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Photography class fall 2013


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Photography class fall 2013

  1. 1. Photography Class - Fall 2013 With Dick Cummings The following are Dick’s “personal” suggestions Tips from Dick 1. Never use canned “blast” air on a camera !! 2. When changing lens, hold camera upside down so dust won’t settle on the lens. 3. Always carry a glasses cleansing cloth with you. Start in the center of the lens and work in a circle moving out to the edge. Never use moisture on lens. 4. Invest in a tripod for your camera. Smart Phone tripods are available at 5. Invest in a light meter for your camera. Apps are available for Smart Phones. 6. Other apps available for Smart Phones are Hipstamatic, Pro HDR, Snapseed, Camera+....check out these apps on the web. 7. Get a UV filter to protect your lens. Much cheaper to replace a scratched filter than replacing a lens. Also use a lens hood on your camera at all times. It keeps out extraneous light. 8. Best light for outside photo is a cloudy day. 9. Buy a cable release or remote shutter release for your camera. Book Suggestions Digital Exposure Handbook. Ross Hoddinott Light Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting. Fil Hunter Photography. Barbara London, John Upton, Jim Stone A photography book by Lee Frost The Americans. Robert Frank Get a “how to handbook” for your camera in addition to your instruction book Check these places,, Half Price Books, Clearing Houses
  2. 2. Magazines Digital Photo – includes a CD Practical Photography Black & White Photography Shutterbug Magazine Where to Buy Stuff B & H Photo, Video and Pro Audio in New York Adorama KEH Camera Picture Frames Silverprint Photographic Supplies Cleaning & Repairs Professional Camera Repair – 4410 Richmond 713-621-3627 Houston Camera Exchange - 5900 Richmond 713-789-6901 Schools in Houston Glassel School – Museum Fine Arts Houston Glasscock School of Continuing Studies – Rice University
  3. 3. Class 2 discussion focused on the “Exposure Triangle.” For a recap of the discussion, check out this link . Depth of Field is another important concept to understand in photography. Dick suggests that you review the information at this link. Understanding White Balance is necessary to make sure photo colors appear as they should. Read this article to understand color temperature. You want your colors to look natural - not bluish or too yellow. Dick recommends this website for photographers of all levels – Dick’s email address if you have questions –