Fourth quarter 2014 cy fair all bus trips with procedure


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Fourth quarter 2014 cy fair all bus trips with procedure

  1. 1. Fourth Quarter 2014 CyFair ALL Bus Trips 1. October 14 – Froberg’s Farmer’s Market and Haak Vineyards Froberg’s in Alvin, TX is a Farmer’s Market in a “regular store setting” where fruits, vegetables, preserves & pies can be purchased year round. Produce varies according to the season. If Froberg’s doesn’t grow it, additional produce is brought in from other areas. Greak’s Meats is located directly next to the Farmer’s Market and offers many homemade meat items (i.e., sausage, jerky, Boudin in a variety of flavors). Lunch will be at Kelley’s where “Good Country Cookin” is their specialty. (Purchases from Frobergs, Greak’s or Kelly’s are at your own expense.) Haak Vineyard & Winery in Santa Fe, TX offers a tour & wine tasting (4 wines & 1 Madeira). There is a covered patio where people can wait if they choose not to do the tour or tasting. The $10 cost for the tasting must be paid at registration. The trip will last 7-8 hours. 2. November 8 - Texas Renaissance Festival Lords and ladies, it's time for the Renaissance Festival, a re-creation of the medieval period. With live music, comedy shows, jousting, a parade, demonstrations of papermaking, printing, glassblowing, forging and metalwork, candle making, weaving and more, plus falcon performances, shopping for unique handmade items, and feasting on every type of food imaginable, it's a full day of sights and sounds to delight the senses and spark your imagination. The cost is $18, to be paid when you sign up. Additional money will be needed for food and shopping. This will be an 8-9 hour trip. Please note that the festival is outdoors. To see everything will require a fair amount of walking but at your own pace and there are many places to sit. 3. December 20 – San Antonio River Walk Take a break from Christmas shopping and enjoy the holiday festivities on the River Walk in San Antonio. We will arrive early enough for you to visit one of several museums within walking distance of the River Walk: Alamo (free, open until 5:30), San Antonio Museum of Art (open until 9PM) or Briscoe Western Art Museum (open until 6). After dark enjoy Holiday Boat Carolers and Fiesta de Las Luminarias (more than 6,000 glowing candles in sand-filled bags line the walkways to symbolically mark the "lighting of the way" for the Holy Family) and the Christmas lights along the River Walk. Make sure to allow some time for browsing in the unique shops in the area and have dinner (and drinks, since you are not driving) in one of the many restaurants. Cost is $5 at registration. Bring additional money for food, shopping and optional museum entrance fees. NOTE: This is a 12 hour trip. Important: Read the notice on the next page for Sign-up Procedure.
  2. 2. Bus Trips IMPORTANT CHANGE IN FALL SIGN UP FOR OCTOBER, NOVEMBER & DECEMBER BUS TRIPS Note: Bus Trip Sign Up for the Fall Semester will not occur at the Open House/Registration on September 13th – it will be held on Friday, September 19th in the classrooms as was done last semester. At the Open House, you will turn in your membership form, sign up for classes, enjoy speakers and visit with friends. Based on the feedback received from ALL members after the April 8 bus trip sign up, the bus trip committee has decided NOT to have the bus trip sign up for the fourth quarter trips during the Fall Open House / Registration on September 13, 2014. At the Open House, there will be manned table where members can pick up various handouts (trip descr iptions, policy, and information about other opportunities for senior bus trips.) and the chance to ask questions. This new procedure should cut down on confusion caused by long lines. The Fall Bus Trip Sign-up will be on Friday, September 19th at 10:00am in the classrooms HSC 105-106 using the same procedures as was done for the Second Quarter and Third Quarter Sign-ups. Please do not come for sign-up more than 30 minutes early. College classes are being held in classrooms along that hallway and we cannot have people hanging out in the hall making a disturbance. As previously done, numbers will be given out and you will be seated in numeric order in HSC 105. Orange cards will be distributed in HSC 105 and the top of the card should be LEGIBLY completed while you are waiting to enter HSC 106. When it is your turn to enter HSC 106 (through the connecting door) you will go to the line of your first choice. After you get your first trip, you will exit HSC 106 and get back in line in HSC 105. If you want to sign up for another trip YOU MUST EXIT HSC 106 AND GET BACK IN LINE IN HSC 105….EACH TIME YOU SIGN UP FOR A TRIP. This is to allow those with higher numbers to get in line for their first trip before people, who got into line earlier, get a second trip or third trip.