Should you establish a Service Management Office (SMO) - ITSM Academy Webinar


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Similar to a project management office, the SMO centralizes the oversight and integration of service management processes to ensure the alignment and effective and efficient outcomes of service delivery and support. In this session, Jayne Groll will provide a practical overview of the concepts, benefits, opportunities, and threats associated with developing a SMO, regardless of an organization’s size, industry, or scope. And since a successful SMO is built on roles and responsibilities, Jayne will also share tips for identifying, combining, assigning, and managing key roles

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Should you establish a Service Management Office (SMO) - ITSM Academy Webinar

  1. 1. W l !Welcome! 1© ITSM Academy 1
  2. 2. Your Presenter – Jayne Groll  President of ITSM Academy President of ITSM Academy  ITIL® Expert, Certified Scrum Master, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant Manager, HDI Help Desk Manager  20+ years in IT service management  Industry contributor Since 2003, ITSM Academy has trained tens of thousands of learners on all levels of IT Service Management including ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, Certifiedlevels of IT Service Management including ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) and non-certification workshops. 2© ITSM Academy
  3. 3. Agenda  The basics: What is a Service Management Office?The basics: What is a Service Management Office?  Resourcing the SMO  Considerations for establishing a SMOConsiderations for establishing a SMO 3© ITSM Academy
  4. 4. L t’ St t ith th B iLet’s Start with the Basics 4© ITSM Academy 4
  5. 5. Typical IT Org CIO Development Infrastructure Operations Application Typical IT Org Development Partners Infrastructure Servers Operations Service Desk pp Support Business AppsPartners Developers Servers Mainframe Service Desk IT Operations Business Apps IT Apps Business Analysts Cloud Where would you assign these roles: • Problem Manager Network • Service Level Manager • Change Manager • Configuration Manager 5© ITSM Academy
  6. 6. How About This? CIO Application How About This? Development P t Infrastructure S Operations S i D k Application Support B i A SMO Partners Developers Servers Mainframe Service Desk IT Operations Business Apps IT AppsDevelopers Business Analysts Mainframe Cloud IT Operations IT Apps Now where would you assignAnalysts Network those key process roles? 6© ITSM Academy
  7. 7. What is a Service Management Office? The SMO is an internal team that is accountable for the quality of the service management program. 7© ITSM Academy
  8. 8. Modeled after the PMO  The SMO is modeled after the ProjectThe SMO is modeled after the Project Management Office (PMO) in that it Demonstrates IT’s commitment Legitimizes service management Provides governance Improves effectiveness and efficiency Increases IT service quality 8© ITSM Academy
  9. 9. SMO Responsibilities  Establish and govern policies and plansg p p  Define, implement and manage processes that meet business needs  Ensure process alignment and interfaces  Manage communications and training  Coordinate efforts such as the CAB  Ensure continual improvement  I t ti f ti Increase customer satisfaction 9© ITSM Academy
  10. 10. R i th SMOResourcing the SMO 10© ITSM Academy 10
  11. 11. The SMO and the Org Chart  The SMO is a strategic team that should Report to senior management Be empowered with sufficient authority and resources Be built from direct and indirect reports Delegate tasks to local process practitioners CIOCIO SMOSMOCan’t change the org chart? Start the SMO as a committee DevDev InfraInfra OpsOps Start the SMO as a committee. 11© ITSM Academy
  12. 12. SMO Roles  Leader A trained service management professional  Direct reports Process management roles that justify a FTE  Indirect reports Process management roles that can be incorporated into other positions Too many processes? Consider grouping process roles into “stage managers” . 12© ITSM Academy
  13. 13. Should the Service Desk report to the SMO?report to the SMO? 13© ITSM Academy 13
  14. 14. Considerations forConsiderations for Establishing a SMO 14© ITSM Academy 14
  15. 15. Should YOU Establish a SMO?(1) • Yes, if – You are a large organization, have a wide footprint and/or high volumes of change Y id tif d/ t i th i ht l d– You can identify and/or train the right leader – You are having difficulty assigning ownership – The owners need an organizational structureThe owners need an organizational structure – The SMO will have sufficient authority and resources Thi k t ll f SMO?Think you are too small for a SMO? Start with one empowered person to orchestrate service management through indirect relationships 15© ITSM Academy
  16. 16. Should YOU Establish a SMO? (2)  No, if  You are already succeeding with roles  You are already struggling with too many silos  You cannot identify a qualified leader  You will not have sufficient support and You will not have sufficient support and resources Process maturity is not necessarily a factor in determining whether or not to start a SMO. 16© ITSM Academy
  17. 17. Summary: Benefits of a SMO Business IT/Service Desk  Improved alignment  Controlled costs and better f  Clearer policies, plans and documentation L k f f h duse of resources  Consistent service levels  B tt i ti d  Less re-work, firefighting and bureaucracy  Improved communication Better communication and support  Ongoing improvements Improved communication  Better process integration  Realistic OLAsOngoing improvements  Higher quality services Realistic OLAs  Higher customer satisfaction 17© ITSM Academy
  18. 18. Let’s Play a Game! Download the Ping virtual keypad  Mobile –  Windows – – download keypad  Ping ID – 5381g 18© ITSM Academy
  19. 19. Ping Virtual Keypad  Ping ID – 5381  Wait for it…  Submit your name  Wait for it 19© ITSM Academy  Wait for it…
  20. 20. Questions? 20© ITSM Academy