Speaking Points on Wine


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Speaking Points on Wine

  1. 1. Speaking Points on Wine HEB Class 3-20-1290% of American wine is produced in California100% needed to be called “California” appellation (75% elsewhere)95% needed to call it a specific vintage75% needed to call it a specific varietal (90%in Oregon)95% for specific vineyard85% for specific AVA75% for countySur-lie aging- wine is left in contact with the dead yeast cells to influenceflavor and structureBarrel influence-oak, vanilla, wood, toast, etc.New vs used oakToasted oak or notMalolactic fermentation-lactic bacteria decomposes the malic acid andconverts it to lactic acid. This gives it a more creamy mouth feel andbuttery tasteMouth feel-creamy, silky, smooth, etcVintage =year harvestedHank Wetzel, rodeo, Cyrus, history of AVV