Your Story is Important


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Your Story is Important

  1. 1. Your Story Is Important •Memories are like unsorted photos that someone has thrown into a box. •Organizing your memories gives you a clear picture of your life. •When you release the details of your life, you discover what makes your journey worth living and telling.
  2. 2. My Irish Grandfather My Grandfather, James McMahon II, was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Both his father and mother were Irish immigrants. My Grandfather James McMahon emigrated from Canada to Detroit, Michigan. He lived in Corktown, Detroit’s Irish community. My father, James McMahon III, was born in Corktown. I never met my grandfather and wish that I had asked more questions about him.
  3. 3. Why Write a Memoir? • Are you curious about your grandparents? If so, then there’s a good chance your grandkids will be curious about you. • Writing about your life helps dissolve loss, betrayal, regret, and guilt that has kept you stuck in the past. • You share ideas and lessons. Your knowledge and wisdom can help others grow along with you. • You form a connection with those who read your words. • Creating a written narrative, your past takes shape, offering a clearer vision of who you are today. • You can extend the knack of storytelling into the future • Writing is a challenging mental activity. It can develop brain cells.
  4. 4. A Photo Can Evoke So Many Memories
  5. 5. Gathering and Organizing Materials • Correspondence and Christmas letters • Diaries and travel journals • Scrapbooks • Photo books • Family trees • Books
  6. 6. Organizing and Gathering Information • Conversations with family and friends • Travel to your hometown and ancestral homes • Internet research
  7. 7. Learning about Corktown
  8. 8. Memorable Places
  9. 9. County Fremanagh, Northern Ireland
  10. 10. Irish Moments
  11. 11. Write Your Story • • • • • • • Theme (story of my hometown and me) Outline (four parts) Write (must be in the mood) Review (check consistency) Obtain a professional editor Correct and rewrite Edit, edit, edit, edit
  12. 12. Pause Questions
  13. 13. How to Publish Traditional Self Publishing • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Advantages Credibility In house designers Bookstore access No money up front Packages, prints and distributes book Disadvantages Slow (6 months) production (1 year) Buys rights - loss of control Takes 85% to 92% Short-lived Literary agent may be required Marketing Advantages You basically become the publisher. Control of your book Quick service (few days to 6 weeks) Greater profit on your book Print on demand Disadvantages Financial risk - up front costs Bookstore access difficult Benefit of an experienced publisher Slow, but longer, exposure Considerable searching Marketing
  14. 14. Two Sisters
  15. 15. Select Services • Editing Basic- grammar, punctuation and spelling Comprehensive- structure, plot, characterization and tone • Illustrations Photos Drawings Charts • Design and Layout Interior –type, chapter arrangement, page color and picture placement Exterior- design and colors of the front and back cover, size of book and written part of back cover
  16. 16. Publication • Important Numbers ISBN –International Standard Book Number and 9 digit code LCCN –Library of Congress Control Number • Types of book Paperback Hard Cover Kindle • Press Release • Review Professional review (paid and unpaid) Customer review • Copyright
  17. 17. The Motor City and Me: Our Story Facebook Photo
  18. 18. Marketing Preparation • • • • • Marketing Materials Bookmarks Business cards Postcards Internet Media Website Facebook Linkedin Goodreads, Video Book Trailer • Texas Sales Tax Number
  19. 19. Binder Organization • • • • • • • • Publisher correspondence Legal papers- copyright and tax forms Press release Press release and book correspondence Copy of reviews Printed list of expenses Printed record of earnings Tasks and events
  20. 20. Sales • Computer spreadsheets Expenses Sales • Square Credit Card Reader for your phone • Receipt book
  21. 21. Book Launch
  22. 22. Presenting Your Book • • • • • • • • • Mail books to reviewers and publishers Envelopes Book slips Address labels Book launch Poster Read passages Good pen Raffle
  23. 23. The Motor City and Me: Our Story
  24. 24. The Motor City and Me: Our Story • Story behind my book • Selections • Conclusion • Answer questions