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We look at the Service Strategy phase of the ITIL V3 service lifecycle and the key processes that enable business and IT integration. We will discuss critical processes such as Service Portfolio Management, Business Service Management, Financial Management and Demand Management, along with key roles such as Business Relationship Manager and Product Manager.

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ITIL Service Strategy - ITSM Academy Webinar

  1. 1. Welcome W l Service Strategy S i St t The axis of the service lifecycle © ITSM Academy, Service Design 1109
  2. 2. About ITSM Academy Accredited Education Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas & ITIL® Foundation Washington, DC - Public ITIL® Foundation and Managers Bridge Corporate on-site Classes ITIL® Lifecycle, Capability and MALC Virtual Classes ITIL® Practitioner Service Manager (V2) Practitioner, Courseware Licensing Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)® Alumni Program Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) PMI Global Education Provider Foundation Federal Government (GSA) Go ernment ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Contractor PMI PMP Exam Prep Certified Woman-Owned Practical, Value Add Practical Value-Add Workshops Tens f th T of thousands of learners d fl Apollo 13 - an ITSM Case Experience™ trained since 2003 Visible Ops: The Class ITIL, MOF, ITIL MOF ISO 20K A Awareness And More! Welcome! © ITSM Academy, Service Design 2
  3. 3. Agenda Service Strategy purpose, goals and objectives Where to begin Roles and responsibilities Processes Key lessons You are here © Crown copyright 2007. Reproduced under license from OGC. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 3
  4. 4. Service Strategy Purpose, Goals and Objectives Design, develop and implement service management i t As an organizational capability As a strategic asset Define policies, guidelines and processes across the ITIL® service p lifecycle Provide superior performance to competing alternatives Service Strategy is about ensuring that service providers can handle the costs and risks associated with their portfolios, and are set up not just for operational effectiveness, but also distinctive performance. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 4
  5. 5. Where to Begin? Mind the Gap Begin ith B i with a marketing k ti Perceptions P i Preferences P f mindset filter A marketing mindset asks k ti i d t k Business outcomes What is our business? context Who Wh are our customers? t ? What do they value? Attributes Service providers must see services from the customer’s perspective and develop distinctive, strategic capabilities. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 5
  6. 6. Service Provider Types Business Internal Serves i t S internal b i l business units it IT Operates for cost recovery Shared Finance IT HR Logistics Consolidates corporate functions into a specialized f ti i t i li d Shared Services Unit (SSU) SSU Business B i External Specialized knowledge, experience, scale, scope, Internal or capabilities and resources External Shared © ITSM Academy, Service Design 6
  7. 7. Service Strategy Roles and Responsibilities Role Responsibilities • Define the organization as a service provider Director of Service • Develop and view service management as a Management / strategic asset Senior IT • View the organization f from a process perspective Leadership • Manage the value network • Product focused Product • Manage services as a product over their lifecycle Managers • Provide leadership in building business cases • Key l i Service Portfolio Management K role in S i P tf li M t • Customer focused Business p Relationship • Manage the customer relationship Manager • Communicate customers’ wants and needs © ITSM Academy, Service Design 7
  8. 8. Service Strategy Processes Service Strategy Service Design Service Transition Service Operation Service Strategy Continu Service ovement Service Strategy Demand Management Service Portfolio ual Impro Service Portfolio Management Service Catalog Financial Management Business/ Service Suppliers Customers Provider © ITSM Academy, Service Design 8
  9. 9. Service Strategy Define the Market Develop the Offerings Develop Strategic Assets Prepare for Execution © ITSM Academy, Service Design 9
  10. 10. Demand Management Demand Management is the set of activities that understand and influence customer demand for services and the provision of capacity to meet those demands. Why Manage Demand? Failing to manage demand is a source of risk Insufficient I ffi i capacity i i impacts the quality of services and limits growth Excess capacity generates cost without value Business activities drive demand. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 10
  11. 11. Service Portfolio Management Service Portfolio Management (SPM) is the process responsible for managing the Service Portfolio. g g A Service Portfolio Helps clarify strategic questions − Why should a customer buy these services? − Why should they buy these services from us? − What are the pricing or chargeback models? − What are our strengths, weaknesses, priorities, risks? − How should resources and capabilities be allocated? Makes it possible to compare services across alternate providers Makes it possible to anticipate change p p g SPM considers services in terms of their business value. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 11
  12. 12. The portfolio management approach helps managers prioritize investments and improve the allocation of resources. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 12
  13. 13. Financial Management Goals and Objectives Financial Management enables the business and IT to quantify, in financial terms, the value of services and their underlying , y g assets, and to qualify operational forecasting. Provide operational visibility, insight and visibility superior decision making Enable IT to Understand and control supply and demand Provide cost-effective services Maximize i ibilit into l t d t t t M i i visibility i t related cost structures Enable many parts of the organization to collect, share and maintain the financial data they need y © ITSM Academy, Service Design 13
  14. 14. Key Lessons Customers always have alternatives To compete IT must do its job better than the alternatives IT must be distinctive in terms of The services provided How the service are provided Success in Service Strategy requires identifying what customers perceive as value. Everything a service provider does should flow from that. © ITSM Academy, Service Design 14
  15. 15. IT Service Management Professional (ITSMP)℠ Diplomas ITSM Academy is Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education, offering occupational ITSMP℠ Diplomas. On our website, this symbol indicates courses which accrue ITSMP students clock hours toward their Diploma: • Change Manager • Support Manager • Service Level Manager © ITSM Academy, Service Design 15
  16. 16. ITSM Academy Affiliates © ITSM Academy, Service Design 19