Natural Healing Methods for Arthritis and Joint Pain


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Natural Healing Methods for Arthritis and Joint Pain

  1. 1. Natural Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain
  2. 2. Osteoarthritis Also called Degenerative Joint Disease, osteoarthris is a condition in which synovial joints, especially weight-bearing joints, are irritated and inflamed. This condition is distinguished from other types of arthritis by being directly related to wear and tear of the joint structures.
  3. 3. Rheumatoid Arthritis Is an autoimmune condition in which the synovial membranes of various joints are attacked by immune system cells. “A Massage Therapist Guide to Pathology” Ruth Werner---Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  4. 4.  Muscles Pull on Bone. Muscles Pull bone into blood vessels, nerves, and out of alignment.  Bone Supports and Protects. Bones serve as an attachment for muscles.
  5. 5. Osteoarthritis Did you know there is: NO PROOF that Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear, NO PROOF that Osteoarthritis progresses with the “correct use” of the joint ( only the “incorrect use” of the joint), NO PROOF that Osteoarthritis progresses with age. (Unless the “Incorrect use” is allowed to continue).
  6. 6. Forward Head Posture  High Blood Pressure  Compressed Chest Cavity area  Compressed Abdominal area  Compromising the blood flow to the brain
  7. 7. The role of poor posture in the production of diseases and bodily malfunction has been almost entirely neglected. Since the correction of posturally induced disease requires almost costless and harmless treatment, it is irrational to give priority to very expensive, complicated, and dangerous procedures before the benefits of postural therapy have been thoroughly reexamined and exploited. Dr. Victor Barker Author of : Posture Makes Perfect
  8. 8. Results of Proper Alignment  Equal pressure throughout the joint. The muscles around the joint are balanced creating a balanced inner joint pressure allowing the joint to wear evenly.  The body uses energy wisely.  Movement becomes easier and more effortless.
  9. 9. New Information? All parts of the body….used in moderation and exercise….become thereby well developed and age slowly, but if unused, and left idle, they become libel to disease, defective in growth and age quickly. Hipprocrates, 5 B.C.
  10. 10. Taking Care of Your Joints  Before stretching know which muscles to stretch.  Know which muscles to strengthen, so that the joint becomes stable.  Perform “movement” exercises daily for each joint.
  11. 11. How to Acquire Good Posture • Daily Awareness  Correct Type of Massage and Bodywork  Personal Trainer – Focus on the Balancing the Core  Stretch and Strengthening Routine - Daily
  12. 12. Massage  Safest of all modalities  Power of Touch  Benefits  Types of Massage  Which one is right for you?
  13. 13. No single therapeutic agent can compare in efficiency with this familiar but perfect tool………The Human Hand. If half as much research had been expended on the principles governing manual treatment as upon pharmacology it would be esteemed today on a par with drugs in Acceptability and Power. J. Madison Taylor M.D. 1908
  14. 14. Benefits of Massage  Increase blood flow  Increase Lymphatic Flow  Soften soft tissue  Realigns and softens scar tissue
  15. 15. Exercise “ No pharmacology intervention holds a greater promise of improving health and promoting independence in the older adult than does exercise.” Dr. William Bryan – Baylor College of Medicine
  16. 16. Personal Trainers  Strengthening the Core  Postural exercises  Strengthen the weak, stretch the tight  Working the body individually  Every day routine  Postural awareness
  17. 17. Placing the body in proper posture makes it energy efficient. When it is out of proper posture or out of balance the energy use is higher because the body has to recruit muscles to assume the role of bone which is to keep the body upright in space. Digestion is the one of the highest consumers of energy. If we are in any kind of Distress then Digestion is compromised. Studies have shown that at times of stress our bodies may absorb as little as 25% of the nutrients in the foods we eat.
  18. 18. Causes of Joint Pain and Dysfunction  Poor Postural Alignment  Muscle Imbalance around a joint  Diet - Acid vs Alkaline  Inability to absorb Nutrients  Nutrients Unavailable  Dehydration  Improper Exercise
  19. 19. Osteoporosis The Dairy Calcium Myth: Harvard 12 year study of 78,000 women found that dairy calcium didn’t help bone strength at all. Those with the most calcium from Dairy actually had double the hip fractures rates compared to those who got little or no dairy calcium. AMJ Publ.Health 1997, 87:992-7
  20. 20. Is Your Body’s Internal Environment Toxic? Acid = Pain What contributes to an Acidic Environment? How can we tell if we are Acidic or Alkaline? How does that effect Joint Pain? How can we change our internal environment?
  21. 21. Natural Teas and Herbs  Burdock Root  Cats Claw  Cayenne Pepper  Tumeric and Bromelein
  22. 22. Supplements Hyaluronic Acid (HCL) Vitamin B and Folic Acid Glucosamine
  23. 23. Organic Cherry Juice Extract Repair Repair Gold Serratiopeptidase (Serra Gold) Activjoint
  24. 24. Balance the Health Triangle Body, Mind and Spirit