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A short overview of ITSM Academy

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  • Last Update: 4/25/2013Our NextGen ITSMSM educational framework includes accredited and sustainable IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®), Process Design (CPDE), Agile Service ManagementSM and ISO/IEC 20000 training and education.
  • Last Update: 5/31/13 – Added Org Change, but haven’t put it anywhere – make it a poster? Some way that we don’t have to update it everywhere4/26/2013 – the About and webinar masters have been updated, but nothing else…
  • Last Update: 3/1/2011
  • Last Update: 4/26/2013
  • About ITSM Academy

    1. 1. About ITSM Academy  NextGen ITSM Education:  Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE)  ITIL® Foundation  ITIL Capability (OSA|PPO|RCV|SOA)  ITIL Lifecycle (SS|SD|ST|SO|CSI)  ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC)  ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Bridge  DevOps Foundation - new  Agile Service Management Foundation - new  Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)  ITIL/ISO and DevOps Overviews  Interactive Sessions  Building Blocks, Roles, Service Catalog, etc.  Apollo 13, Visible Ops: The Class  And more! © ITSM Academy 1  Since 2003 Tens-of-Thousands Trained and Certified  Learner Portal – my.itsmacademy.com  GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience  Public Classes throughout U.S.  Corporate On-Site Classes  Virtual Classes  Courseware Licensing  Corporate & Partner (GEM)  Alumni Program  PMI Global Education Provider  Certified Woman-Owned ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the AXELOS Limited. www.itsmacademy.com | www.itsmprofessor.net @ITSMAcademy
    2. 2. ITIL SOA ITIL Service Strategy ITIL Service Design ITIL Continual Service Improvement Apollo 13 Simulation ITIL PPO ITIL RCV ITIL OSA Customer Service Excellence Defining Your Service Catalog ITIL Executive Overview Service Strategy Overview Service Transition Overview Building Blocks of Process Design ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) Service Operation Overview ITIL Foundation Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) ITIL Overview White boxes represent Agile Service Management courses. Solid colored boxes represent accredited certification courses. Grey boxes represent non-certification courses including Interactive sessions, workshops and simulations. ISO/IEC 20000 Overview ITSM Roles and Responsibilities ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Bridge NextGen ITSM Educational Framework Organizational Change Management DevOps Overview ITIL Service Transition ITIL at the Service Desk ITIL Service Operation Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Visible OPS DevOps Foundation Agile Service Management Foundation
    3. 3. ITSM Academy Affiliates © ITSM Academy 3
    4. 4. ITIL Certification Scheme Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) Certified Process Design Engineer (CPDE) Complementary Course 1.5 credits 3 credits each 4 credits each Service Offerings and Agreement (SOA) Release, Control and Validation (RCV) Planning, Protection and Optimization (PPO) Lifecycle Stream Capability Stream Foundation © ITSM Academy 4 Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) 2 credits 5 credits ITIL Expert SS SD ST CSI SO Master © ITSM Academy 2008 ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Complementary Course 1 credit
    5. 5. Contact us:  info@itsmacademy.com  www.itsmacademy.com Follow us:  LinkedIn  @ITSMAcademy  www.itsmprofessor.net  jayneexplains.blogspot.com © ITSM Academy 5  Highest quality course materials, all developed in house  Seasoned instructors and support staff, focused on the optimal learning experience  Learner Portal – my.itsmacademy.com  GAME ON! An Interactive Learning Experience  Practical and actionable education and advise  Robust alumni program  Female owned small business To Learn More…