia is again a representation of British culture in the 1960’s and we can see this from the red, white and blue colours which are dominant in this poster. The slogan at the bottom “A way of Life” suggests that begin British is way of life and not just a nationality. Again they are all shoulder to shoulder in a line which shows they are united in a group. They also are wearing similar clothing to each other so they are united through their clothing.<br />