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ITSM Academy Top 10 From Fusion 13


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The ITSM Academy team who attended Fusion (Jayne, Lisa, Donna, Mike and Chantell) each contributed their top 2 learnings from this Fantastic conference.... for your reading pleasure ;-)

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ITSM Academy Top 10 From Fusion 13

  1. 1. YouTube Video‟s: Donna Knapp, This Week on Campus Lisa Schwartz, Fusion vlog
  2. 2.  The ITSM industry continues to grow, change and morph ◦ New practitioner organizations, new participants and new vendors were all present ◦ Industry luminaries brought their experience and knowledge to those eager to learn ◦ Common themes mixed with new topics and ideas in the sessions and in the halls ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  3. 3. Fusion13 was really exceptional, we all thought it was the best Fusion conference in years! What made it so different was the addition of:  The Expert Track ◦ For the experienced professional who wanted to go beyond the traditional ITSM presentations ◦ Dynamic and interactive sessions  REVNET – The “Revolutionary Network” ◦ A group of ITSM leaders (including the Academy‟s own Jayne Groll) came together to share thoughts about ITSM challenges and opportunities ◦ They presented their outcomes at the final session of the Expert Track; to read more, please visit ◦ On Twitter: @SMCongress - #SMCongress 3 ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  4. 4.  The Service Management Congress was established to help SM professionals re-commit to: ◦ Refocusing our attention on a set of core values that help to enable individuals, leaders, businesses and communities ◦ Increasing the access to open, timely and relevant knowledge ◦ Improving the agility, creativity and adaptability of our organizations ◦ Fulfilling our essential duty to provide value to our organizations and customers ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  5. 5. #ILoveMyJob 1 From Glenn O‟Donnell‟s presentation
  6. 6.     “The Agile Manifesto is NOT the antithesis of ITSM, it's the enlightenment.” – Jayne Groll @ITSM_Jayne “All companies are technology companies that sell a commodity – You are not a bank, but a technology company that sells banking services.” – Matt Hooper @VigilantGuy “Don‟t get „computers‟ mixed up with technology…there was a time when a pad of paper and a pencil were considered technology.” – Michael Cardinal @MJ_Cardinal “Use Service Level Commitments in lieu of Agreements – Give your word.” – Malcolm Fry 3 ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up “Quotable Folks”
  7. 7.  There is a rapidly increasing interest in DevOps and Agile ◦ DevOps to create a cohesive culture and improve the ability to handle rapid changes and releases ◦ Agile/Scrum to improve workflows on all levels  Process design  Continual service improvement  Software development ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  8. 8.  We‟ve always known a pragmatic approach to service management works best…this year brought us sessions ranging from ◦ One organization that was challenged by the business to make less frequent changes resulting in 6 major releases per year ◦ Other organizations that are adopting DevOps in an effort to make more frequent releases The bottom line… Listen to the Business! ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  9. 9. Support organizations exist in all stages of maturity. Proactive Reactive Help Desk ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up Service Desk Business Productivity Team Strategic The bottom line… Focus on helping people be more productive!
  10. 10.  Several sessions focused on the need to continue to drive organizational change in organizations ◦ Continue to move from reactive to proactive cultures ◦ See people as people, not as assets ◦ Focus on talents and skills as a driver of success ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  11. 11.  Cindy Solomon – one of the keynote speakers ◦ “…will help you unlock your courage potential and help you identify how you can make a difference in your career and for your company.”  They were NOT kidding, it was a very informative, thought-provoking and inspiring session About the Speaker Cindy Solomon’s innovative programs were born out of personal insights from her time as a senior leader in corporate America, and the vast experience she has gathered as a renowned strategic consultant. Cindy is currently the president of Solomon & Associates, Inc., and her insights regarding leadership, customer service, and loyalty have been featured in numerous publications, including her latest book, Creating a Culture of Courage: The Courage Challenge Workbook (2011). 2 ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  12. 12. The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth About Success – Overall, everything gets better when you get better.     Be Responsible – You can‟t fix anyone else but yourself. So start here and be responsible for your actions. No one can make you feel bad – only you can make you feel bad. If you say you‟re going to do it – then DO IT! If you broke it, fix it – The problem with most businesses is that when you screw up, you look for someone else to blame for your mistakes. Just own it, fix it and move on. Dwelling on and rehashing something just leads to more failure. Just be Nice – if you want good employees, be nice. If you want good customers, be nice. If you want good relationships, be nice. See where he‟s going with this “JUST BE NICE”. “Good People Do Stupid, Idiotic Things. Criticize the Action, The Behavior and the Result, but NOT the Person.” ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up
  13. 13.   Reach out to our team to get (the rest of) the scoop or – Watch our YouTube Video‟s: ◦ This Week “off” Campus with Donna Knapp - @ITSM_Donna ◦ Fusion Wrap-up with Lisa Schwartz - @ITSM_Lisa  Join us in DC! ITSM Academy Fusion Wrap Up