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LSC Digital: Acquisition for Retailers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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LSC Digital: Acquisition for Retailers

  1. 1. LSC Digital Marketingfor Retailers <br />Acquisitions?<br />Retention?<br />Both?<br />
  2. 2. Are Your Customers Fully Engaged?<br />LSC Digital provides online retailers with one-to-one solutions with customized content making every offer relevant, valuable and trackable. LSC Digital provides online marketing and technology services that enable you to better connect with their customers and prospects, maximizing revenues opportunities and justifying ROI for each and every campaign. Our services includes: <br /> <br /><ul><li>Email deployment, hygiene and append
  3. 3. Acquisition and conversion
  4. 4. Website re-engagement
  5. 5. Program management</li></li></ul><li>Acquisition and Conversion<br />Probably the biggest challenge marketers face today is to identify tactics that can be effectively executed to scale their acquisition strategy, and without harming their online reputation. While there are many and abundance of online prospecting sources list (rentals, co-registration, banners, search, social, F2F, more…), conversion remains to be a challenge. LSC Digital can control the lead generation process, identify lead sources that deliver the highest value – and those that pose the greatest threat to their company’s online reputation - and transition these prospects into buyers profitably. <br />
  6. 6. Website Re-Engagement<br />Website re-engagement technology provides the ability to identify email subscribers (both customers and prospects who have already provided their email address) each time they visit the company website. It allows for an automated digital message to be delivered from the website, twenty minutes after they leave. Sending an email in this fashion generates results that can be as high as 10 times those of regular deployments<br />. <br />Website Visitor Re-Engagement Email Sent<br />
  7. 7. Email Appending<br />Email Append is the most effective means of increasing the email address coverage in your house file database. The process matches your customer postal record with an email address record. LSC Digital provides a most favorable number of matches while remaining 100% Can-Spam compliant.<br /> <br />Key Benefits:<br /> <br /><ul><li>Add an average of 20% new email address to your existing customer database
  8. 8. Fast turn around – the entire process is completed in 2 weeks or less
  9. 9. Pay only for verified deliverable email addresses – not on file input</li></ul>Match on Postal <br />Match on Postal <br />
  10. 10. Approach<br />Deploy an Online Newsletter, that Includes Highly Targeted Offers<br />LSC Digital will build the entire program for your eNewsletter. We will provide the designs and templates that are consistent with the physical product. LSC digital will build the offers and landing pages (or use existing fulfillment transaction pages). LSC Digital will manage the circulation for the eNewsletter, offers and any other email communications (blogs, social network updates, etc).<br />Subscriptions<br />Books, Music, DVDs & More<br />
  11. 11. Getting Started…<br />LSC Digital will provide a comprehensive marketing plan covering all aspects of the launch / re-launch. The plan will include details for growing the database, deploying offers, optimizing usage, re-engaging customers and Fully Engaging Your Customers<br />Online Success Stories…<br /><ul><li>America’s Test Kitchen
  12. 12. Arthritis Self-Management
  13. 13. Bender Ball
  14. 14. Cooks Country
  15. 15. Cooks Illustrated
  16. 16. Diabetes Self-Management
  17. 17. Earth Sun & Moon
  18. 18. Keepsake Quilter
  19. 19. Love of Quilting
  20. 20. Philly Magazine
  21. 21. MG-Golf
  22. 22. Needle Arts
  23. 23. Pattern Works
  24. 24. Quilter’s Club of America
  25. 25. Scientific American
  26. 26. Slap Chop
  27. 27. Sky & Telescope
  28. 28. USA Today</li>