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Marketing Strategies Regional Publishers

This slide show outlines our direct marketing strategies for regional publishers.

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Marketing Strategies Regional Publishers

  1. 1. RegionalPublishing<br />
  2. 2. Newsstand<br />Agents<br />Direct Mail<br />eNewsletter<br />Events<br />New Movers<br />Web / Mobile<br />
  3. 3. Database Elements<br />Name,  Phone, Email, Postal Address<br />Overlay Data (0ver 300 elements)<br />Age - Race<br />Income - Profession<br />Home Owner - Like to Read<br />Gender - Likes to Travel<br />Origin of Record –  Where did the Reader come from?<br />Direct to Publisher - Survey Monkey<br />eNewsletter - Digital Display<br /> - Search / PPC / CPC <br />Category of Interest<br />Contest - Event<br />Email - Give Away<br />Sub Category<br />What specific Contest/ Campaign/ Event etc.<br />Any customized category <br />How they heard about the offer/event.<br />
  4. 4. Programs<br /> Data Appending <br />LSC Digital can work with your incomplete database to append or add missing information like postal address, contact information or consumer lifestyle information:<br />Email Appending: adding verified and permission based email addresses. LSC’s match rate is generally 20+%<br />Data Appending: adding consumer demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information. LSC’s match rate is generally 70+%<br />  <br />
  5. 5. Programs<br />New Movers   <br />New consumers and businesses are very strong potential subscribers for regional magazines. Newspapers target this group and so should you by acquiring new names that move into Geo or specific Zips <br />New Mover Emails<br />Target new movers to the area <br /> with effective email transition <br /> marketing cascades.<br />Sign them up for eNewsletter <br /> programs. Convert them into<br /> subscribers with special offers<br />Build a great new advertising <br /> revenue stream by offering <br /> solo Ads and sponsorships<br />
  6. 6. Development of E-Newsletter Programs<br />  Restaurant Clubs<br />  Cooking<br />  Local News<br />  Weekend Reviews <br />
  7. 7. Programs<br />Merge / Purge Plus Multi Model Program<br />  Data Processing<br />USPS Hygiene<br />Verification of data elements<br /> De-duplication / Selecting / Outputting of data file<br /> Reporting and campaign information<br />Multi Model<br /> Profile clients files / provide match reports/ suggest selects to test.<br />  Drop selects into lower segments of the merge and mail.<br />  Results will be optimized with regression model.<br />  LSC will allow names to be mailed at minimal cost.<br />