Schaefer Creating Context


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This is the creative brief for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's Bachelor of Science: Visualization program's 10 year anniversary Creating Context exhibition

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Schaefer Creating Context

  1. 1. Lauren Schaefer 2009 Minneapolis College of Art and Design Bachelor of Science: Visualization Creating Context Exhibition
  2. 2. Minneapolis College of Art and Design Bachelor of Science: Visualization Creating Context Exhibition Table of Contents Pages Project Description 1 Goals & Objectives 2 Target Audience 3 Character Attributes 4 Single Minded Proposition 5 Mandatory Inclusions 6 Success Metrics 7 Stakeholders 8 Appendix: User Profiles 9-10 Appendix: Inspiration Board 11 Appendix: Semantic Differentials 12 i
  3. 3. Project Description The Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Bachelor of Science: Visualization program is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with an exhibition displaying team projects of current and recent students and case studies of alumni. The exhibition opens on Thursday March 26 and runs through Saturday April 4th. 1
  4. 4. Goals & Objectives The goal is to create a visual resume of the development and successes of the program through a dynamic and educational exhibition which will utilize the strengths of the projects and displays included. This is necessary to revamp the branding and mitigate the uncertain defintion of the program. Clarity should be generated by summing up the past ten years with text and images. The objectives are to lessen the ambiguity that negatively impacts the program. Prospective students should understand the type of education they will receive with a degree in Visualization. Prospective employeers will know the range of abilities a BS alumni will have in the work environment. 2
  5. 5. Target Audience The primary target audience is prospective employers and MCAD alumni, who may benefit current students with various opportunities. Exposure of a BS student’s abilities to local companies and organiza- tions could result in interships, externships, interviews or employment. The secondary audience is prospective students, whose interest in the BS program may increase after viewing the exhibition. Attending the show will be a more immersive way to understand the program than a typical prospective student tour. The BS program stuggles with ambiguity because of the wide range of talents students have and the copious fields alumni enter. Our goal is to clarify the process and accomplishments of the program. See profiles on pages 9-10 3
  6. 6. Character Attributes Comprehensive Progress Communicative Current Partnerships Breakthrough See Inspiration Boards on page 11 4
  7. 7. Single Minded Proposition Bachelor of Science: Visualization- Ready for the next 10 years 5
  8. 8. Mandatory Inclusions In the the relatively small exhibition space allocated for the show, there will be about a dozen projects which will show the importance of process and the dynamic work accomplished in the program. The projects are from current and recent students. There will also be material explaining the development, successes and future of the program. 6
  9. 9. Success Metrics Before the commencement of the exhibition, we will have metrics set to determine the success of the project. For one, we will survey students, alumni, faculty and nonmembers of the MCAD community on Semantic Differentials. We will have a guest book at the event so that we may send brief surveys to the names and emails we receive. We may also get numbers of applicants and students interested in the BS program before and after the exhibition from Admissions. In addition, we can inquire within Career Services, current students and alumni on the number of companies contacting BS students about work. See Semantic Differentials on page 12 7
  10. 10. Stakeholders The stakeholders in the exhibition include the BS department faculty, such as the BS chair Jerry Allan. Also, the current BS students, particularly the BS exhibition team will be impacted by the success of the project. In addition, the exhibition will impact Alumni of the BS program who are already in their respective fields. Alumni Relations, Comunications, MCAD itself are also relying on this exhibition. 8
  11. 11. User Profile #1 Meet James Vonnegut -Born: 1982 -James was born in Albert Lea, Minnesota. He moved to Minneapolis to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since graduation, he has been residing in St. Paul. -James received a Bachelor of Science in Visualization from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and his focus was project management. He was also on the Stu- dent Advisory Council and involved in Film Club. His mother is an Avon representative and his father is a postal worker and James’ career field is a first in the family. -James now project manages at an ad agency in St. Paul called Purple Box Ad. He works with a small team to produce work for local companies, which mostly consists of interactive web projects. -James has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Beth for a few years and would like her to move in, but he wants a better place first. He wants to settle down, get married and have a dog with a yard. - He would also like to have his own business, where he could manage the projects. He wants the work to be aimed at sustainability. He has project proposals and is meeting with eco-companies around the twin cities. His only problem is he needs employees who are knowledgable about team projects, ad design and sustainability. He wants to try using the resources at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, but he is not sure if the Bachelor of Science updated on the green movement. He is wondering how he can start a dialogue with current students and recent graduates. -He just received an invitation to the BS program’s Creating Context exhibition and now he wonders if he can start accomplishing his be continued... 9
  12. 12. User Profile #2 Meet Anna Heller -Born: 1993 -Anna was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She has lived in the same neighborhood her entire life. -Anna attends George Washington High School. She has maintained a 3.75 GPA and is in Academic Club. She enjoys art and has taken all the photography and graphic design classes that her school offers. She would like to have a career in the arts industry, but her conservative family prefers for her to go into a field they believe will giver her more success. -Anna will be graduating in the spring of 2010 and is hoping to narrow down her school choices. She wants to move far away to chanllenge herself and not allow her parents to have such an influence on her choices. She has applied for some notable state universities in the Midwest and Southwest. She has also applied to a few art colleges despite her family’s requests. Anna would like to have her choices narrowed down to 3 by the end of this school year so that she can prepare finacially and have time for the application requirements. -Anna is visiting her family in St. Paul, Minnesota for her spring break. She always looks forward to visiting Minnesota. She has heard about the reputation the Twin Cities has in the design industry. Her cousin has told her that they can visit the local art schools during the break. Particularly, she has found out about MCAD’s BS pro- gram’s Creating Context exhibition and wonders if it could be the answer. -Anna wonders what she will walk away from the exhibit with to help her decide... to be continued... 10
  13. 13. Xxxxx Arial Board14/16.8 pt Inspiration Bold Xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Arial Reg 14/16.8 pt 11
  14. 14. Xxxxx Arial Bold 14/16.8 pt Semantic Differentials BS Exhibtion Semantic Differentials Very Somewhat Neither Somewhat Very Individual teams Xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx process results xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Arial Reg 14/16.8 pt creative technical rough draft completion abstract concrete cold inviting clarity obscurity thoughts vacancy clean ragged comprehensive selective innovation tradition exciting uninspiring art business predictable unpredictable 12