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Summer 2012 Class Listing

  1. 1. CRAFTSBuild-A-BirdhouseGene Chism, our woodworking guru, will be back this semester with the Build-A-Birdhouse program. He will have wood pieces pre-cut and ready to assemble and paint.Gene will walk you through the construction…..not heavy labor, just glue and wait. Afterassembly it’s time to bring out the artist in you as you decide how to decorate yourbirdhouse. This class offers lots of good fun and conversation. Class is limited to 15participants and there is a supply fee of $15. Four class meetings: July 12, 19, 26 andAugust 2, 2012.7204 Thursday 7/12-8/2 1:30-3:30 HSC 106 ChismFUN AND RECREATIONTexas 42 DominosJoin this ongoing group to play Texas 42 Dominos each Thursday afternoon in theStudent Commons Cafeteria from 2:00-4:00. Those new to dominos can join thebeginner’s table to “Play and Learn”.7205 Thursday 6/7- 8/16 2:00-4:00 Cafeteria PrathoMah JonggThe Mah Jongg Players group will continue the game at 1:30-3:30 in the StudentCommons Cafeteria each Monday afternoon unless otherwise notified. This is forexperienced players. If you don’t have experience then you need to take the Beginner’sMah Jongg class on Monday mornings as shown below.7206 Monday 6/4-8/13 1:30-3:30 Cafeteria DankersBeginner’s Learn to Play Mah JonggIf you would like to learn to play Mah Jongg come to this “basics” class starting at 10:00on Monday morning June 4th. There will be four class sessions: June 4, 11, 18 & 25.Once you have completed these four sessions you are welcomed to join the regular
  2. 2. Mah Jongg Players group that meets on Monday afternoons during the summer. Theclass will be held in our regular classroom HSC 106.7207 Monday 6/4-6/25 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 DankersHISTORYPullman Strike Leads to Labor DayDo you ever wonder where the holiday we call Labor Day came from? Come learnabout the struggles of our forefathers during the Pullman Strike. This was a far-reaching conflict between labor unions and railroads that occurred in the US in 1894during a period of severe economic depression and social unrest.7208 Tuesday 6/19 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 CurtissNATURE & ENVIRONMENTLazy Gardner’s GuideCalling all lazy gardeners...come each month as we cover a chapter in the book “TheLazy Gardner’s Guide” by Brenda Beust Smith. Cynthia Hobart and Donna McCarty willfacilitate the discussion on gardening. Come share your lazy tips...or learn some newones. Classes on Thursday mornings June 7, July 12, and August 2.7210 Thursdays 6/7-8/12 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 Hobart/McCartyPolitical and CommunityLooking for Energy Savings?James Carter, owner of GreenStreet Texas, will give us information on how to go aboutrequesting an energy audit, where the benefits can typically be found, and how to lookat the costs vs. benefits. The federal government has taken an active role in gettingconsumers to save energy by providing tax incentives. Find out how this informationcan help you save on your energy bills as we go into the hot Houston summer.7209 Tuesday 6/5 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 Carter
  3. 3. Teaching English with the Peace CorpsMelissa West will talk about her two years with the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. Sheworked as an English teacher and has many stories to share about her experiences inthe country. Come join us to learn about life in this country located at the crossroadsbetween Europe and Asia.7211 Tuesday 6/12 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 WestThe Hidden Dangers of Legal DrugsJennifer Birney of the DEA will discuss the pill mill epidemic in Houston; why and howprescription drugs are more abused in today’s society than illegal drugs such asmarijuana and cocaine. She will walk us through how the clinics get set up and howpeople from other states travel to Houston and then distribute the drugs in other states.We will learn the signs that one of these clinics has been set up in our area, red flags,what to look for, as well as inform us that parents and grandparents are oftenunknowingly the “drug dealers” for teens using the prescriptions drugs to get high.7212 Tuesday 6/26 10:00-11:30 HSC 106 BirneyFeminism and Islam: a RevolutionHeidi Green, Professor of Political Science at LSC-CyFair, will discuss feminism andIslam. In an age when Western feminism is continuously undergoing redefinition, thestruggles of women in Muslim countries, particularly Iran, are often overlooked. Womenin Islamic societies have become more actively involved not only in learning their rightsunder shari’a law but in the rereading of this law to improve their status and gainincreased equality and freedom. Therefore, is the Iranian government’s deliberateindifference in the discriminatory treatment of women for the purpose of establishingand maintaining domination of one group [men] over another group of persons[women]?7213 Tuesday 7/10 1:30-3:00 HSC 106 Green
  4. 4. Class Listing By Date(Classes held in HSC 106 unless otherwise noted)June 4, Mon, 10:00 – Beginner’s Mah Jongg (HSC 106)June 4, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)June 5, Tue, 10:00 – Energy Savings (HSC 106)June 6, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)June 7, Thurs, 10:00 – Lazy Gardener (HSC 106)June 7, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)June 11, Mon, 10:00 – Beginner’s Mah Jongg (HSC 106)June 11, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)June 12, Tue, 10:00 – Peace Corps (HSC 106)June 13, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)June 14, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)June 18, Mon, 10:00 – Beginner’s Mah Jongg (HSC 106)June 18, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)June 19, Tue, 10:00 – Pullman Strike (HSC 106)June 20, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)June 21, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)June 25, Mon, 10:00 – Beginner’s Mah Jongg (HSC 106)June 25, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)June 26, Tue, 10:00 – Abuse of Legal Drugs (HSC 106)June 27, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)June 28, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)July 2, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)July 5, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)July 9, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)July 10, Tue, 10:00 – Feminism / Islam (HSC 106)July 11, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)July 12, Thurs, 10:00 – Lazy Gardener (HSC 106)July 12, Thurs, 1:30 – Birdhouse (HSC 106)July 12, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)
  5. 5. July 16, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)July 18, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)July 19, Thurs, 1:30 – Birdhouse (HSC 106)July 19, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)July 23, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)July 25, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)July 26, Thurs, 1:30 – Birdhouse (HSC 106)July 26, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)July 30 Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)Aug 1, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)Aug 2, Thurs, 10:00 – Lazy Gardener (HSC 106)Aug 2, Thurs, 1:30 – Birdhouse (HSC 106)Aug 2, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)Aug 6, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)Aug 8, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)Aug 9, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)Aug 13, Mon, 1:30 – Mah Jongg Players (Cafeteria)Aug 15, Wed, 10:00 – LIFE (Library 131)Aug 16, Thurs, 2:00 – Dominos (Cafeteria)