ITSM Academy - Top 11 for FUSION12


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ITSM Academy's highlights from this year's IT Service Management Forum's annual conference; FUSION12

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ITSM Academy - Top 11 for FUSION12

  1. 1. TOP 11Take Home’s from FUSION 12
  2. 2. Seeing old friends, and making new onesFrom Donna’s Fitbit, this is our teamdancing at the party… 1
  3. 3. Organizational change is hot• Without org change – For every $1 spent on technology, $3 to $10 will be spent to retrofit to the culture - Gartner – 20-30% of cost would have to be duplicated (post-transition) - Accenture• A number of folks we spoke with are struggling with the “people” issues ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up 2
  4. 4. Games are good!• At the ITSM Academy booth, our new in-class games were a HIT 3
  5. 5. People want to learn more about…• There were 5 sessions touching on process maturity and CSI and all were well attended – more if you count sessions that were focused on business and IT alignment• To which, Donna Knapp replied, “This is my next book.” ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up 4
  6. 6. Younger learners have“partial attention disorder”• From Leonard Brody’s keynote• Affects how they learn and memorize things• ITSM Academy is addressing this with changes to our course materials & how we teach What did you say?? 5
  7. 7. Newbies are still out there• Folks are still looking to understand “the basics” e.g., the difference between process and procedure• Ask us about our Building Blocks of ITSM Process Design Workshop!• Having said that… Process Procedure Procedure Procedure ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up 6
  8. 8. Orgs are looking for moreadvanced, expert guidance• Lot’s of folks were suggesting that an expert track was needed (and little birdies tell us that might happen in 2013)• People are looking for specific answers to specific challenges• Join our monthly (ripped from the classroom) webucations – register now ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up 7
  9. 9. Agile ITSM• Two of the keynotes and sessions related to agile all speak to the fact that we’ve got to speed up• The ITSM Academy take away: – Pragmatic guidance on how to do that will be integrated into our courses and workshops ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up 8
  10. 10. Service Catalog is white hotbut in early stages• According to Forrester 16% of organizations are in the planning stage and 29% are in progress• Many are implementing a Service Catalog in conjunction w/Cloud• Required for effective SLAs and to balance supply and demand• Ask about our Service Catalog Workshop! 9
  11. 11. “Put me in the Game Coach!”• Coach Carter believes you should be “educated and inspired”…sounds very similar to another great team!• “People that are winners, walk fast with their heads up!” With ITSM Leaders (Lisa & Jayne) you had better get your running shoes on. 10
  12. 12. Say it. Do it.• If you say you are adopting ITIL, mean it. For each process the objectives, inputs, outputs are all there. They have already been word-smithed to death, don’t waste your effort there. Use what ITIL offers, and the build your own from there. 11
  13. 13. If you didn’t get to attend Fusion• Feel free to reach out to our team to get (the rest of) the scoop 954. 491. 3442 See you in Nashville!